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Good versus Bad Jokes, plus tips of Resisting OK to worst Jokes.

Good versus Bad Jokes, plus tips of Resisting OK to worst Jokes.
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Like many things in life, Jokes are choices with intentions to effects. Good Jokes tend to be for learning and fun, but if it was meant for just fun, it will probably be problematic in how. Even Jokes intended for learning and fun will require some work to yield good effects in a world of Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun is the name of my philosophy and the conclusion of all my major writings for decades now. In a nutshell, Jokes may be older than humans, fairly natural, but can be evil and dangerous before and within humans.

I have made/heard good and bad Jokes and you probably did from the home as children, school, workplaces, home as adults, and at international stages, from books, TV, to Movies. Of course just because you enjoy jokes or a joke does not make it good, learning or teaching through the joke means more for folks like me. Laughter is claimed to be a medicine like questionable meat, but laughing against the tears of innocent person/people is very low and can be sinful. Serious things demand serious words and/or actions, not femalicious or cowardly Jokes; Aha! Good Joke!

The matriarchal English language hate men so much they have the term 'malicious jokes' even though female make or enjoy bad jokes more and cannot resist truthful or even Tolerable Jokes? Inside marijuana we have lot of Jokes, but still we have varying levels of Jokes that can be classified as the guarded WWbogBB: Worst, Worse, bad, OK, good, Better, and Best jokes.

The valley is bad, OK, and good; and I like good mountains, but mountains often have valleys around them? Marijuana is much nicer than Jokes, so why did the evil western world+ criminalised marijuana and legalise even evil Jokes? Will they take the term 'evil Western' as joke or sense I am an Activist who is much more truthful and kind than Salman Rushdie, Joe Biden, Barrack Obama, and their big wigs? Using marijuana and sleeping with a nice Indian Girl is much nicer than the writings of Salman Rushdie, but India wants to sell me bad alcohol, good herbs, dancing or scary movies, etc and may not realise a joke may include realities of experience or dreams?

The Prime minister of Finland has very low sexy dances when she drinks bad alcohol, should we give her and her type good marijuana, see if she can dance better on the floor or sleep with me when am horny and then cry rape? If she is married, please keep her away from me, I think there are hotter girls in Finland, Canada, California, India, who can party with marijuana without having sex, or have it if they happen to need it or want it as singles. I can hear the voice of Harry Anslinger saying 'marijuana will make white women sleep with black men...', then Joe Biden saying did he bent on a knee to propose?

When you bent, she may think you will lick booky like The Finnish Prime minister dancing her tongue; then she may open her legs, but pray that she does not report you tomorrow morning for investigations that body cameras or living room cameras may reject, 'she withdrew consent or procession'? She may call you or accept your call, but did you even use condom? She may not take the morning after pill, she may not test or abort before the heart beats, and she has liars who may not just charge you with rape, but will claim she has the right to dismember a baby, limb by limb, and claim it as Woman's right? Did Obama said Hip Hop hate women or just black women, just over ms. CLINTON and Ludacris' opinion song? I think both me and Ludacris rather party with the prime minister of Finland with marijuana, and it has nothing to do with the ugly hips of ms. Clinton and Michele Obama.

No! This is too much a Joke! This guy hates women, black women, or fat women. Can A young woman party and not be questioned like Boris Johnson? Can we roll out the videos of Boris Johnson and Obama partying and ask how many sexy moves were made or ridiculed for what purpose? Political Jokes, Religious jokes, and Cultural jokes is the Thesis I can beat Salman Rushdie and his supporters on, from debate to what ever good learning or fighting.

The world started as cultural era in Africa and Africa has good, questionable, and even bad cultural jokes. Around the home level, African SeneGambian culture has literally set no limits on jokes between cousins. The purpose is beyond me, but the effects is clearly good, or largely good, especially between boys, but deceptive to aid females like FGM. This culture means young boys as cousins can take jokes and not fight, trying to build boys to be strong on jokes and that eventually extends to outside friends who will joke as cousins without fights. So far, African men are honestly largely violent, they sadly fight over words of truth, jokes, and unnecessarily.

Someone may accuse me of hating blacks or black culture, or men? No! Largely means largely, not totally and I respect part of that joking culture, despite its gender bias against men. Do you know if two cousins fight or wrestle in SeneGambian culture, the one from the male part is penalised to buy clothes for the cousin from the female part of the family? Fast forward, to avoid a book or why God has to bring Religion and still under rescue men?

African SeneGambian cultures have male cousins indoctrinated that your female cousins are your wives without sex, so give them gifts and you may marry one? Wow! Women non sexual polyandry started in Africa? Since the boys are yet to mature for work, they take from parents and grandparents' gifts to satisfy the queen bee, so she eats a lot and build big hips, mock the girls with small butt and say hip hop or anyone have no right to joke in Karma? Worse or better than the cousin love jokes, Africans 'sexualized' children through jokes between grandparents and children, but how comes the west have more paedophiles?

This one I consider OK, but the cousin joke as bad or OK. How can you tell a young boy of about four year old do you love your eighty year old grandma? They test his truthfulness with cruel jokes, plus baits. If he says yes, you likely have an ugly decent 'pornstar' who will say you should give fish money, but may not help you to be vegetarian or vegan? If the four year old boy said no, now it is baiting time, the old woman will say I will loan you fish money, but if you dare marry a vegetarian, our culture is men is synonym to responsibility and female means rights until marijuana is legalised in the west+; until then take the fish money, it is just a gift, I can cook better than your mother and would be girlfriends or wives, I can take jokes better than them, but if I happen to have long life, when you give her dowry, you must bribe me back a fraction of what I gave you or with huge interest, and may still have to lie you love me with my old age? Baby, it's culture, we can be deceptive until Religion comes with the first trumpet and political culture may revive us, then Religion with marijuana will come with the second Trumpet?

I think I should drop a bad real life joke I made, what I learned or yet to fully learn? When your false wives can take OK or bad jokes more than your girlfriend or wife, then you are in trouble! The first time I make a woman cry was through a joke and I still think she was more guilty. After taking bunch of pictures for my first musical Album, I told my ex Black American Girlfriend that, ' I didn't know I was such a handsome man, I think I should go out and get many pretty girls...' Boy! The 'Satanic Verses or misinterpretations of Obama and Biden told her that is Nuclear bomb, they accused me of terrorism, 'you cannot say that to a woman or western woman!', go back to Africa to your cousins, living or dead grandma's... Then the Satanic Verses of Ms. CLINTON and Ms. Obama told her he mean it, you cannot trust men around the Moninka Lewinsky, especially hearing it from the horses mouth? To switch from joke to reality: She cried like a baby, and I was forced to cancel my trip, consoled her until she seemingly realised I was just joking. I was madly in love with her then... what jokes are appropriate between lovers, friends, co-workers, tribes, citizens, etc will largely depend on the level of education or maturity.

The SeneGambian culture have another very good 'no limit joke culture' between tribes, and I suspect to reduce tribal wars and encourage harmonious living above our European+ children. I sometimes beat up on our grandparents because some of their cultures were stupid or down right cruel, but they also had very clever tactics while in the valley of 'bog', heading to WW or BB. This is why it is very vital not to look down on any, especially Africa, we are very mixed people. To shorten it, the Jolas, Serrers, and Fulas are tribes that have no limit tribal jokes. These laughters are not just great medicine, unless compared to marijuana, sun, exercise, sex, music, etc; it allows my type to look at a stupid choice of a fula or even white person, and I will lament, please do not be a Jola! In my joking world, Good mean Fulani, Bad means Jola, and OK means Serrer! Well, my mother is from the wollof and Serrer Tribes, so you can understand the bias and the Serreh Girls tend to look better than the Jolas, or why jola Yahya Jammeh never married a Jola or how many of his private prostitutes were Jola? It took a beautiful Fulani called Toufah to shoot him internationally, but unfortunately she became a western Jola after.

Jokes exist even in Religion, but very limited and largely tolerable. If you read the Koran, it repeatedly calls a prophet, 'man of the fish'. Ch. 80 starts with a serious admonition against Muhammad, but written almost like a joke: 'He Frowned!' They are edutaining jokes, and I largely loved u.s black comedy jokes due to edutainment I can often relate to than many white comedy even some science fiction movies then. Then when I heard a white girl talking about how the female private part is stronger than the male, it was funny, from a different perspective, and shows women can take and make jokes, except the so called feminists who sexualized and censored us as endless 'woman's right'. Religion or the Koran have Verses in ch. 49 that discourages bad jokes, ridicules and the leaning was women, as if men don't suffer jokes from women, or men to men? Then you have other Verses against hypocrites, saying, 'they think every shout is against them...' A joke may be just for learning in real life and people wrongly assume over jokes and even well intended truth...

In our political era, hypocrisy is mating with cultures and we have no consistency on jokes. If I make jokes on women or LGBTQ, it will likely be censored and punished. They may appease themselves like we can joke with Jesus, why not Muhammad? We can joke with men, why not women? They claim level of choice or reaction? Is not about persons, jokes have leanings: lying or truth. People lie about Muhammad in lot worse ways to promote even evil western culture. For example, someone made a video that insinuates 'Muhammad licked pussy' with three dimensional lies.

You want to promote licking pussy as worldwide culture due to largely western male sexual weakness and western female sexual greed, you do not have to lie against the emotions of others. You want to claim Angels fear women or a woman rescued Muhammad, even the religious marijuana guys do not fear women and reject booky licking. We do not ask females to suck peny (male private part) , except when both ms. Lewinsky and Ms. Clinton are on their period and tempt us to point of no return. Was space the barrier, or what type of a man will prefer teethful mouth over toothless mouth/booky? If it is wrong to pressure women on sexual acts they may detest, then respect men who say no, especially after science confirms booky licking is unhealthy and dangerous gamble.

The Finnish Prime minister can lick the air as some people lick booky or Peny; some semi heterosexuals may think a wet tongue can compete with a warm erected peny, but when marijuana is legalised and you see how women cry in bed, asking please don't stop, then you will know the God of man and woman is not sexist. Be careful or some u.s teenagers may claim you manipulated them through female greed or arrogance? I just want a green or pink girl who appreciate men, until then give me the unmarried earthly girls who won't accuse me of rape, or God's curse be upon anyone who believe them without evidence.

One Amazing truth about Jokes is it requires humility and intelligence to overcome the negative sides. We all probably cried over jokes before we made a joke that rightly or wrongly made someone/some people cry. I have cried over jokes as child, learning not to be even offended as adult; I made children and adult cry over jokes and learning not to ever make weak or innocent people cry over a joke; lastly, I made jokes that educate people privately and publicly, sometimes largely due to marijuana. As child, a very foolish old man was so 'femalicious', he will grab my young brother, put him on his shoulders, and claims he is going to sell him... Poor me! I will cry and follow him, thinking he seriously meant it. I fully remember his name, old man but doubt if he was my grandpa in some way, and wondering why would an old man rejoice in a crying child, and refuse to teach him how to overcome jokes? Age or Others may taught me late, but repeating a joke that makes a boy cry is a crime, or I cared about my mentioned girlfriend to repeat certain jokes to see a girl cry or leave me over a joke?

Even When I was in secondary school, I repeatedly cried over jokes. A very foolish friend of mine was like a chief devil and my school mates were like small Devils or the fans of Salman Rushdie? He will make fun of my nose or something, others will laugh, once I get hurt due to the laughing than his words, I will debate should I hit him and risk problem with my Dad, who partly gave me his nose, or should I cry?

Emotional me will cry, we go home, and the next day he will come to my home to pick me for school, then once in a while he will repeat the mockery or jokes, I repeat the crying. How can a friend enjoy seeing a friend hurt to the level of crying, perhaps an off limit even to African cousins, tribal jokes, etc. My baby sister in u.s calls it 'bullying', but I seriously classify it as bad joke and my cowardice to my Dad punishing me than confronting him. Best was to confront myself or him with words, but he was not even much physically bigger than me.

Amazingly, he is the only one I remember to physically fought during my secondary years and I largely won the fight, inside the class. God has his ways, and as much as I condemn the Attack on Salman Rushdie, may God forgive the attacker before those who glorify dangerous lies. My old friend is forgiven, unless he wants to justify such mockery as normal; he now live in the west and many westerners mock black nose? Well, there are different types of black noses, or why would a bunch of black teenagers indifferently laugh at a black nose and enjoyed seeing him cry? Does Karma means whites can mock blacks who mocked them, can males look down on women who looked down on them?

That was secondary school, westerners seems worse, they have hazing at universities as culture against boys or what for girls? One of the best western writers, Jordan Peterson, has a terrible mindset that justifies a culture of cruelty up to the workplace . He happens to be Canadian, from Alberta, where I successfully fought back gang of employees, questionable employers, and even government wrongs. By nature , I hate wrong doings, love happiness and hate pain. Does it mean I am perfect, not at all, but ever eager to learn.

How can such a victim of jokes ever become a 'culprit' and against his own favorite niece of about four years? I was lying in my room and over Heard the sweet beautiful voice of my niece misinterpreting a trip. Her mum just came back from Morocco, official Trip, and she said to her mum in our nice local language, 'I know you were there, eating; eat-ing; eat-ing; eat-ing; eat-ing; eat-ing,...' Her mum was continuously giggling and she never accused her of 'laughing at me' as some western children; my 'deceptive sister' will claim 'laughing with you' to tame shy children...'. If my translation is too poor, just imagine why her mum was giggling, the weird and sweet nature of a baby's voice, etc. So I laughed in my room and came out of my room to have more in greed?

Once I repeated how she was saying it, this little girl was so angry, punched me, started crying, and I was humiliated as a stupid joker! It was easier to console my ex girlfriend than my niece, it took days before we became normal again. Her questionable mom barely helped men or guilty men in trouble, she probably thought I was foolish in rectifying a wrong, that she will be fine... Of course, I learned some lessons, but may be not enough. Few months ago, I joked about how she will remind me 'you are wearing my Dad's shoes', when she was younger.

Luckily, this time she did not cry, but it seems like her parents did worse than her or I am guilty of bad assumptions. His dad told her, 'your father was wearing your father's shoes, do you understand'? She shyly responded yes and I notice more shyness between me and her, so I suspect the parents and especially her mum may have further talked to her in double misinterpretation. I do not think she was denying me his father's shoes, but rather demonstrating her abilities to recognise.

She would have gladly brought me shoes or much more from her father's closet, she loves me... since Africans can be very cowardly with words, some smart ancestors created at least few areas where jokes were tolerated or even encouraged. As a fervent child lover, I joked with the youngest talker most often. So when his dad overheard some of her discussions with me, my younger brother is more rigid and say 'I did not say such to my dad', then I told her to tell him, 'papi (jarga) is my grandfather', and she repeated it, to the laughs and smile of my younger brother. Respect and love can be together, and is much nicer than fear.

One of the amazing things I appreciate marijuana for is everyone is my cousin, in African cultural sense. I joked against my bigger brothers, as if we were kids again. I certainly do not mean to disrespect them a minute, but love seeing a smile through a joke or something better. I love the educative jokes through marijuana, but still prefer action oriented inspirations through marijuana. Many things are nicer than Jokes, so I called good to bad jokes femalicious, instead of malicious. I think there are jokes in heaven, but free of lying, and killing the lies and cruelties of marijuana laws is much better. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer

Twitter: [email protected]

Optional note: I have already given some tips on overcoming bad jokes, but want to mention the importance of classifying. We already know most jokes are evil , have some lies that seems intelligent or opposes cruelty to the good or questionable joker; that means more truth will always kill bad jokes. Besides the tiny or big lie behind a joke, you must classify the leaning as mental (intelligence seeking/fighting) or emotional leaning (kindness seeking/fighting). Ultimately, it is about groups at world stage, but honesty is what matters most. It takes some sort of boring moment to wish for jokes. The hard winters of the west leans as divine punishment that people try to overcome in many questionable ways.

This is why they tend to have more alcoholics, drug problems, bad jokes, sex worshipping, etc. It does not mean such vices does not exist in other places, but it is as factual as stating financial poverty is more rampant in Africa without denying poor people are everywhere. When my nieces are not playing physical games or on their tablets, they joke and hardly good jokes... they will learn jokes, normalise it, but what percentage of your time is tolerable as joke? When it is so hard to find a friend, the winters demanded sex and others from men; while women look for foolish men to compensate weak men and lonely times.

No man can have sex all the time and what will you do after sex? Gossip have jokes. You can read good books until bad books seem good to you, that is the semi lucky. You need money to buy Satire or go to comedy spots, This is why you often hear 'I want a funny man than funny woman'. Men have to entertain to keep, and if she is fragile on jokes with, you have to joke at yourself or play foolish to be funny. The west, especially their men, have a very hard test and their industries may suffer when the whole truth comes out.

They will guard industries for survival, it is far from free of expression. 'Their wealth will not benefit them against truth', so the wise ones among people are realising that, but we have guilty ones in every place. Try to rejoice on truth, not lies; rejoice on kindness, not cruelty. Just like the African continent far surpasses other continents, the Koran far surpasses other religious books. Advantages can sometimes come with mysterious disadvantages; whereas the Koran is largely advantageous, except when misinterpreted which it admits in ch.3 and 17, the so called sayings of the prophet is a poison against Muslims, it is worse than the largely abandoned bible. I quote some good things from the Bible, but fully understand it is tainted and outdated than Obama+ under admitted.

Many Muslims are sadly yet to understand how tainted the so called sayings of the prophet are. You have Muslim scholars who are under rectifying them, but the damage is deep and something like mass marijuana legalisation may force debates as rescue at a cost. They already read a verse in ch. 4 that 'it will not be the desires of Muslims, Christians, or Jews' God will judge by, but many are yet to ponder how conscience matters over religion, culture, and government laws. Furthermore, the sexual advantages of female is clear to the level of a verse claiming, 'men are created weak when it comes to women'. Not only many misinterpret such Verses, that power is specious and how women use that power as choice mean much more.

Feel free to have power struggles , but choices matter lot more than power. We cannot say no level of emotional hurt warrant physical or mental reaction. See it as points, when you gather lot of emotional sin/good, it affects or warrants physical reaction. Solid, liquid, and gas (air) do have conflicts... Air is so small, but can win at times. Even marijuana air can defeat alcoholics liquid? Similarly, men , women, and children can have conflicts where a child or children win. Although often victims, children are not angelic as often portrayed, they learn evil quick and self destroy or attack an innocent strong adult. Rushdie needs more sincere Repentance and apology, or he will lose lot worse. I am a writer and know I have limits and dare not abuse my power to write.

God made men with a peny, swore by good and bad pen, and promised good to the believing in both genders. The false accusations against individuals or groups are dangerous, but patience is hard to the disbelievers. The Koran even spoke well of Christians , as 'lovers of knowledge', but many Muslims are blind to such Verses, why compete on love for knowledge and which tests come after? Knowledge is power, something good, but how you use that power is choice and more vital. Lovers of truth are the real lovers of knowledge, but truth is not exclusive to any religion, culture, or government. Truth requires conscience building, so ch.103 becomes very complex to interpret, unless you wean yourself from fear, greed, and arrogance.

The west cannot arrogantly impose its culture on people, especially with inconsistencies. You cannot hunt Assange and others for truth and defend liars. You may hide behind laws and interest to money worshippers, but God may send worse than Putin and Trump to forgive whoever repents first or whom he wills. As a personal victim of western censorship, I know lot better than defending censorship somewhere or pretending the west is anti censor. I am yet to forgive, and not hurting, just deferring. God's curse be upon those who censor me or any good, including their enablers and voters who believe western or female supremacy.

Where the West/world is and where they are heading to ? Some writers claim they are waiting for Salman Rushdie to tell them that, he has become their false prophet and hero? The west is gradually losing their deceptive powers and on a dangerous path that requires swift mass Repentance or risk facing questionable Trump or much worse. Where as the Lies and dangers of Trump can over take Biden; so far, more innocent people suffered, died, and dying through the cowardly and arrogant mindset and lies, lies, lies, of Biden. Mr. Biden is like an old devil unwilling to repent, especially on marijuana and importance of worldwide truth over financial interest. The lies of Biden on just marijuana laws contributed to more than thousand fold of January 06, but many of his victims were willing participants or still praising him, and this literally holds God's judgment.

Of course, Trump stood by or supported the lies and cruelties of Biden well before Obama, the most adored house Negro of all times, at the moment. Both Obama and Salman Rushdie exited Islam as Religion which is for God to judge, but their positions on marijuana, male rights versus female and LGBTQ, the rights of children versus LGBTQ , the rights of Muslims in the west are sins between creatures and our imprecations can win nuclear weapons. When the devil demanded worldwide volunteer against marijuana, Richard Nixon volunteered with weapons, money, and lies... who were his supporters before and up to Biden or present?

Our swift God is slow to react, respect respite, but still swift when real victims stand up enough. Evidence of slow to react: He still have not chosen a political big wig for worldwide marijuana legalisation like Nixon to the devil, he gave my type a strong determination and under arm us with weapons and money, but certainly protecting many of us from many harms. He gave us knowledge and very little money to fight rich liars, he is gradually defeating. Once He raises my type, White Canadian Marc Emery donated millions to legalize marijuana in the u.s, showing you marijuana is way beyond race and gender, but no question that blacks and men suffered most in cruel matriarchal west.

The media is not showing how cowardly u.s still punishes Marc Emery and all in fear of words, the tongue, or the pen? Kamala Harris is the cowardly financial and political whore that rather suck the peny of Biden than speak Truth to Biden, but she will pay more than my jokes or you will accuse me of sexualizing female politicians? She is already sacrificed and may God free us and curse her political life. We depended on God when she was prosecuting largely men in California, so why should we ever depend on her than God? We will push for worldwide marijuana legalisation, even if no worldwide political volunteer emerge, a strong Activist with God's help can make it happen.

When the devil or xyz wanted worldwide reckless laughs through lies, Salman Rushdie volunteered. Wanted deaths through emotional riots, some low Muslims volunteered; wanted political war over how to fight lies, an Iranian Scholar volunteered and dismissing the Koranic hints on fighting lies; wanted an individual with a knife to show how weak is u.s and Salman, a man who was not born when the book was written volunteered. Did the soul of one dead rioters came back to earth or was it the soul of the one who gave the fatwa? Now the devil or xyz wants to know who is to blame beyond Actions, because lies kill, from Biden before Trump... or may be , more volunteers are being sought to possibly cause wars, to debate Salman Rushdie or any who dare debate me? I can defeat Salman Rushdie and his supporters with a pen, But volunteers have to be accepted. Beside debate, If s/he was a sweet Indian, British, or xyz writer with religious differences only, I can sleep with her to check if Peny can make a booky scream or interesting?

Or is it forbidden to sleep with Atheists, Christians, etc on a needy or high night? Eating Pork exception on food, but can sex be a secondary need like food? How cruel is he, why is he sexualizing even a man in hospital, I suspect he is gay, he hates women and still sexualize them is very inconsistent? Go look at my YouTube videos, I do not censor my opponents, I ignore or respond harder than Trump until many of them delete their comments.

Male rights have to be respected and I am glad millions of females are beginning to understand we don't hate the 'Amber Heards', we hate lies and cruelties. We must push for worldwide culture of cameras, worldwide marijuana legalisation, at least worldwide decriminalisation of prostitution, especially where adultery, fornication, or pornography is legal. Anyone who stand on my way on any of these will be hit hard, and may God curse them and help us with way beyond prostitutes.

No sane man prefers prostitutes, but due to the fact that millions of women are worse than prostitutes, a tactical compromise is sometimes needed. Marijuana legalisation will solve many problems, including sexual problems or even the need to legalise prostitution. The honest truth is marijuana may help, but not totally, we must educate men to avoid prostitutes and run from worse than prostitutes, even if it means one night stand with a prime minister or daughter of president Obama+ in A Ganja party? This will put pressure on women to be sexually kind to men, or we separate for judgement.

Culture of cameras will also reduce prostitution, because women are largely shy and how many Arab+ men are robbed by women with cameras? Adulterous Bill Clinton openly said, 'we criminalised prostitution to protect women'. Of course he meant bad to worst women above bad to good women, industries like pornography, criminalising and demonizing men is fun to Devils, etc. Prostitutes range on bad, OK, and/or good; they are the low valley In the guarded bog WWbogBB. Sexual education is vital, and men are hardly sexually educated, we are just sexually indoctrinated from Cultural days to this government era.

The orders of Religion is not education, there is a huge difference between order and explanation, Koranic words versus interpretation are completely different worlds and ch.75 (Resurrection) made that clear to Muhammad (pbuh); but the God of conscience make it clearer through marijuana on whom he wills... If there is any conscience in the Salman Rushdies and Obamas, how can you explain a bisexual cop giving a criminal record to a heterosexual teenager or old man because he cannot find free sex? Pornography will give him mental diseases, legal prostitution can be regulated to protect teenagers and can certainly reduce physical diseases than criminalised prostitution. Most important is education is before you even enter a prostitute...

A good strong education will make even teenagers know prostitutes are far from best and not victims, but protected culprits who can be evaded, especially where better than prostitutes exist... Well, the biggest prostitute is government and the u.s government is the biggest of them. So you must pray to God or at least to Putin, or they may send drone against you. Legalising prostitution will affect their pornography industry and others they value to attract greedy women than men? Women have been enjoying free sex for millions of years, so men deserve free sex or at least not pay and beg... May God bless more heterosexual men and women, and free the trying men from prostitutes and those worse than prostitutes.

Sex is a game, and since men have been beating women in most games, except yoga and dancing+, how about Olympic sex games between marijuana and alcohol folks? It has to be in a warm country or summer time, not cold Finland. We can have close door research, where political partying will finally offer marijuana to see if a Finnish or xyz Prime minister on alcohol will dance differently on marijuana day?

I must admit she makes moves my arthritic leg cannot make. Or we ask the political males who are the sexiest politicians while they drunk, then ask them while they are high on marijuana and ask why? Then we ask the women politicians similarly, before they charge us with discriminatory research. Well, it is research, knowledge is good, beneficial jokes are better than the prostitution that is said to be thriving in SAUDI Arabia, but only for the Bin Salmans and rich Arabs, while poor Saudis are forced to pay big dowry as favor or flogged over sex without four witnesses? If the Allah of Hadiths and sunnah cannot have women who give freely, then may be Allah is the criminal or Co-criminal, so let the Allah of Conscience confirm dowry is best at zero and no imposed exit dowry like the west.

The correspondent dinner culture jokes will sure get better with marijuana and a host like me? I need to own a TV, so which billionaire, millionaire, or God will make it happen, so that BBC and CNN will be "obliterated' if they attack my sweet Iranian girl, Jihnack girl, or TV? Didn't you learn and laugh through me than Salman Rushdie, and I wrote this one Saturday, while under arthritic attack with not enough marijuana strains to choose from or pretty girl to massage me in and out? God is good though, the fact that I can write, laugh, and make others laugh through truth than lies is an amazing blessing. May God raise my blessings and defeat the liars in every sense of the word.