Fri, 14 Jan 2022 Feature Article

African Metaverse – Where Africans Can Embrace and Share Their Culture

African Metaverse  Where Africans Can Embrace and Share Their Culture

Technology is providing increasing opportunities for Africans to express themselves in a way never imagined by using technology.

African people for years have been left out, neglected, disconnected, seen as unprepared and not smart enough to embrace the changes in fields of technology. Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 is providing new choices to be dynamic content creators and influencers that are respected across the African continent and globally.

Africans are no longer being denied and ignored, they are the innovators and creatives now and they are not stopping, here comes the metaverse.

The metaverse is providing multiple ways for Africans to share their skills, talents and abilities in digital environments in The Arts, Medicine, Innovation, Education and other areas that are beneficial and supportive to build knowledge, connections, and collaborations. Aditi Baker, of The Hartford’s Data Science Enablement team has stated that “the innovation space is growing exponentially.” African people are being recognized and respected globally when connected with technology platforms and tools. African people need to take advantage of learning opportunities that prepare them for the future. The push now is on for getting Africans active, engaged in the metaverse, not limiting to just one community. All Africans are welcomed and have the potential to be influential. In the metaverse Africans are respected, supported and encouraged to bring their cultures to life.

The Metaverse, Blockchain, NFT’s and other areas have opened new areas for learning and new opportunties to build wealth, influence, building personal brands and professional branding opportunities. Gaming is not the only areas for African youth, teens and young adults to learn about. As a STEAM Educators, my wife and I working to teach students about skills that build critical thinking, higher order thinking skills, how to be a digital entrepreneurs and understand the value of digital collaboration.

The changes in the commercialization of Space by SpaceX and NASA, Blue Origin and others open transformative doors for career alternatives never before dreamed or thought of by African youth, teens and young adults. Africa is preparing its own astronauts in real life and metaverse pioneers that allow Virtual Realty, Augmented Reality to open education doors.

Even in the exploration of the seas and oceans of the world can allow Africans to build new directions for fishing and exploration.

African people know they can help create solutions that work better for youth, teens and young adults that look like them, think like them and importantly create like them. The world of the metaverse does not care what color, what gender, religious preferences, educational levels, nor financial situations. Here you can own stuff; ideas, property, Art, digital land and create your world. Whether you’re just starting out in tech or you have the experience to lead, Africans have work that you can create, that challenges you to be creative and innovative. Building your creativity and innovative skills will drive your success to build your community and support others that are around you in your community.

There are potential collaborations, cooperation’s, and changers that include risk-taking and networking. The metaverse will allow Africans to be part of diverse communities, community that looks like diversity, that includes inclusivity, and is willing to grow and is passionate like Africans diverse visuals. Collaborations allow for conversations – conversations spark cooperation where Africans work together to solve problems and grow in unity.

A simple coffee chat with someone might inspire a drastic change in your career choice for the future,” Aditi says as it relates to technologies ability to grow people.

As STEAM Educators and involved in technology on multiple levels in elementary, middle school and higher education we tell our students don’t be afraid to take a risk, learn as much as you can about the metaverse, make sure you’re collaborating and don’t wait for the right opportunity to come to you.

Be creative, be innovative, be bold and authentic and go after your dreams.

Now is the time for African people to drive to their dreams of new purposes and influences for them. There are rooms, places of safety, acceptance, encouragement, potential and purpose for everyone. The Metaverse is calling African creatives, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs to show their innovation and creativity.

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Use the metaverse to expand your influence across the continent on digital platforms that will influence all of Africa.