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The Sun: A blessing to all, but to some than others?

The Sun: A blessing to all, but to some than others?
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The Sun is the highest visible blessing to humankind, so try to be among those thankful for it, in words, feelings, and deeds. When the 'ignorant' complain about it through phatic talk or otherwise, especially the sweet African Sun, simply say 'Let's thank God for it'. Both from Religious to secular perspective, we have an obligation to thank God for the sun. The Sun helps feed us, gives us health, happiness, and the list goes on. It is a heavenly body giving service beyond the earth, so do not let other creatures in and beyond earth beat you on sun gratitude. Ask God to allow you to be among those who highly enjoy and highly benefit from it, but do your part by learning why some people seem to enjoy the sun than others.

The marvellous Koran (Recitation) describes it as a 'great Lamp', so what kind of Muslims+ will complain about what God or the Angels call a 'great Lamp'? Lost Muslims can learn, repent, and be re-accepted, but note that life cannot be gauged by one thing, not happiness or the sun. Even an atheist child can agree on the 'lamp' aspect, but it is the first commandment :'iqra' (learning) that is gradually revealing what 'great' means in deeper sense. A bulb that shines for hundred years may be called great, but greater is the bulb that gives vitamin D and others for health, greater is the bulb that gives plants life to feed even those who complain about the sun, etc.

The human journey is complexly funny, because everyone of us once enjoyed the sun, especially the African type sun. This reminds me of the verses in ch.95, 'We have created man in the best of moulds; then we reduce him to the lowest; except...' The full interpretation of these verses is beyond me, but I refuse to limit it to our physical mould, despite loving our awesome bodies. I believe the verses include character, unless one is blind to the awesome character in growing folks, which some retain, some lost and regain, and some lost forever... Among the reason we love children is humility, but they can varyingly lose it at varying age and consequently lose other blessings and even human love. Another thing why we tend to love children is their agility, they want to move, and I believe this is one of the keys why people lose love for sun.

You look at the average nine year old African Child, s/he enjoys the sun than the average white tourist, but mindset influences and what factors may change him or her and around what age? When we constantly tell that child to reduce moving, to avoid the sun, to focus on money or eventually get into sex/marriage, many of them will lazily send kids for everything and avoid moving, except in bed and least physically demanding jobs? Of course this description is not exclusive to Africans, but this is unquestionably true to many Africans. Gradual hating of physical activities lead to gradual hating of the sun and gradual painful death, unless God helps.

Similarly, the average nine year old Indian or Saudi Arabian can take the higher heat of the sun in their places, but will not complain about the African sun. A cold western child may enjoy winter games, but will certainly prefer summer weather, or at least not complain about it. The average older ones in India, Saudi Arabia, will call African heat a blessing; while the ones from Canada, Russia, etc will likely see African winter as a blessing, but may not necessarily enjoy the African heat. This partly means humans agree on what is painful or bad, but lot less on what is joyful or good. The average adult African is blind to our sunny blessings until s/he tastes the extreme heat or extreme cold, or uses his or her mind through weather numbers? The western child is protected on respite or cannot see the dangers of the cold, until s/he sees old age? Well, the few lucky Africans who reach old age also tend to re-learn the importance of the sun they ran from in deeds, complain about in words, and/or barely give thanks for? This literally means Africa has the best weather for all ages, plants, and most animals; but that still does not mean millions of people cannot live well in Africa, not blessed enough for Africa?

I once said something like, don't ask humans what is best weather, because many of humans can be illusorily caught up in limited feelings; instead ask the plants and animals. Of course extreme heat can kill plants and animals, but we do not have such heat in Africa yet, especially much of black Africa. Extreme cold can do worse to the mentioned. The smartest question or sun prayer is give us the sun heat level good for our plants and make that heat good for us. Since God seems to demand more than prayers, He may task you to change your lifestyle to enjoy the sun. I already mentioned the importance of moving, but being a vegan or at least vegetarian is probably another key to re-enjoying the sun. Again, the law of gradual can be studied with children and old age. Humans love meat and seafood, but the scriptures long told us 'you may love what is not good for you'. Before children eat too much meat, they enjoy sunlight; many people cannot eat much meat as they get old, but is it not wiser to wean yourself from what seems like unintelligent food and evidently cruel food, at least from conscientious perspective? You can hide behind culture, sketchy religious doctrines, or even old science that is partly corrupted by money worshipping industries and countries; or choose the conscience mentioned in the chapter miraculously named after the sun, ch.91, and the more honest newer science that is under admitting how plant based diet is not just best for us, but for our planet.

The other essential recommendation to re-enjoying the sun is cannabis. Hemp seeds can greatly help us attain balanced diet without consuming animals and live healthier without breaking our pockets to richer nations and their pollutional ways in raising animals in cruel ways before cruel killings? Although I do not know the exact chemical cannabis compound that helps me tolerate the sun, but I am now certain that cannabis help me enjoy the sun, not just tolerate it. First, the cannabis plant happen to love the sun more than the average plant. This is why commercial growers shoot for about 16 hours of light supply to have big and high potency cannabis. Unless through clean energy, I prefer natural sunlight cannabis and it does not have to reach 16 hours. Hemp may be enough, but you may need regular cannabis with THC. You may ask why some cannabis users still love fan and air conditioners? They would have probably be much worse without cannabis. Also understand combination of things with accepted blessing is what yield results, hardly one thing. Cannabis unquestionably love the sun, and we are build through what we consume. So if you eat lot of tropical food for long time, your body may gradually be sun friendly.

It is vital to dispel some illusions. Many Africans think all whites love the sun. I once lived in Vancouver, where the sun is hardly out and when it is barely out, countless whites+ complain. So when you see whites who love the African sun, better you see them as lucky whites who may thank God for the sun more than you may thank God for sun and money. These are slightly dangerous whites in the sense that they may need what you may try to over sell and anyone seemingly more grateful may be higher than you. The westerner+ who was cruel or indifferent to Africa until s/he needs Africa have no right to complain about karma treatment. It is ok to charge tourists reasonable fees, but if other places are offering sun, innovative products, and greater services, then you will celebrate over thousands of tourists while others get millions, similar to others gaining billions through trade and you seek millions in aid? The new African must be smarter, we must love nature more than our parents or others will enjoy not just our movable raw materials, but even the blessings many complain about. Our task is to help the younger ones avoid the pitfalls and as many as possible of the older living ones to possibly repent. This sometimes goes against what many will call diplomacy or 'respect', but in deeper sense it is the highest respect and love, bigger than material things you can give to the young and old.

Of course, efforts is just one part of the journey, you will need God's help both to enter and for it to be good for you. Do your part totally, not partially and hope for the best. Just yesterday, I woke up with very mild sunlight and that little was almost totally denied to the ardent sun lover. God kept me indoors all day, but was giving me other blessings, including completely new area. Changed my whole daily plan, and hopefully for the better, based on seed. Then at night, during the amazing sweet moonlight, I was awaken with the eventual inspiration to write this article. While limited rich folks enjoy their yachts, some poor folks gone outdoors or with partners, but I was ordained to write almost all night for others to possibly learn and was suppose to travel this morning to see my brother off to where the sun barely shines. Life comes with very weird challenges, but through advice and prayers, we can adjust for possibly higher God's help. We cannot say lack of enough sun is a permanent curse, but we can confidently say the African sun is a higher blessing that no human can take away and the Lord allows and blesses varyingly through it.

Timing is another mysterious thing, sometimes above places. It happens to be 'sweet moon light' these days, but reality reveals the moon does not really have a light, it is simply a borrowed reflection light of the sun. So if you illusorily adore the moon light , but frown at the source, the sun or the owner of the sun may charge you with something. Coldness in a sense also does not exist, it is really just the withdrawal of light, heat, or sun. Similar to the reverse technology of refrigerators, freezers, and the like. They do not really make things cold, they take away the heat (good), and what is left is known as cold. The human example of the soul and body may very well be the same, it is a marriage and the sun plays a crucial role in keeping that marriage happy.

Space or place example is again just God reducing the sunlight for months, not even total withdrawal, and the terrible winters of the west batters, then the left over air of Europe hits Africa for some to cry 'too cold' and the 'ignorant' to claim 'I love cold'? Calling African 'cold', "cold", is by every definition some form of ignorance, ignoring a much harder reality others face and some may even wrongly 'envy' them? Humans learn many things the hard way. Although not learning is worse, I rather learn the easy way, using imaginations or learning from others' mistakes. I do not want you to see Europe+ as cursed, but on weather, Africa squarely outperforms the world. Do not be blind to a great blessing and do not look down on people on a seemingly or evidently harder test. I lived in North America for years, including cold Canada. I voluntarily went there for money and disdain of some African ways, not African weather. I have no regrets, considering the amazing lessons I learned over the little money I gained. Some how it was not very painful, because life has a way of pampering us through struggles. First, you get jailed in the womb of your mother for months, feeling little pain and little joy; my childhood was not super bad, but reflecting makes me wonder how I managed to smile, but the sun may have mysteriously played a part. I left for u.s, where I first learned what is hot weather or precisely, humidity. I do not remember ever struggling of heat in the Gambia, and I once lived around Basse, the hottest place in the Gambia? Through U.S, God taught me what is painful heat, painful cold, and many good things. In Canada, I learned what is real cold than u.s, and the importance of sun even in the cold. I once lived in Edmonton, Alberta, it is one of the coldest cities in the world, but it has occasional sun. Living in lot less cold Vancouver is when I realized how vital the sun is. People and the media describe Vancouver as a 'nice place, except the continuous rain', but a more precise description is it is 'a paradise in looks, except lack of enough sun. I have been to many cities, but Vancouver is like the jewel of North America, and heavily visited by even Europeans. Nothing against the people who loves the limited sunlight there, but a big percentage of the food they eat have to be sourced from sunny places or terrible electricity farming means.

Even plants like Apple, people claim they like cold, but the reality is they need sun first, struggle through the cold and produce an adored good that is still less nutritious than many tropical plants. Please do not let Apple trees thank God for limited sun, before you. When I passed the Rabbits+ in the cold winters, I used to pity them to forget the cold I relatively managed. Now when reincarnation thoughts hit me, I wonder if the species that were ungrateful for the sun not punished with lack of sun? Then come the big animals like Polar Bear, they have to sleep (hibernate) for up to six months just to avoid the cold. I do pity African animals, but many of them are in semi-paradise compare to their cold counterparts, and largely due to the sun. Although I value mindset, I do not agree with those who claim heaven and hell is in the mindset. The mind is just part of it, there are heavenly things, heavenly creatures, and heavenly places even here on earth. So pray and build a great mindset, but seek the nicer blessings of Nature, because nature can indeed be hell... This is true even in Africa , but African nature is largely friendly and easier to enhance.

I believe there are nicer planets than the Earth, but the earthly sun is an amazing blessing to our bodies and arguably our souls. If the body is not happy, the soul seeks divorce and sometimes struggle painfully before the divorce. Among the top ten blessings, we cannot afford to be guilty of being ungrateful or under grateful of any. Our gratitude to big blessings help us get smaller ones in tack, and possibly bigger blessings when we die. Some whites are saying 'nice weather at times', but how many Africans say, 'nice weather' often in Africa? How many Christians+ appreciate what the Koran calls 'great lamp' more than how many complaining Muslims+, who refuse to ask why? Yes experience contributes, but learn through weather TV numbers, honest scientists, and rescued folks like me. Be counted among those grateful for the sun, and gratitude for lesser blessings may count by points? While healthy and happy, also do good under the sun. When you are kicked out of the sun friendly area, you may heat up with destructive means that God may judge. May we be happier beyond earthly sun, but thankful for now. Heat waves kill in India, u.s, Europe, and others; but Africa is spared on such for now and we must avoid harder test. May God bless showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

Activist and Transformer

Twitter: jarga_k_gigo

Note: It's vital for our media houses and influential folks to help improve the African mindset beyond sun appreciation. I care about the world, but my leaning is clearly African, also known as pan Africanist.

This does not mean I am totally proud of African ways or squarely adore the ways of any group/place. Humans get the best and highest forms of happiness through nature, but man made things are indeed source of good and questionable happiness to billions of people. We must respect showlove Trinity, especially learning and working if you appreciate man made things. Failing to do so will lead to semi-enslaving your kids, others' kids, or waiting for handouts. Honesty must be gauged beyond feelings or hard truth may follow suit.

The cultural era was abusive to children beyond Africa; then the Religious era under rescued some children with 'who' to marry; the government era is divided on 'when' to have children. Most important is 'why' and 'how' we have children for good or bad reasons? How is this related to sun appreciation? Earthly Life can be over valued, so any aspect of earth can be over valued; similarly, life and aspects of life can be under valued.

Although Africa is relatively nice so far, no one knows about the future, and there is evidence of lowered quality in our nature, but we tend to measure only the unevenly raised quality of man made things as development. The Koran hinted man originated in Africa, science confirm it, and that Africa remains the best place for humans with still shaky future?

If the best is in trouble, then how is the rest? I am not ready to pay for the sins of my black parents, nor my white or xyz children, but I honestly advise everyone to seek nature more, and respect Showlove Trinity reasonably. Many of us sadly appreciate man made electricity than the sun and other natural blessings? When electricity goes off, many cry because of fan and A/C, but we refuse to build smartly with hemp+ to have less or no need for such equipment.

We fear/hate great natural things like the sun, cannabis, clitoris, etc. Does it start with hating/ under appreciating nature or over loving man made things? Many of us are spoiling the children, turning them into fan and A/C ADDICTS, which does not only contribute to global warming, but contribute to stress building when electricity goes off and that stress contribute to health problems... many still wrongly have kids or too many kids for material things, to retire before age forty and others to work for you over forty years?

Running from work or movement will make you hate the sun or the sun to batter you. The koran claims our children may be a trial for us, but that is just to avoid scaring you... The more specific truth is they are a trial, because every choice have to be judged, beyond choices between parents and children. Even the later part of your earthly life, there is a limit to what your children can do for you, and exercise is one of those earthly example.

Our governments are problematic, but our people are also far from perfect. When you are selling what you do not enjoy, you are prone to lie, hide some truth, or not do it well like a believer. Every honest salesperson will admit believing in the products or services you are selling matters. When the Tourism minister adores A/C over a sunny glass office, or the average tour guides see being under the sun for hours as super hard work , then both the luck and service may be low. We must study why we are kicked out of the heavenly sun at what age and how we can be re-admitted?

When we study the animals that are most sun tolerant, they are largely 'vegan'; and the animals that avoid the sun most are 'meat eaters'... So which black , white, or xyz scientist will research and write a nobel prize winning article for the science worshippers to accept common sense or kind food? Be careful, the multi-billion dollar meat industries may bribe Biden, Putin, or xyz to censor you or kill you in the name of national interest or money worshipping? Which billionaire will start better than a worldwide plant based fast food? Well, it takes years of food to see significant change and patience is not the easiest test.

Do your self favor: life is a distinctive test from collective tests, so try to pass personally and help the collective with truthful 'exhorting each other to truth'.... If Muhammad (pbuh) or any successful transformer thought a surrounding is a judgement instead of an opportunity to work and possibly change, then Mecca and where else would have been still terrible? If we can turn few millions to be vegans, few more millions vegetarians, few more to immensely reduce animal intake to one questionable meal a day, month, or year, then we have seeded or rescued beyond animals.

Hiding behind a religion that was built from conscience as a favor or start and urged you to use conscience as per ch.91, then conscience will set you free or arrest you as a feeling worshipper until a doctor tells you it personally affects you, efforts is forbidden? Privilege is hard to give up or go ask the slave owners, the neo-colonisers, the women who enjoy free sex for millions of years, but think some or all men should not even have cheap or free sex because of religion, culture, greed, arrogance, or xyz? Love is in the marijuana conscientious air, so the guilty don't like it and that includes some marijuana folks. May we be lot more blessed.

Precious Great Lamp:

Oh precious great lamp, was I with you or just imagining through times to beat the alcoholics and anti marijuana folks? Why are so many creatures divided under you and over you? Is there a planet you give so much consistent heat that only grateful plants grow, waiting for grateful people and/or harmless creatures than the animals of the earth? Is there a continent where you consistently supply an average of 25 to 35 degrees, as sign and age range of caution towards mid life assessment, some claim as mid life crisis?

Oh precious great lamp, was I with you or just imagining through times to beat the alcoholics and anti marijuana folks? Was I Adam or was he my grandfather who over valued life, kingship, and woman? I doubt if Adam ate meat, killing in heaven and cooking 'washing wounds' is unfathomable? Children can be better or worse than their parents? Who was the child who over valued woman than Adam and compare them with who under value women/men? Who killed his own brother, friend, or stranger over woman and denying who and how many folks the sun they want to live under? Even King David you self exposed in the Bible than the Koran, and call him a righteous person still? I guess you are a forgiving God, or why do you shine your sun as blessing to some and respite to others?

Oh precious great lamp, was I with you or just imagining through times to beat the alcoholics and anti marijuana folks? Am I the race and gender most grateful for the sun? Which gender first ate the apple of fear, greed, and arrogance they debate, but I am just asking which gender, race, or partner is ready to repent first and sincerely beyond sun loving? Where is my sunshine girl lover of the sun newspapers around the world? Do they just want to have fun year round, only summer time, or even learn and work under the precious sun? I like sunshine glass office than tractor farming, but I like Gardening or Badafos green fence that is even more beautiful than the sunshine girl cover magazines?

Oh precious great lamp, was I with you or just imagining through times to beat the cold beer lovers and the anti marijuana women worshippers? Was I a king in the Garden age who loves plants more than Solomon loved horses that loved the sun and products of the sun? Was I Muhammad who asked Muslim men to open their head covers to the sun as submission, but not Muslim women? Or am I the humanist who beat the feminists beyond sex, and can smash the male feminists in debate until some accuse me of hating women, or loving the sun and truth than women? So guilty Obama and xyz tried to deny me some women and with lies? Didn't I survive them, and defeating them beyond marijuana legalization? I love women so much, I may be the first to ask God for a green girl and prefer female cannabis? Go ask the females I left or who left me, they refuse to give me same percentage of love or reasonable difference. The heat of the sun also helped me to be a great lover, and some cowardly African tribes say God made a mistake in creating clitoris, cannabis, and nice sun for many things? Forgive whom you want, respite whom you will, but not at my expense. God's curse be upon anyone who try to deny me the Good God provides for me, and/or bring their blessings for me, and provide for me something special from you.

Oh precious great lamp, was I with you or just imagining through times? Was I the one farming the plants for food and money, thanking or complaining about the sun and thanking you more for the money? Or did I ran from the farms to become a tourist guide who hates the sun seasonally and thought going to the lesser sunny world is the highest opportunity or blessing? How hard some tourists work under the ice and partly to enjoy the sun some under appreciate? The word 'office' may mean off-ice, meaning no longer working on ice, but working under questionable heat source? Even a workaholic like me hate working on ice, so I took office work, but prefer on-reasonable heat (glass house with curtains). Bring the good prophets and righteous folks to Africa until you are ready give a better planet. I prefer my sun powered hemp over Saudi oil, Saudi sun, Israeli' houses of worship, New York city, etc. It is time to over throw at least the wishes of the corrupt African leaders and their wives, with their often big bellies that are graveyards of animals and sun hating air conditioners. Time to legalize cannabis worldwide, let the sun shine on it without fear of corrupt police arresting you like some Africans do to fishes, some westerners did to Africans, and we all try to spread the truth for acceptance or rejection, and the Lord to reward and/or punish whom He wills. Thank you God for your sun, the moon, and every blessing you gave, giving, or will give. Help me to be always full of love and happiness.