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Reclaim the term ‘Pan Africanism’ from white supremacists, Confused Half-castes, Negropean Bourgeoisie

By Dr. K. Makeda Muhammad
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Question-- Is it many Black/African/”the original people” of Africa today miseducated, undereducated, uneducated, as it pertains to Pan African history, the global concept and movement??? Let’s address this.

Such books as ‘The Miseducation of the Negro’ (C.G. Woodson), “African-Centered Education” (Haki & Safisha Madhubuti; BaBa Mawlimu Baruti, and the term ‘Negropeanism’ (M. Ani), are an example of the analysis of Black/African mental health, social problems and education issues, and they are descriptions of complications that have plagued Blacks/Africans since “the coming of the European” to Africa (J. H. Clarke; C. Williams; A. Perbi).

As it has been said, “basic physics ‘cause and effect”. There is research and in-depth writings that describe causes--traumas of over 400 years of racist chattel enslavement, and other systematic brutal forms of subjugation devised by racist whites/Europeans as they invade areas of the world. White supremacists devised Jim Crowism and Apartheid systems not just in the U.S. and South Africa, but similar racist and oppressive systems to maintain white power in seven (7) continents dominated by the Black/African indigenous and aboriginals. White supremacists teach whiteness in classrooms, perpetuate whiteness in social media, movie theatres, and television programming; and they even set a whiteness standard of beauty, and make inept attempts to white-wash African History (F. Cress Welsing; Neely Fuller; J. DeGruy; N. Akbar). Furthermore, if white supremacist cannot steal the history they demonize.

Chattel slavery began on the continent of Africa; colonization and Eurocentric-indoctrination process was the making of continental Africa Negropean bourgeoisie community-- minds conditioned to follow the politics of “going along to get along” and “rubbing elbows with whites”. A small group of Black rich, but not wealthy and controlled; “money hungry” and desperate enough to sign agreements to stay afloat—documents allowing whites’/Europeans’ to mine and drill on Africa lands, which benefits white dominated countries’ economies, monarchies, prime ministers and churches.

The Negropean bourgeoisies conditioned by the white supremacist-- signs on their dotted lines looking for favors and handouts-- receiving briefcase payouts and kickbacks behind closed doors to feed their bloated egos; and yet, Negropeans wallow in a deeply engrained self-hate, struggling with a ‘crab-in-the-barrel mentality’, and condescendingly looking down upon other Black/African people in underdeveloped African communities as they speed through towns in Black SUVs kicking up the dust of undeveloped roads, and not conscious of the fact they are self-destructive.

What would Henry Sylvester Williams, Booker T. Washington, Edward Blyden, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Dubois, Kwame Nkrumah, Kwame Ture and thousands of other Pan African conference and congress members over hundreds of years think of how the concept of Pan Africanism is being twisted and minimized today to serve the purpose of further invading white supremacists and certain confused half-casts and Negropeans malicious efforts to control the continent of Africa?

—From white Asians (i.e. En Huang a.k.a. Aisha Huang) illegal Galamsey to the present day U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris promoting certain bedroom practices (for Africans, but not Saudi Arabians) -- to so called African Union 2063 plan (stand on the sidelines 40 year idea), and yet white supremacists are able to negotiate within a few years or practically overnight for African lands and valuable natural resources. And, with the aid of half-castes and Negropeans-- maintain white power structures/neo-colonialism, and further keep the masses undereducated and impoverished in African lands that are natural resource rich. Such is Pan African problems that are global not just continental Africa, which white supremacists want to isolate continental Africa from the African Diaspora.

I urge Black/Africans to reclaim the concept of Pan Africanism from white supremacists, confused half-castes and Negropeans. Pan Africanism is not taught in Ghana and many other continental African schools; let’s come to integrate it into curriculums, textbooks, and further the Pan African Movement given to us by Our Ancestors.

Pan Africanism was conceptualized in the west by African Diasporans in the 1800s. The Pan African Movement was started in England by aforementioned Black Revolutionaries. The Fifth Pan African Congress was brought over to the Gold Coast via Kwame Nkrumah. Therefore, it is amazing to “conscious” Blacks/Africans how many Ghanaians are willing to throw themselves under a trotro just to do business with the same people who played a dominant role in chattel slavery, colonialism/neo-colonialism, apartheid, assassination of Black/African revolutionaries; and even after President Nkrumah ushered out white supremacists colonialists; and taught “Africa must unite” and “the Black man is capable of managing his own affairs”. Instead, today-- the struggle is for whiteness, not global Pan Africanism, Black upliftment.

Pan Africanism was the driving force behind many continental African leaders gaining independence from white/European colonialists and imperialists, which President Kwame Nkrumah was one of the first.

Pan Africanism includes President Kwame Nkrumah and King Haile Salassie’s Organization of African Unity (OAU), which focuses on Black unity, a “One Africa” and “self-governance now”.

Pan Africanism is about the unification of Black/African people on the continent of Africa and other Black people throughout the world, its global (See-- Six Regions of Africa); and it’s about creating a family bond among Ascendants of the Africans sold by certain wicked chiefs and stolen by racist white slave traders; including Africans who left Africa voluntarily.

Pan Africanism is not the useless ideology of today’s African Union administration that sacked Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao whose focus is African-centeredness, nation building, and her determination to speak out against the exploitation of Africans and African Diasporans.

Pan Africanism is not about white supremacist/Eurocentric-brainwashing, and training Africans to believe ‘whiteness’ will provide them access to white resources and assimilation into a white business realms and secret societies--which Africans do not control, no more than they control the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group.

Pan Africanism is not about appeasing white supremacists who want to hand desperate Africans dated technology--AI programs and IT, especially when Ghana/African nations are without constant electrical power (which democratic presidential elected Kwame Nkrumah efforts to make available Atomic Energy prior to the NLC overthrow (many view CIA/BI financed); when many African nations are without up-to-date computers; without well-shelved high tech public libraries (several university libraries are not well-equipped), and when African nations are without African-centered curriculums. Is it not understood African nations have their own cultures and business societies???

Pan Africanism is not about white supremacists, confused half-casts and invaders who refer to themself as “white Africans” or ‘Afrikaaners’ (Dutch Boers), and those pushing (including Negropeans) for land thieves-- white supremacists and so called Israelis (A. Koestler; P. Guthrie) an “observation seat” in the African Union meetings.

One must also ask, how can Europeans/white supremacists who continued to underdevelop Africa (as author Walter Rodney explains) and destabilize African nations-- be concerned about the history of Pan Africanism, the ongoing Pan African movement, and the true essence of the concept of Pan Africanism??? They do not-- white supremacists neo-colonialists are determined to redefine Pan Africanism to benefit their parasitic white-capitalist agenda, and separate Africans from African Diasporans, especially on the floor of a white-centered African Union and the United Nations.

Of course, white supremacists are aware Pan Africanism is not exactly about them; they are determined to misconstrue it to be anything but African-centered, and for the purpose of unifying the global masses of Black people. It is the efforts of white supremacists to steal the concept of Pan Africanism, as they have stolen African Arts and philosophical ideas (G.M. James explains) and alter it for their purposes, again to isolate, and to control Africa’s valuable resources.

White supremacists know Pan Africanism was at the very foundation of another of their banishing phenomenon, the same as their ancestors who were ushered out of Africa lands to the Caucasus Mountains—however, this time during the “Golden Age” of Kwame Nkrumah (P. Guthrie; K. M. Muhammad).

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Dr. K. Makeda Muhammad is a ‘Repatriate’ a returnee to Africa via Ghana in 2011. Dr. Makeda’s field of study is Black Studies; she is an author of three books, educator, independent researcher, historian, recipient of Ghana’s Education Community (EDUCOM) Award, Pan Africanist, Africana Womanist (C. Hudson Weems), community and social media activist.