21.06.2022 Feature Article

Foreign Saints Worshipers Conjure African Churches & Mosques

Foreign Saints Worshipers Conjure African Churches  Mosques
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How were Africans indoctrinated to believe the foreigners that destroyed their civilizations and shipped slaves in chains overseas were the saviours worshipped as Saints in African Churches and Mosques? The slave descendant were told how lucky they were to be brought out of Africa, only to burn down Greenwood the Black Wall Street. France actually claimed compensation from Haiti for daring to be the first Independent African country.

Though there is more religious tolerance in Africa than any continent, foreigners conjure Africans in the name of Jesus and Mohamed, holy books of Koran, Bible and Torah. We respect and celebrate a variety of religions within our own families. Most of us now believe the only way to heaven is through Jesus or Mohamed. We were warned not to accept madness with religions.

There is this innate feeling in humans to bow or worship some superior being, be it God or idol. But for the belief of higher being; immorality, crimes and spiteful behaviors in-between would be uncontrollable in most communities. There are people out there that lack self control unless they are aware of some deterrent in heaven or earth. So religion is one of the necessary tools in a civil society to prick our conscience and prevent inhumanity of man to man. The same tools like the rule of law and order can be and have been abused by those expected to enforce them.

Christians, Muslims and Jews would tell us religion has no creed or color. This is true since God is everywhere and God made man in his own image. Therefore, you cannot love God while you despise other fellow human beings. Yet, most Africans think God only exists in the holy lands of Mecca and Jerusalem. So the Bible and Koran preachers encourage us to visit the holy lands if we can in our lifetime. Until we do, many of us do not feel fulfilled.

Nevertheless, there are so many Africans trooping to the holy lands, they have to be controlled by special visas because many take every opportunity to visit. We know many of the visits have nothing to do with religion. Some are business related, work or resident visas. Unfortunately, Africans have also been caught for nefarious activities. Some of our girls imported as prostitutes and for slavery. In short, the reason for going to the holy lands has changed over the years.

The culture of violence and immoral behavior found within foreign clerics on their victims has surfaced within the last decade. Though suspected, they were swept underground for many decades. The penalties ordered by courts against Churches recently demonstrate these are not Saints but may be even worse offenders than the local religious culture Africans run away from.

Sometimes the hypocrisy stinks to high heavens. Even "St. Saviours" can’t save these sinners.

However, they would lynch a woman of virtue some charlatan slept with for keeping a holy book under her pillow! Even worse, some of their Islamic scholars justified it. Crusade and Jihad are not past history. Africa that has been rendered weak. After being thrown into darkness for centuries, it still suffers the spill-over of religious wars from the Middle East through Libya. Many African countries have been destabilized by those still fulfilling the order of their prophets.

Holy cow! Even the mention of the names of their Saint or holy books has consequences resulting in deaths while shouting Allah is great. When Africans do the same, it is called religious fetish. It is a fact that the old generation learned about the great British Empires before African Empires. But this new generation were taught both African and European Empires. Africans still prefer the influence and touch of those that turned their civilization and religion against them.

They now call themselves Christian Right Crusaders and Muslim Jihadists that preach Death unto you. These are the real idols worshippers, human ritualists lynching people that look different from them. So, they subjugate others to slavery and serfdom wherever they encounter or explore other's land. After years of hypocrisy, they are now coming out in their true colors asking for the "good old days" back.

Actually, we have come to realize that the religious Right groups justify the separate and unequal situations as the will of God that must be adhered to. The same religions Africans worship and celebrate have been used to subjugate not only their own people but those they consider different from them. They have used God and guns to keep Diaspora minorities in line.

It is surprising that Africans that take one another as their brothers' Keepers have turned against their own: killing people, selling land and resources in exchange for vanities and mirrors. You cannot tell the difference between Fulani in Nigeria and Americans' right to carry arms: "A new survey shows that a mere 3 percent of American adults own half of all the guns in the United States." In his majority opinion in District of Columbia vs. Heller Justice Antonin Scalia wrote: ”It (the Second Amendment) is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

The number of foreign religious converts has not only dwindled in their places of origin, Africans priests and Imams are being imported to preach overseas. Trust my African brothers and sisters, they have established their own congregations abroad attracting the fastest growing converts everywhere they can prosper, attracting the wrath of established clerics.

However, the only notable African religion venerated as world Saints outside Africa is Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion based on Yoruba beliefs and traditions, with some Roman Catholic elements added. Others know the religion as La Regla Lucumi and the Rule of Osa. Santeria is a blend of compromised religion that grew out of the slave trade in Cuba. It had to be disguised so that their slave masters could not think it was an African religion like Haitian Voodoo. Stubbornly practiced as in Haiti, as the first Independent African country in Diaspora.

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