12.09.2023 Feature Article

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and Other Aspirants, Kindly Join Dr. Bawumia to Give NDC and John Mahama a Real Showdown in 2024

H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu BawumiaH. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia
12.09.2023 LISTEN

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) super delegates conference was successfully a success, as it gave the direction of where the majority of NPP members and sympathizers clamoured for. The decision of the super delegates was decisive in favour of H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. He won massively in all the 17 voting centers and specifically, in all the 16 regions of Ghana. His home region, the North East Region, led by Chairman Nurudeen Fuseini (Chairman Nuru) didn't disappoint as the delegates gave him 100% endorsement. The party have virtually settled on Dr. Bawumia as its presidential candidate for the 2024 general elections, hence, the rest of the process left is just a mere formality.

On the day of the super delegates conference to select the first five candidates to square up in the November 4 contest, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, one of the aspirants received a wrong information from someone about an issue in the North East Region. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong went to the political market with threats of giving President Nana Akufo-Addo and Vice President Dr. Bawumia showdown. I believe, he might have regretted after receiving accurate information on the grounds. But, do Kennedy Agyapong really need to give his own party men showdown? I believe, absolutely no. The real people and party that need showdown is former President John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

A lot has happened after the super delegates' decision on the first five aspirants. One of the aspirants who could not make the first five, Mr. Kwabena Adjei Agyapong made exciting statements that showed that the game is over and for that matter the real showdown is the general elections in 2024. He indicated that the delegates freely voted and chose a candidate for the party, considering the results of the elections. He made a conclusive statement that he would not tell any aspirant to withdraw from the contest but the party has decided on its 2024 presidential candidate already. Kwadwo Poku, one of the aspirants also stated his unflinching support for the NPP and the need to come together to break the eight.

On 5th September, 2023, Hon Alan Kojo Kyerematen, who placed third in the August 26 super delegates conference formally withdrew from the contest and he is yet to come out to clearly tell Ghanaians his next political move. My humble appeal to him is that, he should kindly rally behind Dr. Bawumia to lead the party to victory for there is another season where he will find the love of our beloved delegates to lead the party. He has better chances of staying with the NPP than any political move outside the NPP.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, an astute businessman cum politician who placed second in the super delegates conference made emphatic statement that he will send Dr Bawumia to opposition even before the votes were counted. This tells us that even before the voting started, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong knew who the delegates were voting for and the delegates predictably did that. It would be very simple to appeal to Hon Kennedy Agyapong to redirect his showdown to John Mahama and the NDC by honourably withdrawing from the contest and rallies behind Dr Bawumia to give the NDC a real showdown, come 2024. This action will definitely bring more positive signal to the already connected DMB'S signal and reduce cost to the party and the aspirants. All other aspirants should follow suit for the battle and real showdown is ahead of us.

Interestingly, Dr. Bawumia has adopted Hon Ken's showdown but his target is not an internal party one but the NDC and John Mahama. He has smartly watered down the showdown within the party and brought it to a different level with reignition towards the main opponents. This smart move should be embraced by all the aspirants including Kennedy Agyapong and all-party members across the country in order to fight a common cause. The showdown is on and NDC and John Mahama are our targets, hence, I employ all supporters of H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Hon. Alan Kojo Kyerematen, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and the other aspirants to bury our differences and rally behind Dr Bawumia to lead NPP to break the eight in 2024 general elections.

The Game to Break the Eight is on Course and the Party Needs a United Front Moving into the 2024 General Elections.

It is possible. In Shaa Allah

Alhaji Salifu Hadara
A Patriot
Nalerigu / Gambaga Constituency
North East Region
[email protected]