NPA Responds to Vehicle Performance Complaints, Initiates Fuel Standards Review

Oil and Gas NPA CEO, Dr Mustapha Hamid
NPA CEO, Dr Mustapha Hamid

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has addressed concerns raised by some petroleum product consumers regarding the diminished performance of their vehicles, attributing the issue to fuel purchased at certain retail stations in Ghana. In response to these complaints, the NPA conducted an investigation and released a public statement outlining their findings and proposed actions.

Key points from the NPA's statement include:

  1. Fuel Compliance with National Standards: The NPA asserts that all fuel consumed in the country adheres to the national standards for fuel specification set by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA).
  2. Manganese Levels within Allowable Limits: The Ghana motor gasoline standard (GS 140:2022) permits trace metals such as manganese, up to 18 milligrams per litre (mg/l).
  3. Change in Manganese Levels in Imported Fuels: Historically, fuels imported into the country had lower levels of manganese. However, recent imports have contained manganese levels closer to the maximum allowable limit.
  4. Manufacturer Recommendations: Some car manufacturers, especially those producing turbo engine vehicles, recommend gasoline without harmful manganese-based fuel additives. For instance, the Honda CRV 2017 Manual falls into this category.
  5. Complaints from Specific Vehicle Category: The complaints received by the NPA are exclusively from users of gasoline vehicles falling under the category mentioned in point 4.
  6. Initiating Standards Review: In collaboration with the GSA, the NPA has initiated steps to review national standards. The proposed revision aims to decrease the maximum allowable manganese level in regular gasoline from 18mg/l to 6mg/l and premium gasoline grade from 18mg/l to 2mg/l.
  7. Directive on New Gasoline Imports: Pending the completion of the standards review, the NPA has directed that all new gasoline imports comply with the proposed manganese standards of 6mg/l for regular gasoline and 2mg/l for premium gasoline grade.
  8. Commitment to Consumer Interests: The NPA reassures the petroleum product-consuming public of its unwavering commitment to protecting their interests.

This announcement reflects the NPA's proactive approach to addressing consumer concerns, ensuring fuel quality aligns with both national standards and the needs of various vehicle types. Consumers can leave reviews and report suspicious filling stations using CediRates. The ongoing collaboration with the GSA and the proposed standards review underscore the NPA's commitment to maintaining high-quality fuel standards in Ghana.



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