Stop Insulting The Intelligence Of The Delegates, They Deserve Honour And Respect

Feature Article Stop Insulting The Intelligence Of The Delegates, They Deserve Honour And Respect

It is a political season for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and obviously candidates and their surrogates who are finding it difficult to convince the respected delegates will resort to insults and unfounded allegations. This is undoubtedly playing out in the flagbearership contest of the NPP. Some candidates and their supporters are resorting to crying foul when the real contest has not even begun. Why are you insulting the intelligence of the very delegates you are asking for their votes even before the main primaries? Is it a case of 'premature ejaculation'? (In the Venerable Mr. Abdul-Malik Kwaku Baako's Voice)

When the very contest the candidates are in now, was formally announced per the party's constitution, and delegates started throwing their weights behind their preferred candidates, some supporters of some candidates started their potential losers behavior. Majority of our respected members of parliament (MPs) upon the formal announcement of the contest openly declared their support for the current Vice President, H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. His opponents who are good at accusing and disrespecting delegates, were at the political market lambasting those MPs and accusing them of taking money from the Vice President. Can't our MPs make their own judgements and come to conclusion that, at this point in NPP's political cycle, Dr. Bawumia is the right person to lead us to victory in 2024? Do they need to be induced? The very few MPs who are supporting and campaigning for you, would it be fair to say that, you have bribed them? The camp of Dr. Bawumia has so much honour and respect for the delegates and would not stoop that low to accuse any delegate who does not support our campaign of taking bribe from the opponent.

In fact, some of the opponents and their supporters have virtually accused every delegate, right from the highest to the lowest levels, who does not support them in one way or the other. The ministers and other government appointees who are supporting the candidacy of the Vice President are not spared either. They have on many occasions accused the government of coercing appointees to supporting Dr. Bawumia. This, they believe, in their minds that, it is palpable falsehood. I believe some of these unwarranted allegations are the reasons why Mr. President Nana Akufo-Addo recently engaged some NPP's communicators to make it clearly that no appointee has in one way or the other been victimized or threatened for not supporting or supporting one candidate or the other. There are ministers, deputy ministers and other appointees who are publicly supporting other candidates either than Dr. Bawumia and they are at post without any victimization. The delegates (appointees) who have made their minds up to vote for H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to lead NPP to break the eight deserve a great respect and honour.

Just recently, even after Mr. President has spoken unambiguously to the issues of the presidential primaries, some supporters of particular candidates particularly Hon. Yaw Buaben Asamoa is seen in a video spewing defeatist and disrespectful commentary against our honorable delegates. Is it the case that your candidate who is promising to paying every polling station executive and others is just a mere campaign rhetoric, aimed at deceiving the delegates? Why should you be worried if farmers including delegates at the local level are being supported with farm inputs to farm, just to earn a better livelihood? You, the very people after enjoying big opportunities in this government, are accusing that same government for neglecting the grassroots and by extension the delegates and you, at the same time, are against empowering those same people. Why? Is this your behavior witchcraft, shared wickedness or hypocrisy? Respectfully, presidential aspirants and your supporters, if you have nothing good for the delegates, stop insulting their intelligence, they deserve some respect.

Dear Delegates, by their deeds and utterances, you have known them. They are those who malign and accuse you unjustifiably yet come around and plead for your votes. Do you take such people seriously? This kind of candidates and their surrogates cannot and should not be taken seriously, our respected delegates. Go for the ultimate and the chosen candidate, H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. He and his supporters honour, adore and respect you, our revered delegates. Dr. Bawumia is a true party man who does not endorse any form of insults or disrespectful behavior from his camp. He is a true unifier who can unify the rank and file of the party after the November 4 primaries and lead the NPP to break the eight in 2024. Dear Delegates, Go for Dr. Bawumia, Go for Number 10.

It is possible. In Shaa Allah.
Thank you
Alhaji Salifu Hadara
A Patriot
Nalerigu - Gambaga Constituency
North East Region
[email protected]