The Ghana National Council of Sweden Strengthens ties with Ghana Embassy in Denmark

By Ofori Frimpong || Contributor
Diaspora News The Ghana National Council of Sweden Strengthens ties with Ghana Embassy in Denmark

A delegation from the Ghana National Council of Sweden (GNCS) on Friday 17th November paid a courtesy visit to H.E. Mrs. Sylvia Naa Adaawa Annoh, the Ambassador of Ghana to Sweden and Denmark, to deepen shared interest and explore avenues for cooperation between the Council and the Embassy in Denmark.

The visit was also in the spirit of working hand in hand with the trade and investment department to harness growth and investment for the development of Ghana.

The delegation was led by the Chairlady of Ghana National Council of Sweden, Nana Afia Achiaa Deiwaa I (Josephine Antwi) who also doubles as the queen mother of Asante’s in Sweden.

In addressing the Ambassador and the staff, the Chairperson praised the embassy for its improved services, good and friendly communication, and prompt and receptive response whenever they are called upon. She also commended the embassy on the success of the Mobile Consular Service (MCS) that the Embassy offers, which enables several people to have the opportunity to receive consular services at their doorstep in Sweden. The chairperson explained how the MCS has been beneficial to hundreds of people in several different ways.

The MCS is an exercise initiated and implemented by the Ghana Embassy in Demark to visit various Ghanaian communities in Sweden to provide visa, passport and other consular services to a lot of people, both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians.

Nana Afia Achiaa Deiwaa I also expressed gratitude to the Ambassador for the friendly relationship between the Ghana National Council of Sweden and the Embassy. She elaborated that the nature of her responsibilities as the Chair of the Council requires regular contact with the embassy, sometimes at odd hours. According to her, she was humbled by the warm reception and response anytime she reached out to the embassy.

The Chairperson commended the embassy for the drastic improvement in visa and passport delivery time. She however said that there are still a few instances where there are delays, and prayed the embassy would rectify it. She also appealed to the Consular to have a visa invitation template on its website to make it easier for members when they need to invite someone to Ghana.

Reacting to the comments of Nana Afia Achiaa Deiwaa I, H.E. the Ambassador expressed her excitement in receiving the delegates to discuss issues of mutual benefits to propel Ghana. She emphasized the importance of face-to-face interaction and her delight in such a visit.

The Ambassador thanked GNCS for the compliment on the work the embassy is doing. She added that they are not complacent as the staff have been working hard to improve the services of the embassy. The ambassador further said she was happy the embassy’s efforts are being recognized and appreciated by the Ghanaian community in Sweden. The Ambassador commended GNCS for its interest in working with the trade and investment department of the embassy, to enhance the development of Ghana. She assured the delegation that the doors of the embassy are always open to them and added that she believes in open dialogue and stressed the need for GNCS to feel free to come forward with any issues of concern.

After the deliberation, the delegation from GNCS had the opportunity to visit the Consular section of the embassy to get some insight into the work of the Consular, Mrs. Adoma Owiredu and her staff. The staff shared some of the challenges they face in their work. It was mutually agreed that GNCS and the Consulate work together to educate the Ghanaian community in Sweden and beyond on various application processes to avoid some of the delays highlighted by the Chairlady during her speech. The Consular also commended the suggestion to have a visa invitation template on its website and gave assurance that they would work on it as soon as possible.

Present during the discussions also were the Deputy Head of Mission – Mrs. Elizabeth Dodoo, Trade and Investment Officer – Mrs. Joycelyn Atiase, General Secretary of GNCS – Simon Boahen and Treasurer of GNCS – Mr. Patrick Asiedu Frimpong.

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