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The Dangers of Supremacies, beyond 'White Supremacy'?

Jarga Kebba GigoJarga Kebba Gigo
23.05.2022 LISTEN

First and foremost, supremacy is just a claim that is often based on lies and misunderstood fractional facts. It is the fractional facts that fuel the naive to claim/accept supremacy, both as culprits and sometimes as victims. History has slowly, but successfully, showed these supremacies are false and will be defeated. Part of the most crucial history of supremacy theories and dilemma is what people called the Adam and Awa (Eve) story, an amazing story with enormous lessons even if it was fictional or not totally truthful; I would recommend it above every Hollywood movie yet.

The Koranic and Biblical versions of this story are significantly different both in details and ultimate interpretation. Jinn or species supremacy led to arrogance and lie; human or species supremacy led to cruelty, through greed or fear; gender supremacy led to lies and cruelties; tribal and race supremacy led to more lies and cruelties; national and block supremacy led similarly. Writing is hard, led can sometimes mean lead due to language deficiency, yet people still have language supremacy problem.

Admitting hard fractional facts in supremacy theories before confronting the lies can greatly help. Also avoiding being guilty of any form of supremacy will certainly help. Supremacists argue based on power, but choice is more vital than power and what can make you truly supreme and defeat 'supremacists'.

The secular folks must yield and learn from the honest religious folks who value secularism and beyond. Satan was supreme than Adam and Eve in power, or how will you explain their temporal defeat? Was Satan also supreme in character or choice ? My point is how you must avoid to be worse than Satan. S/he lied, but did not directly commit cruelty, but how many human supremacists lie and commit cruelty against each other, animals, and ultimately self? The problem of human supremacy claims is worsen when normalized as culture or law, but even such have been successfully fought, and I am confident that God is ever ready to help resisting 'victims' who strive to be better in character. Yes! We can defeat even Satan and be even more powerful, take her children from lies and cruelty, make truth so plain for some to repent.

The u.s is largely guilty of at least three major supremacies, and they are under admitting and under confronting only one: white supremacy. It may be the most vivid one, but may not necessarily be the worst one or hardest to fight, at least in effects. About ten people of mainly blacks killed by an eighteen year old white boy cannot be lightened, especially by a black writer like me. When you think Biden cares about those 'victims' as American more than me, then we may have to fight and white illusory supremacy may temporarily prevail. Supremacists think they are above truth, and this is consistently manifested in different forms of supremacy claims. They misinterpret some special distributed powers as God's favor to warrant even cruelty against others. They accuse the truthful of hating America, whites, female, west, etc. When hate is only in words, it will be a lie like Satanic suggestions, but I am saddened to admit some humans have become worse than Satan, Adam, and Eve; they lie, commit cruelty, and justify hunting the truthful beyond Julian Assange, sanctioning my type and denying us equal opportunities, etc.

A victim becomes a culprit, like the white boy, but someone may slap me or shoot me for calling him a victim and will be deaf to my mentioning of culprit? Humans are emotional beings and this is why sharp guilty folks like Biden, Obama, etc offer you empathy to tame you with hope by identifying a fraction of the problem. Guilty Biden+ tells you gun control and censorship as solution, but education and re-education is even more crucial towards minimizing such problems. When an eighteen year old boy thinks killing ten people who have how many kids and grand kids will reduce 'replacement' than him having one to hundred kids, then ignorance is part of the problem, not just cruelty. They fight over the earth, but the souls of the 'victims' are in heaven or hell, depending if they were not guilty of other supremacies or worse crimes. 'I rather be jailed before an eighty year old woman replace me' may seem insulting on Saturday Night Live, but it will be the type of re-education that may save a ranting social media 'hater' , at least more than censorship and denying a legal gun, where illegal gun may be easier to get than sex for children?

I believe words of truth can defeat any words of lies, but how can I convince such to a cowardly government that once suspected me and Nelson Mandela of possible Terrorism? I am not joking, u.s put Mandela on potential terrorist list and monitored me for years over my writings. When I claim u.s marijuana laws of Biden, Obama, and others are indirectly killing black people+" than this white boy, I truly mean it, but it does not mean I will go on a shooting rampage to free blacks, who may be partially guilty or too blind to see. When Osama Bin Laden was reportedly killed, I wrote a short post on social media condemning his ways and identifying a lie Obama made on TV and was not challenged. U.s directed Canada.

The cowards ignored my condemnation of Osama's ways and some police cars followed me for long time that day in Canada, could have killed me based on mere suspicion, and monitored me for years after, censored me, and denied me opportunities. The lie I identified was not necessarily due to love for Osama or anger, but as hatred against lies. Obama claims the order was to arrest or kill Osama, and I said that is a probable lie because if they are afraid of the death body of Osama in u.s may lead to terrorism or xyz, then they feared taking him to court for months will trigger many more worse things. It was an unnecessary lie, but liars think lying is smart and those who expose them are either stupid or cruel?

If they truly feared I may shoot up like the white boy, they could have at least offered me voluntary classes with possible payment for my time, if I am proven to be innocent. Ask me questions, what part of my writings troubled you and I may even reword my largely good and possibly imperfect writings, etc. If you censor or deny privileges to some based on words, they may fight back in much worse ways than my type. If you censor my type and hardened my life, I may just return to Africa and pray to God to curse the direct culprits and proportionately the Americans+ who believe in u.s supremacy and hunting the truthful. God may then give some Americans covid 19, cancer, hurricane, shooting victims, etc and/or give me nicer marijuana high and higher success in life after death.

I happen to be a vegetarian, do not even want to kill animals, so I am not interested in killing or harming humans, except who try to kill or harm me... They have vividly shown me they can monitor my phone even when off, they can contact potential business partners and kill my opportunities, they can lie to even potential sexual partners and lie against me; they have robots that can target me, etc. I know all you got, but God has offered me more and can protect me from your potential harm, so it is much harder to appeal to my potential fears or greed... like or higher than Jesus reportedly told Satan, 'get behind me, you cannot tempt me...'; I am the type that says God's curse be upon Satan and any liar more than 'God protect me from Satan'. I am a spirit that may be higher or lower than your Jesus, Muhammad, Adam, Moses, or xyz. So I warn you in love or learn the hard way.

Sometimes when victims are accepted into a privileged respite, they sadly become happy culprits. U.S supremacy may be affecting not only children of ex-slaves and whites+, but immigrants and their children. I have family ties with u.s citizenship, but even if such believe life is about power and interest to the level of harming others, then I will say God's proportionate curse be upon such folks, including family members. U.s interest should never be above my rights and interest.

I am about conscience above government law, religious law, or cultural norms. So your national or international laws will never be worshipped by people like me, I will instead try to confront the ones I deem wrong and fiercely. There is a difference between eating and eating enough, exercise and enough exercise, resisting and enough resisting, etc. So every form of supremacy must face enough resistance for the culprits to subdue or God to more actively help. How many centuries or decades it took before black folks resisted enough against slavery, then other forms of abuse? The cowards have long list of excuses, but power differences mean little beyond Ukraine and Russia, Afghanistan versus u.s. 'At least' is the worst mindset to show culprits who can delay freedom with breadcrumbs dropping for 'cockroaches' who overvalue life. I want reasonably quality life or no life, reasonably quality love or remain single, etc.

This does not mean I do not tolerate, but I believe tolerance have a limit and purpose. Beating up under resisting folks does not mean giving a pass to the culprits. I condemned white cruelty in and beyond slavery, more than I condemned black stupidity in allowing it for too long. Cause and allow is more real than the cause and effect you were taught in school. So squarely study what/who is allowing problems, and make the necessary moves. I have no problem in God giving respite to Satan, but not at my expense. Once you agree even God does not have the right to punish the truthful for being truthful, then giving a pass to a person, nation, gender, or race to be above truth will amount to placing them above God, which will be like or worse than 'setting rivals for God', the unforgivable sin? When you are a child, you can fear even things, but as you grow to gain knowledge and know God, you suppose to build courage and fear no one, but God; then you Grow again to fear no one, including God, but love God. This literally means trying to be with God in this world and/or the next world, but never with the liars and cruel ones.

Gender supremacy or more specifically female supremacy arguably started in Africa, but got worse around the world, especially in u.s and the western world. Like other forms of supremacies, it is based on fractional facts. Female are arguably more sexually powerful, but again choice matters and our power differences is close enough for us to resist where need be. Female understood the importance of trying to be attractive before males, that triggers a male reaction that some male over value towards ignorance, lies, and/or cruelty? You can eventually grow to resist the norms you inherited or accepted along the way, but that requires some fight because people do not like giving up privileges or giving others their dues.

The African+ female told the African male 'women are sexually doing male favor', but the truth is God is doing a questionable favor to both. The stupid African male accepted to pay rising dowries in the name of culture long before modern religion. After your first great sex, you can vividly see she enjoys sex, but you can choose to be blind or claim he gets more until God or Satan sexually kill her or both for lying. They invented FGM to give her advantage regardless of some narratives, but it eventually hurt her. So I keep telling people truth is our universal friend and nature is not cruel, just challenging at times. Some of our white+ children challenged her to acceptance and for other sins, God allow questionable whites+ to rape the women some blacks worshipped. Even before Arabs and whites came, the crime of a parent who thinks boys should heavily pay for sex is the first gender discriminatory that many feminists cannot accept or still indifferent to.

Many oppose prostitution for different reasons, but some because they believe men should pay lot more or suffer for sex, easy or free access to sex is just for women? The cycle of getting better or worse among different genders and races is funny in some ways. Just like one can conquer fear, but later fail through greed or arrogance, the whites+ evolved from negotiated entry dowry to imposed exit dowry, both based on fractional facts and questionable kindness that is blind to rectifiable cruelty. Beside greed, the white culture even promotes bending on a knee to propose or fuel arrogance? The female African family claims 'we are giving you a human being, no one can pay for a human', a sweet fractional fact. So you are not getting a human being in return, or males are not humans? They said booky, the female private part, is priceless, but which cultures claim 'dick' means getting nothing until pornography show her screaming 'please more' in UK's parliament? If we enter through the gate of love and truth, do you honestly need religion to help her with basic needs where need be or let her hungry to be ugly and die for you to cry?

Even Religion or top religious folks bent down to her powers and was narrated for us to possibly learn. King David wrote a psalm confessing grave sin he committed just over woman. The most influential man so far, Muhammad (pbuh), does not actually mean he is the best in Character, at least on women. His critics focus on his marriage to Aisha, but that 'much younger girl' was co-problematic enough and contributed to Muhammad being rebuked by God/Angels for us to possibly learn. Ch. 66 is named after prohibition and it starts with clear verses that showed Muhammad was wrong in trying to satisfy women/wives and that he has no right to forbid himself and/or others what God did not forbid. Regardless of missing details, the Koran tends to focus on the super essential, what we need to learn as hints. Claiming Islam helped women is an unquestionable fact, but God helped women long before, still helping them, and repeatedly claim believing men and believing women...

So the God of the Koran is/will not be gender bias, unless we choose to ignore conscience as per ch.91 or ignore ch.49:13. The first wife of Muhammad employed him, so women were allowed to work or keep workers before modern Islam? When over valuing women turn to denying them learning and working opportunities, then the secular folks may be right in claiming some women are oppressed, but since when and in which places?

So the west was favoring or denying working opportunities to women before the industrial revolution or world war resort? Men worked harder for women to possibly study or invent/repent, but many of them chose fun while Arabs castrated some black men in fear or over valuing women, and claiming sex with slave women is acceptable than love and prostitution? Islam under rescued some blacks, who chose fear and many of them were Godless or worshipping women and money until they have Arab, white, and other races, some of whom turned against questionable black parents?

The western women enjoyed the loot of African Jewellery and others when she could have studied and invent many things, but you want me to believe women were always oppressed , squarely? They got false love and gladly accepted it until they learn the hard way. The African woman was more proud of FGM and did the cutting for marriage money against men; the Arab women killed or co-killed the baby girl, wished for rich husband and boys for riches; the white woman sent him with lies and welcome cruel loot then and now. There is a way to have much better scale like child support to help even orphans than the adult support as child support and exit dowry of even those who claim to discover they are lesbians.

There is a verse that suggests men to give women something when they divorce them, but the rising few divorces may not respect it or ask why? It is voluntary recommendation to avoid fights and show care, which is very different from imposed looting that refused scaling. You argue for one scenario and apply it blindly across the board? You showed me a hard working woman who sacrificed for decades for their children while the husband worked harder, so I agreed she deserves ten to fifty percent of the wealth as retirement, through conscience? Extreme matriarchalism said, no! The maximum, and may even loot the children away from him? What is so hard in writing laws that an adultery or xyz guilty divorcee gets nothing or at least ten percent from the scale dues? That under one year marriage gets maximum of five percent of wealth, under five years or xyz gets different range that judges and lawmakers should work on?

It may affect the divorce lawyer industry and capitalism seems to be worse than the first prostitute at times. So pornography is the industry that have to compete with street pornography and hip hop to mentally enslave men like questionable Bob Marley, Martin Luther king, Bill Cosby, etc? No! Mental slavery is the first slavery, but only financial to money worshipping Africans and under discovered it after they were freed from physical slavery? When Bob Marley sang "it's been three years I am knocking on your door and I can still knock some more..." It becomes sweet words to the arrogant women, the love to be begged ones may be worse than the love to be paid ones or greedy ones. She will be blind and indifferent to how he will treat the one who served him all those three years? Women are harder test to men than money, and this is why many billionaires/millionaires cannot still retain 'Amber Heards' and/or may abuse her, or abuse each other. 'I ain't saying she is a gold digger, but how many poor folks will she share her booky or loot with'? Madonna confessed she is a 'material girl' before hip hop accused some women and the supremacy promoting media lied with racial lines to trigger animosity within blacks? Now, guilty 'Obamas' may claim I am hip hop and hate women?

Some media said distrust to Amber Heard is distrust and hating all women, but distrust and blaming Johny Depp, Bill Clinton, and xyz is never hating all men? Once the privileged accused you, you can lose millions, she can go with millions, and seek double what you sought? Being a judge is so hard, so some things are best left for God to judge, but that patience is hard even for some so called believers. With billions in your gender or race, millions in your country, tribe , or continent, I think it is very foolish and dangerous to claim one side is good or bad. There is and will be both male and female in heaven and hell according to the Koran, so I assume similarly on race and nationalities. Only love I have for the Americans or Chinese, the woman or other tribes, etc who want to respect and love me dearly. Like Satan is accused of species supremacy, some people want to unnecessarily kill animals against our planet, but God and Science claim there are other planets, which does not give you the right to destroy the planet against your children... May God bless Showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer

Twitter: jarga-k- gigo

Note: We are in very serious decisive moments and I urge everyone to hang on to faith in God more and conscience as your greatest asset, when well built it is greater than the prophets and the scriptures, without disrespect to neither. God claims to be the direct teacher of conscience, but task you to raise or co-raise it? The governments, political parties, mainstream media, or any visible power will not be able to save the guilty. The truth will be very clear and God may forgive whom he wills, but his past stand on sins between creatures is not as many of the careless think. The scriptures have lot to offer, including vague conscience. The liar and cruel one(s) not only successfully appealed to the fears and greed of the first woman+, they continue to bank on women while misleading many women. The hard work of many a woman is just a 'what', often imposed 'what'; but the how and why within the circumspect six are crucial aspects of choice.

Like a rich man can be guilty, a rich country or region can be guilty and no human riches can save the guilty. It is terrible to take a man/woman just for money, it is more terrible to have kids primarily for money, then it is most terrible to stop the heart of a baby for money or lot less. Like many things , the media hardly argue based on average and wrongly misinterpret many things, because they over value money, one sided intelligence or questionable kindness. They will use things like rape to appeal for abortion rights, but the average abortion is not due to rape. They over focus on forced prostitution and ignore the partial solution, but most prostitutes are voluntarily in greed and abusing unfortunate men...

Women than men are killing baby girls due to money in some regions; others indiscriminate of gender, but hardly a good reason. Even myself, I fell multiple times through under reaction and overreaction, still learning measurable reaction. Reaction is one of the hardest aspect of a test (life), and you must avoid supporting even a grave lesser evil. Accepting a lie is the first sin of human, not 'forbidden' fruit eating. When a person rapes, s/he first accepts a lie before the cruelty. How do you react to such can be wide range of choices that are not equal in weight. Abortion before a heart pumps cannot be equal to stopping the heart of a baby due to rape, money, or xyz? When he is charged with rape, no or little charges for carelessness and morning after pill abortion, or the millions who stop the heart of a baby as killing or murder, then who else may get charged? Those who seeded the lie that 'it is a woman's body' will get some lying charges, but the videos of ripping the leg of a baby will be an evidence that differentiates woman's body from baby's body.

One will be charged with spreading a lie, accepting a lie, and/or some form of cruelty. Like Trump cannot save those who accepted his lies, Clinton cannot save his lawyer lying against Trump, do not accept the lies of any visible or invisible liar. The chancellor said, 'the government will not be able to save some people', but that will be true beyond money. When you dream or take a marijuana that seems to suggest a lie, use your conscience to reject the lie, change marijuana strain for more truth or stop it by any means. There is a reward for rejecting lies, so reject lies loudly until some accuse you of cruelty or stupidity. Whereas women tend to be smart in some ways, many women can be overtaken , including your mum. My mum will claim my writings don't have many benefits, because she largely measures things on financial success like many.

Or parents can fear, because public writing include risk, including what u.s did to me. If the Muhammad she values measured benefits or success on only money , then there won't be the Koran as known. Muhammad was not just getting poorer in his early mission, his first rich wife reportedly died due to malnutrition and thanks to unjust sanctions by rich terrible Meccans. Sanctions and trade embargo are not new, and often used by evil people to silence good people. When Wikileaks made the big leak, Obama used the credit card companies to stop us from mass donations.

U.s or national supremacy law make sense to those who opposed racial supremacy? The devils used women again as window to lock/pursue Assange for years, based on accusations than evidence. Even if they succeed into extraditing him, a judge may free him or jail him as runaway slave should not be above the unjust law. God can help him in and/or beyond this world. Still, can they stop many other 'Snowdens'? Even the corrupt u.s supreme court is slowly understanding machines are helping us understand the cruelty in abortions than the judges of Rowe versus Wade may have known.

Change is hard, so guilty Obama promised it and failed. Loving truth above race was for the brave whites who were sometimes killed, while some blacks say cowardice is smarter? Loving truth above nation, gender, or species must never be mistaken as hating a nation, treason, or submissive women to men or xyz. We believe or submit to truth, and believing is higher than submitting as per ch.49:14+. U.S and the world is barely submitting to marijuana legalization, but we pray for it to be great for us, not just legalized asap. Gender supremacy, not just race, was behind the criminalization of cannabis in u.s. Devils hate men, except as source for money and children. So how many lesbians got child support versus imposed exit dowry, and called heroes after? Or how many so called heterosexuals taught or supported them?

My success is measured by saving one to millions of women from fear, greed, and arrogance, not by getting and giving money to women. I am confident that a woman or many will stop calling a child's heart or leg as a woman's body. My success is when a state or country stop saying an LGBTQ or xyz police or judge can arrest, fine, or jail mainly men over marijuana; then it feels like God gave me billions/trillions to bail or free the necks of my people. May I triumph lot more and painlessly.

Be careful of any form of power worshipping, be it so called 'black power', female power, western power, parental power, etc, especially when you are yet to contrast the choices, squarely. The racist whites are also just claiming to be proud of white power or questionable achievements until they cross dangerous lines. When the female come with power, you worshipped them in Greed and in the name of honor and think their choices are above questioning; whites+ came with guns, you worship in fear and call the resistors stupid or rude; western or Chinese come with money, you worship in greed and refuse to condemn their power abuse as 'unwise'; you are offered children and you worship or abuse the power in arrogance?

I am among the blacks who refuse power worshipping and believe in respect, but even more in exhorting each other to truth and patience. Count me out when seeking financial reparations on things like slavery, but see me on the forefront ready to cut the throat of any white+ who is in current abuse like arresting blacks for marijuana. I am not ready to pay an atom's weight of the crimes of Epstein, Bill Clinton, Bob Marley, king David, etc against women. So any 'me too girl' who wants me to pay for the abuse of her ex may accuse me of at least brutal words and will proudly say God's curse be upon the men+ who want me to worship women or encourage the Gambling of men as 'believing women'. Life is a distinctive test from collective tests -- even the family of prophets can have good and bad people, so do not be drowned in group over identification. May I painlessly triumph and still be a rescuing medium .

As corrupted as mainstream religion seems, it may be easier to de-corrupt some religious folks than cowardly governments who worship the two major questionable good : money (wealth) and sexual desires with its effects. The u.s congress that have limited knowledge or admission about the existence of unidentified creatures, not just objects (UFO), and thus pay not pay much heed to Godly and Satanly ways. They cowardly avoid Russia and arrogantly confront type, so how can such save you from the imminent and rising divine interventions. If The ways of God are obscure to you, then study the ways of the devils and avoid them. Individuals can over value money and sexual desires with up to lying and cruelty, but the blind cannot see how nations can do the same and wrongly see their temporal success as dangerous respite.

I love both money and women more than the west, but our understanding of love and good limits differentiate us. I am trying to rescue millions of women from questionable desires, but they are baiting countless women to worship raw desires? Listening is a very hard discipline. They are either misinterpreting or twisting the words of great angels and humans to further mislead many women and some men worshipping women and money. The story of Adam and Eve (awa) requires deep listening, it is primarily about values and principles, but many misinterpret it on the gender lines that can criss cross between genders. If you study desire, how much iqra (learning) before you conclude raw desires can be dangerous?

Satan knew and still know human desires to be like God, but can you act as one if you were entrusted with even limited powers? Satan took the right to tempt, and how many women than men took the right to tempt and serve ; versus tempt, but don't serve; versus recklessly tempt and want society to recklessly rescue them? Again, understanding under protection and over protection requires honesty from the individual level to the institutional ones.

How much efforts should individuals invest on self protection versus government protection, care to society versus society to you? When I tell you to protect your things, or some thieves may steal it, how many will respond with 'no thief have the right to steal it' ? When society mentally enslave men to over value sex, it does not give men right to recklessly react, but it won't give right for society to recklessly react to one gender either? The job of society becomes harder and it often results in multiplication of victims, then endless fights towards LGBTQ world. I am not advocating cowardly dictating of clothing, but smart servicing of men with quality sex, not just education to be able to resist reasonable clothing and even nude or optional clothing beach or xyz.

The Religion that respects ethical clothing most is Islam, but even the Koran tells you 'piety is more vital than clothing'. Secondly, the Koran just suggested the code of clothing and Muhammad never punished jews and others over clothing, to the best of my knowledge. Society can use conscience in sins between creatures and recommend what will help the average in public places, but not what will full fill the desires of the super weak men , nor the reckless super weak women.

The hypocritical society of the west have dress code for men in many places, but not for the worshipped women to be overthrown by devils or God? Then they cry like the corrupt African leaders, 'no matter how corrupt my government and elections are, or how we abuse and censor journalists, coups are dangerous, help us our co-corrupt west'? May be some coupists and some male devils also deserve respite, not just questionable females and Satan. Solid Evidence or acquit. The Good women will have to rise against the evil women, or charge them with indifference by misghalazaratin or atom's weight of failing to even advise?

If she is too young for sex, at what age will the mother recklessly send her to tempt for dowry, or before she becomes co-sinner who 'found their parents in deep sin and followed their foot steps'? A race, gender, or species may enjoy right to tempt and hurt, but respite have limits and cannot include some sins between creatures. God curse be upon those who censor me, hurt me, or deny me my dues; may GOD bless me lot more and with the least possible pain.

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