Sat, 04 Nov 2023 Feature Article

Our Respected Delegates, Vote Wisely, Vote Dr. Bawumia For NPP To Break The Eight Or We Handover Power To NDC With A Wrong Candidate On A Silver Platter: Dr. Bawumia Remains The Obvious Choice And The Only Nightmare Of The NDC

Our Respected Delegates, Vote Wisely, Vote Dr. Bawumia For NPP To Break The Eight Or We Handover Power To NDC With A Wrong Candidate On A Silver Platter: Dr. Bawumia Remains The Obvious Choice And The Only Nightmare Of The NDC

Dear delegates, the opponents of Dr. Bawumia will continue their mind game just to deceive you. Do not fall for any mind game for the mind game opponents are out to destroy NPP and help NDC take over power from the NPP. They will continue to tell you lies. Beware of them.

Dear delegates, no one has given any constituency executives or appointees money to be given to you apart from what the party has given out for transportation and feeding. Do not fall for any deception that some people are holding onto your money. All the candidates came round and gave out their tokens and no one is giving money again to anyone. Do not believe the lies that Dr. Bawumia has given money to constituency executives or whosoever to be given to you. It is a big lie. Beware of their mind game

Dear delegates, note that today's voting is crucial for *NPP, VOTE DR. BAWUMIA FOR US TO HOLD ONTO POWER AND HOPE TO BE SERVED AT THE RIGHT TIME OR vote the wrong candidate for us to hand over power to NDC* *and continue to lament for four years or more*.

Dear delegates, vote wisely. You know Ghanaians consider certain candidate us non serious and cannot be president of Ghana for just one day because of his public emotional immaturity ( *unstable emotional status*). Vote for Dr. Bawumia for the dignity and sanctity of the NPP and the flagbearership position.

Dear delegates, do not fall for any deception that a businessman can manage Ghana. Ghana is bigger than his businesses. In any case, a businessman is interested in making his money and he will be keen on making more money to the detriment of Ghanaians. If you do not believe what I am saying, just observe, does he want to release his money to even campaign for himself? He is holding onto to his money tightly. So wise up, my dear delegates.

Dear delegates, do not fall for any deception, the BIG CONTRACTS HE HAS GAINED FROM THIS GOVERNMENT HE IS INSULTING AND DISGRACING, DID HE GIVE YOU PART OF THE MONEY TO ALSO INVEST? He is just out to make more money to continue to boast. He is not for your interest, vote wisely.

Dear delegates, no candidate will give you money to satisfy you for just one week. So vote for Dr. Bawumia to break the eight for us to get our dream jobs and businesses. Our time shall come by His grace so far as we hold onto power.

Dear delegates, do not fall for the deception that a particular candidate is a Donald Trump of Ghana. The Donald Trump, we know is not a 'Loose Talker' neither does he issue threats to his fellow Americans and party members. He does not also shout any time he needs contract from his government and it's not readily available. Just beware of the differences. They are not the same at all.

Dear delegates, beware of the candidates, one of them will start to insult you immediately after voting for him. He will even wonder why he offered himself for the position in the first place and will also wonder why you, the delegates voted for him. He has no respect for his party, party members, chiefs, religious leaders and Ghanaians in general. Vote wisely. Do not vote the rejected candidate. Vote Dr. Bawumia, your vote will be valued and you will have your honor and respect as a delegate.

Dear delegates, Ghanaians are patiently waiting for you to hand NPP over to Dr. Bawumia as a leader and presidential candidate for them to vote massively for him to break the eight. Any other candidate you vote for, Ghanaians will reject him in 2024

Dear delegates, most of our social media platforms are infiltrated with NDC members and their job is to advocate for a weaker candidate instead of their nightmare, Dr. Bawumia. Beware of them

Dear delegates, Dr. Bawumia is the best and next to lead NPP to break the eight. Dr. Bawumia remains the only nightmare of the NDC. They cannot even sleep until the last ballot is counted because of Dr. Bawumia. Come out in your numbers and vote massively for Dr. Bawumia.

Dear delegates, *H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia* is still Number 2 on the ballot, grant him second victory by voting for him to convincingly win us power again in 2024. He has the winning formula.

It is possible In Shaa Allah
Thank you
Alhaji Salifu Hadara
A Patriot
Nalerigu / Gambaga Constituency
North East Region
[email protected]