21.03.2023 Feature Article

That Captain Smart is not 'smart' at all

That Captain Smart is not 'smart' at all
21.03.2023 LISTEN

To start with, I should admit that I don't watch or listen to the Captain Smart show on Onua TV and also broadcast by some FM stations.

Nonetheless, there has been work places I've entered to transact business and Captain Smart does have fans there praising him as a 'brave patriot.'

One of such encounters, if I should say: 'unfortunate encounter' was when late last year his Television station organised a public forum in Kumasi. People filled the Hall to air their views. Apparently, Captain Smart's intention was to make the current administration, the NPP government led by Nana Akuffo Addo unpopular in his party's stronghold.

He assembled people from all walks of life, including market women, artisans and head potters, otherwise known as Kayayes. They were there to recite a vivid, choreographed propaganda that will cause disaffection for the party in power he so hates for an unknown reason.

The auditorium was unruly. Captain Smart couldn't control the less than a thousand people gathered there. It was a noisy, chaotic place.

Today, 7th March 2023, as I kept on tuning my radio to get the morning updates on the Independence Day held yesterday at Adaklu , Ho, in the Volta Region, I 'mistakenly' tuned to a radio station that was airing the Captain Smart show.

He was ranting as always. And this time, he had the Church under his radar. His aim is obvious. The opposition to the National Cathedral needs not to be elaborated here to consume the little space we have to write this piece that will awaken the self-acclaimed 'vigilante journalist'.

He said: “I have a friend residing in Canada who asked if Ghanaians died of COVID-19, even with all the Churches and trees they have around them. Or their pastors do not let them pray hard to avert the disease?” (Thus used).

He went on, albeit shouting on top of his voice and seemingly saliva drooling from the edges of his mouth, that: “when I was a child, we went to a Church of Pentecost Convention, and upon all the prayers, some of the attendees were involved in an accident, and there were casualties” (sic).

His problem with those praying for a safe journey to their destination was that his friend abroad who is a doctor seemed to suggest to him Captain Smart that the way Ghanaians go to Church and pray, there shouldn't be accidents registered here. What a funny, silly guy.

In a jest, maybe answering to the disapproval countenance of those he was with in the studio, he added that: the car the congregants were on board had faulty tyres.

Smart people in this instance will not be stopped from taking on the driver and those mandated to ply our roads with roadworthy vehicles. They will not blame the church in any way just because they prayed for a safe journey?

I wonder if that supposed 'smart' Captain on the radio knows that doctors meet every day to look for cure for diseases, yet people die every day of such diseases with available cure?

Should we then encourage people to stop seeking medical health.

As in every institution, the Church will have its flaws, but one cannot base on hatred borne out of ignorance to give the Church a bad name for he and the public to hang it.

Names are supposed to have a positive impact on their bearer, therefore those called 'smart' should indeed be smarter than the Captain Smart I know.

By Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord).