26.03.2023 Feature Article

Betraying The Interest Of The People You Represent For Your Parochial Interest, Is As Dangerous As Denying Them What They Deserve.

Betraying The Interest Of The People You Represent For Your Parochial Interest, Is As Dangerous As Denying Them What They Deserve.
26.03.2023 LISTEN

If anyone thought that the current hung parliament was going to further polish and enhance our democratic process, then it was a dead thought on arrival. Because; the two major political parties are the same when it comes to the issues of national interest against their interest.

Why will an opposition party keep wailing about the huge size of a government when it can't refuse to approve more numbers to become ministers and deputies? How many times haven't we heard, those in the NDC complain about the size of the current government? But when the opportunity is given to them to cut the numbers short, they rather went in for material gains at the expense of the interest of the people they represent. Can we trust the NDC to do better than the NPP? Your guess is as good as mine.

The political cabal that exists between the duopoly NDC and NPP must be broken to set the country free from its current economic mess. Until we tell the two political parties to go and stay in opposition for a decade, they will never understand the pain they subject the ordinary people to. Must we allow ourselves to be subjected to this politically abusive treatment from the two sides? No! We must resist it at the polls during elections.

Certainly, the NDC isn't an alternative to rejuvenate our wobbling and messy economic situation. They are merely empty when it comes to putting checks and balances on the current government. They can shout boisterously on all the social media platforms and pretend to be the Messiahs. But I tell you they aren't showing any positive signs of rescuing this country. They may even be worst than the devil we know.

I'm deeply saddened by their display of parochial desire that continues to put the state at this tremendous risk. What prevented the NDC MPs from staging one of the numerous walkouts they have always done? That would have informed Ghanaians that they have no hand in any increase in the number of the government's appointees who do nothing but worsen the plight of the economy. Or at least, the NPP wouldn't have had the numbers to execute this diabolical agenda of increasing the number of appointees for the sake of jobs for the boys.

If I knew how my MP( Nadowli -Kaleo) voted in this approval process, trust me, he would have lost my vote in the coming election. But, unfortunately, I'm not privy to such vital information. The NDC MPs never learn their lessons. First, it was the opportunity to reject the current finance minister. They lost it only to come back and move a motion for a censor which never fly. So, why should they continue to make the same mistake? Anyway, a repeated mistake is a deliberate act.

Furthermore, it's now crystal clear that the two major political parties are treating each other with golden gloves in matters of national interest. Just ask yourself if the promise of jailing corrupt appointees has ever been fulfilled by any of the two parties. They tell us when they come, they will jail A, B, C, and D for E, F G, H, etc crimes. But they end up paying lip services to it. Since 1992 till date, just a selected few have been jailed. But even those who are jailed never spent their full jail terms. And this is enough to tell us who they are.

What's pathetic is to see the ordinary youth fighting for these smart political armed robbers to continue to create, loot, and share among their families and friends while they, the poor and unemployed are content with the GHC 5 and T-shirts they are given. While the citizens continue to live in abject poverty. Is it that the size of the current government isn't a subject of contention or what? What therefore is the assurance that if the NDC comes to power, they wouldn't do more than what we are going through now? I seriously weep for mother Ghana.

If we can't stage an uprising, we can put up a positive resistance during the election by rejecting both parties to prevent being taken for granted by their actions and inactions. We are politically mature to cause any unfavourable political uprising in this country, but we can't also afford to allow them to push us to the wall. Hence, it is about time we acted proactively to curb the current political cabal which is inimical to our democratic dispensation and development.

Ghanaians are watching!