UE/R: 6 border communities benefited Small-Scale Livelihood Projects-STAR-Ghana and IOM

By Emmanuel Akayeti || Contributor
Regional News UER: 6 border communities benefited Small-Scale Livelihood Projects-STAR-Ghana and IOM
JUN 3, 2023 LISTEN

Six border communities in the Upper East Region are now beneficiaries of a Small-Scale Livelihood Project; satellite farms with mechanized boreholes, fitted with generators and their accessories for the supply of water.

The six border communities are Pusiga, Kulungungu, Polimakuam, Mognori, Paga and Namoo, ModernGhana News has gathered.

The establishment of the satellite farms at the border communities comes at the back of the International Organization of Migration (IOM), the funding partners through STAR-Ghana, the implementing Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

The aim is to support the said communities to develop mechanisms to reduce their threats to violence and extremism, especially women and children. STAR-Ghana and the IOM have been promoting dialogue with the community members and security agencies to ensure peaceful co-existence at the border communities.

In his address, the Executive Director of STAR-Ghana, Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko Amidu said the two projects relate uniquely and are both geared towards building the resilience of border communities against violent extremism and other border security threats.

He stated that the Cohesion project under which the dialogue platform has been formed and operationalized, seeks to promote community cohesion and their participation in their own security by providing inclusive spaces for dialogue and collaboration between community members and border security agencies. This is in 6 border towns including Paga.

The Community Livelihoods Enhancement Project, on the other hand, complements the cohesion project by providing targeted small-scale livelihood support to help build community resilience by reducing economic inequalities and drivers that make sections of the population vulnerable to radicalization and recruitment by violent extremist organizations. This has implications for not just the entire populations of border towns, but the country at large. He was grateful that, the small-scale livelihood projects (SSLP) has finally been completed and to be in the direct control of the communities and the assembly

The Senior Program Manager of the IOM Nnamdi Iwuora explained how IOM operate in their jurisdiction. He said border community engagement is key to any border community management adding that they have been working with the communities to understand the challenges. The first thing he said is that they understudy the community's perception of how they feel about security. He added that through community town hall meetings the challenges of the people became clear and the idea of the fence gardens, mechanized boreholes with storage facilities, generators and the seedlings became topmost need.