11.10.2022 Feature Article

Kennedy Agyapong to Lead Fix-the-Country Crusade

Kennedy Agyapong to Lead Fix-the-Country Crusade
11.10.2022 LISTEN

The fix the country call is a popular one in the country now. Despite the fact that some questionable characters have hijacked the movement, circumstances surrounding that call must be given political permutation. For this reason, NPP is working through some equally youthful affiliates to counter the "Fix the Country" movement with "Fixing the Country" press conferences and rhetoric. The "fixing the country" press conferences might have contributed to the decision to appoint a "latter day saint", Owusu Bempah as a deputy national communication director of the ruling NPP.

Whether the NPP likes it or not, the party or individuals within the party must react to the "fix the country" call or at least, play the opportunist and/or populist card with the call. In politics, the right timing matters a lot. Fixing the country movement is a group of NPP members coming together to respond to the fix the country movement. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is single-handedly responding to the call by the Ghanaian youth to fix the country. Ken is volunteering to lead the fix the country crusade as a president. Since Ken entered Ghanaian politics, he has consistently exposed the ills of the Ghanaian society, most of which are re-echoed by the fix the country campaigners. He was alone in this fight; he has never been your usual gentle political panelist on radio and TV. Tens of Hundreds hate him for being blunt about the truth, but there are millions who love him for his toughness, boldness and straight talk. If today, many Ghanaians have come out openly to call for Ghana to be fixed, why not grab the opportunity to lead the country through it? This is why Ken want to be the president.

In recent times, Obama, Macron, Trump, Boris, Duterte, and even Zelensky of Ukraine took advantage of the timing and responded to the popular demand. Biden unceremoniously announced his retirement and had planned to go out of office with Obama and was never going to stand for election, but Trump had to be defeated by all means. He stood for office and won decisively. Call them opportunists or populists, but when they responded to the popular call, it worked for them. Ken is responding to the popular fix the country call and it will certainly work for him. He shall lead Ghana through a democratic revolution to fix the country.

Whilst JB Danquah and the rest calculated their steps cautiously and strived for independence in the shortest possible time, Nkrumah became an ¨opportunist¨. Populist Nkrumah won the hearts and minds of Ghanaians who were desperately asking for independence now. The political class, since the genesis of the fourth republic, has shown enough political correctness, exhibiting similar political calculations of the big six and ended up fixing less or nothing. Call Hon. Ken, opportunist or populist, but like Nkrumah, he will deliver to the people their heart desires. Since the late Professor Adu-Boahen’s time, NPP has promised Ghanaians they will change Rawlings’ 1992 constitution, but the Kuffour-led NPP government failed to do it. Mills-led NDC government spent huge sums of the Ghanaian tax-payers money to work on constitutional amendment, but his untimely death ended the whole process. Mahama-led NDC government suspended the whole process indefinitely and never mentioned it for four-and-half years till he lost 2016 presidential election. Mahama is never the president to be voted back to fix Ghana’s constitution. Akufo-Addo-led NPP government has also not shown any indication of constitutional amendment, which features prominently on the “fix the country” agenda and a very popular request in Ghana today. Like populist Nkrumah, Hon. Ken will grant this request and the journey of fixing the country shall begin with it.

Ken’s candidacy and his vision for Ghana shows clearly he is one politician who has never written the "fix the country" movement off. He will turn those negative currents within the “fix the country” movement to positivity and to the advantage of the country. His presidency will turn a rather street agitation into government’s priority and will work with all powers vested in him to achieve them. Setting goals and achieving them is a project, and through determination and perseverance, Ken will win election 2024 and will work with the Ghanaian youth to fix the country.

In Ghana, everyone wants change, but no one wants to change. Ken says in his first 100 days, he will change the mindset of most Ghanaians. This is the change we need. Fixing the country will begin from fixing our mindset and attitude. Fixing individuals, families, communities, institutions and the whole government machinery will certainly result in the change we need. The country will be fixed and that would be the change we all need. Fix the country movement would not have been a waste of time and Kennedy Agyapong’s presidency would have been a success story.

Eben Johnson – Finland
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