Thu, 21 Sep 2023 Article

The Political Charade: A Look At Election Season Showmanship

By Dickens Ofori Asare Adjei
The Political Charade: A Look At Election Season Showmanship

I may not be a prophet, just a budding PROFESSIONAL journalist, but I can predict that these political charades (acts characterized by pretense or deceptive) from some uncouth politicians, have not only crept into but have firmly taken root in Ghana's political landscape. It's disheartening to observe how this behavior has become normalized in our country today, and it's high time we addressed this issue.

As election season draws near and campaign trails heat up, we witness a remarkable transformation in the conduct of our politicians. This is the time when they put on a grand show, showcasing a lifestyle that often feels worlds apart from their actual roles as public servants.

One cannot help but question whether this sudden change of demeanor stems from the fear that the electorate can see through the charade.

Do politicians truly believe that their public appearances and distribution of goodies during election season can erase months, or even years, of neglect?

The burning question on the minds of many is whether politicians underestimate the intelligence of the electorate. It's no wonder that some "less-than-sincere" politicians have the audacity to indirectly insult the electorate by suggesting that even an animal cloaked in their "CORRUPTICAL" Party's colors could win an election. It's crucial to remember that voters are far from fools; they can discern empty gestures and insincere apologies. What the people genuinely deserve are politicians who consistently prioritize their needs, listen to their concerns, and tirelessly work to enhance their lives.

In the end, while election season showmanship may capture headlines and attention, it's the sincere dedication and commitment to public service that should hold the utmost importance. It's time for politicians to realize that the electorate is watching, and their actions speak far louder than staged appearances and social media posts.