Tue, 06 Jun 2023 Research Findings

Impact based assessment campaign survey in Agona West by IMCD

By Independent Media Caucus for Development (IMCD)
Cynthia Morrison, MP for Agona WestCynthia Morrison, MP for Agona West

Independent Media Caucus for Development (IMCD) is an association by media persons formed to champion the cause of development in central region. The association aimed at offering constructive reportage on leadership at every level from local community to national. The association use various methods to assess quality leadership in terms of development, community peace, security and sanitation through covert and overt surveys, opinion polls, interviews, intelligence gathering, etc.

IMCD have been monitoring the various political activities within some constituencies within central region including Agona West. This survey was done to assess the positive impact of various programs/projects been done by the prospective parliamentary aspirants for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Agona West. We’ve observed that most of these programs and activities done by such groups and individuals are aiming at attracting public attention for political gains.

We have observed that there are about four (4) different camps or groups, namely Team Cynthia Mamle Morrison (CMM), Team Chris Arthur of ChrisCares Foundation (CCF), Team Benjamin Yamoah (BY) and Team Kojo Addo) within NPP in Agona West. However, based on their work, effectiveness and public interest, the survey revealed that the contest is between at the main two (2) contenders in the upcoming parliamentary primaries in February 2024, namely Team Cynthia Mamle Morrison vs. Team Chris Arthur. From our observation, the other two camps are not putting up any significant input in the race, hence our attention on them was very little.

The survey is based on the three main perceptions of impactful campaigning. Human Development, Public Acceptance and Party Acceptance

Team Human Development Perception % Public Acceptance Perception % Party Confidence Perception %(Aprox.) Raw Score Percentage (%) Marks
Sample Space 800 non- delegates 800 non-delegates 450 delegates 2,050 100
Cynthia Morrison (CMM) 251 31.375 221 28.125 72 16.00 544 26.5365854 2nd
Chris Arthur (Chriscares) 471 58.875 487 60.875 271 60.22 1,229 59.9512195 1st
Benjamin Yamoah (BY) 43 5.375 31 3.875 9 2.00 83 4.04878049 4th
Kojo Addo 30 3.75 54 6.75 16 3.55 100 4.87804878 3rd
Undecided 5 0.625 7 0.875 82 18.22 94 4.58536585
Total 800 100 800 100 450 100 2,050

Data Source: IMCD Field data from Markets, Car Stations, streets and Opinion leaders

From the table above, it shows that out of 800 people selected and interviewed in Agona West who are not delegates but have vote in general elections, 251 have perception that Hon. Cynthia Morrison has helped in terms of human development. 471 respondents out of the 800 have perception that Mr. Chris Arthur has helped in terms of human development. Mr. Benjamin Yamoah got 43 people whiles Mr. Kojo Addo got 30 people in terms of human development within the Agona West constituency.

Out of another 800 people interviewed, 221 believed that Hon. Cynthia Morrison is accepted by the general public. 487 believes that Mr. Chris Arthur has general public acceptance. 31 and 54 people for Mr. Yamoah and Kojo Addo respectively in terms of public acceptance. 7 people however are undecided.

Again, out of 450 NPP delegates contacted through various means including face-to-face conversation, telephone calls conversations, WhatsApp platforms, meetings and other covert intelligence gathering, 72 openly believe that Hon. Cynthia Morrison is a good candidate to lead in 2024 parliamentary elections. 271 however believes that Mr. Chris Arthur is their choice. 9 delegates prefer Mr. Benjamin Yamoah whiles 16 delegates like Mr. Kojo Addo to lead. 82 delegates who were interviewed did not disclosed their preferred parliamentary candidate but were quick to say that they need change.




Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

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