10 African Return Migrant Members of Mlgwui undergo business coaching training in Takoradi

By Jonathan Ofori Kanrah II Contributor
Social News 10 African Return Migrant Members of Mlgwui undergo business coaching training in Takoradi

African Heads of State failure to provide decent employment for their citizens becomes push and pull factor for school leavers and employment seekers to resort to international labour migration as means to survive and better life. But due to challenges in visa acquisition, African citizens mostly depend on unethical recruitment agents or agencies as easy means to migrate to abroad for labour market opportunities.

However, many recruitment agents or agencies especially unethical agents extort huge amounts of money from potential migrants without fulfilling their agreed terms of employment but rather dumping potential migrants in transit countries instead of destination or recipient countries. Many migrants who were able to reach their destination or recipient countries or host countries are deceived by some agents with different employment or non-existing employment upon their arrival.

It is on this situation that Migrant Labour General Workers Union International (MLGWUI), migrant trade union organisation for Africa and Diaspora partnered with German Sparkassensitiftung for International Cooperation (DSIK) on the project "Economic Inclusion for Returnees and Potential Migrants" by offering Business Training and Business Coaching Training Sessions for Return Migrants (Returnees) almost every week in Africa.

As part of such training sessions, the German Sparkassensitiftung for International Co-operation DSIK with its partner the Migrant Labour General Workers' Union International (MLGWUI) has organised Business Coaching Training Workshop for ten (10) African Return Migrants (Returnees) for Western Region at the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) regional office in Takoradi Ghana from 8th to 12th May, 2023.

The project which is funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and implemented by the German Sparkassenstiftung Western Africa aims at supporting Return Migrants and Potential Migrants to build themselves a livelihood from their own business. To that end, Business Training and Business Coaching sessions are offered to these target group.

The German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation (DSIK) is the development-policy arm of the Sparkassen Finance Group. In West Africa, DSIK implements projects in priority areas designed to foster financial inclusion i.e., Capacity Development, Financial Literacy, MSME Finance, and Institution Building. The German Sparkassenstiftung has been supporting financial institutions in developing and emerging countries by offering needs-oriented financial services.

German Sparkassenstiftung pursues the objective to enhance the professionalism of its partner institutions, thus enabling them to offer their customers a permanent access to financial products.

The German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation (also referred to as DSIK) and the Migrant Labour General Workers’ Union International (MLGWUI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the training of Return Migrants for self-employment and financial stability.

The Senior Business Coaching Training Trainer for DSIK, Mr. Felix Kwame Degbor took the participating trainees in various topics on how to succeed in doing business with Business Plan.

Comrade Ntarmah in a media interview appeal to the President of the public of Ghana to expedite immediate action on the construction of the Takoradi Interchange and Market Circle projects in the Western Region to ensure completion within 2023 year. "I believe if the said Takoradi Interchange and Market Circle projects are completed will add more value to the Twin City as the recognised Gateway for international business, migration and development," he said.

On behalf of the trainees the General Secretary and Head of Education International Relations of Migrant Labour General Workers' Union International (MLGWUI) thanked the Senior Trainer Mr. Felix Kwame Degbor of DSIK for his time with the trainees on Business Plan Session.

All ten (10) trainees who participated fully during 5-day Return Migrants Business Coaching Training Workshop received certificate of participation and returned with support.