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Focus Women's Group to host Kpanlogo and Kelewele Festival

Focus Women's Group to host Kpanlogo and Kelewele Festival
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After the cancellation and suspending the summer festivals and events especially in Germany, for the second time after the covid pandemic summer is here, where all the main names are back in force with lively activities to rock in ground style.

So, if you're yet to plan your perfect summer music experience, then Focus Women’s Movement (FWM) got your back with Afro-culture music festivals dubbed "Kpanlogo and Kelewele Festival."

Focus Women’s Movement (FWM) which is a group made up of professional career women based in Hannover, Germany will host Kpanlogo and Kelewele Festival to showcase and display folklore, cuisine and dance all brewed in an African pot.

The Kpanlogo & Kele Wele Festival which comes off on August, 26 2023 will amongst other things, be a platform for Europeans to know and learn the kpanlogo dance, which has similarities to the Bele/Bélé dance in the French Caribbean (often performed low to the ground, with bent knees and bent back with regularly evocative movement) whiles kelewale, (a fried spicy plantain served as a snack, a starter or as a side dish to the main course) will be served in diverse formats such as plantain chips, plantain pancake, Tatale, kaklo and so no.

The main objective of Focus Women’s Movement (FWM) is to interrelate more and more frequently with each other not only in summertime but to engage in highly related women's activities that will improve their careers in a professional way to societal benefits.

The dance festival will be a transformative experience for lovers of African dance since most dance stories still remain untold. "So there is an opportunity for transformative experiences that will lead to change or correct tales," says Cynthia Bampoe-Addo, Spokesperson for Focus Women’s Movement (FWM).

The Kpanlogo & Kele Wele festival will have lasting effects on participants because it will create cultural understanding between continents with appropriate respect for cultural values, personality dimension and correct error orientation.

The movement is committed to promoting women's values for societal development, whereby this summer Kpanlogo & Kelewale festive will bring people together regardless of finances and social background especially if they do not know each other, which FWM will create the platform and arrange a Kpanlogo dance competition or a Kelewale battle to jive the Hannover’s who will troop in come 26th August at Herrenhäuser Gärten in Hannover for summer dance ride.

So before summer gets over and dark clouds hide the sun, let's rendezvous with FWM in the summer for collective memories of authentic and original Kpanlogo dance fever.

Mohammed Saani Ibrahim
Mohammed Saani Ibrahim

Journalist/reporter at The Accra TimesPage: MohammedSaaniIbrahim