2022: Winning Elections in Africa

Feature Article 2022: Winning Elections in Africa
JAN 7, 2022 LISTEN

Africa is an entrepreneurial nation, therefore, creating new and amazing new enterprises and new ideas come naturally, but growing enterprises is a serious upskilling task and opening regional/global export markets a mandatory reskilling challenges but all this achieved via sophisticated digital platforms under proven leadership working with job creator mindsets.

Create chain reaction: This is all about creating progressive chain of events sequenced to create grassroots prosperity. Western economies mastered that art a long time ago. Today, it is Africa’s turn. Secret is to bring right job creator mindsets under one large umbrella, where economic leadership mandates right teams and right departments to achieve right goals on a fast track basis.

Speed of execution: Globally accepted, entrepreneurialism creates enterprises, the question is which government agencies need upskilling, to fully optimize the potential of the small medium business sector and create a national mobilization process, and gain public support. It sounds simple because it is; the difficulty lies in authoritative skills, mobilization strategy and global age speed and execution.

Winning Elections: today it is far more about long-term strategy, message and delivery of the promise. In our digital age, if too many things on the promotional campaigns already appear extremely easy, inexpensive and flexible but equally with so much duplication they have also made uniqueness of the message, strategy and delivery of the promise a formidable task. Smart leadership in the 2022 election races understands this well and therefore, it is all about tight timelines on how to mobilize votes and gain success. As SME create real value they get grassroots support, so what are the challenges?

New Combinations: “Work + Office + Health + Money + Politics + Globalization” suddenly, all morphed into one gigantic blob of global calamity, forcing new challenges, creating new thinking and getting the world on brand new combinations of growth tracks. A new Africa is unfolding and a new mindset towards growth is expanding, what is missing are additional and digitally centric mobilization of SME growth deployments and entrepreneurial thinking. Here are some suggestions

Mobilization of national hidden talents: Trade groups, national associations and big city chambers of commerce all need urgent upskilling to frame basic digitization of all their members so they can dance on special digital platforms of upskilling for exportability. These are great-untapped opportunities for trade groups and chambers to shine on the national and global stage. All major gatekeeper bodies mandated to foster growth in the African Union must immediately upskill their front line teams on the deployment methodologies to face global age challenges of growing domestic and foreign markets. Funding may never fall from the sky, but on the SME economic development fronts business grows from the ground up, produces fruits of labor, attracts customers and invites investment alliances. The secret is to start fast and build from the ground up.

Is Africa is ready? Yes, Africa is ready, Video, Now is the time to deploy mobilization of small medium businesses with micro manufacturing and micro exports for the global markets. Needed are authoritative, collaborative debates and deployment blueprints. What is missing, what is stopping? Africa can quadruple its global reach within no time. New challenges for leadership are not to occupy with what is missing but already hidden in abundance. Growth is not about larger buildings but enlarging larger market shares. Such achievements are not about the unlimited advertising and promotions with global travels, as they are more about digital execution delivering the right persona, balanced quality-image, right language and perfect messages.

Money is not always the answer, but it is always the mind; it is about ‘will-power’ to change, force to advance and ‘focus’ to go deeper. Like, it is not about the richest company but the most agile, not the most educated team but the most collaborative and not the most trained and skilled but the most curious to discover and learn new things. The art of execution and science of mobilization is about creating national debates and creating tactical battlefields of innovative thinking for common good.

The economic survival manifesto demands to allow micro-small-medium enterprises free access to all dormant Intellectual Property, Patents and Inventions rolled up due to lack of commercialization and make Academic Experts on innovative technologies and related skills on free voucher programs to all small medium businesses. Allow 1K or 100K qualified entrepreneurs to park within a nation for 5-10 years under a special tax-free visa program. Which nations have qualified dialogue on such affairs? A revolutionary time calls for revolutionary actions.

Study more: Study how Expothon Africa is tabling a very bold agenda and starting a special high-level global series of virtual events starting early 2022. Going forward, the virtualization of the national economies will boost vertical sectors to new heights, globalization creates new links to global exportability, therefore, grassroots prosperity and upskilled performance must adjust to absorb the new loads. Study more on Google.

Pandemic advantage: The pandemic has already prepared humankind to rediscover “the meaning of life” the purpose of “co-existence” while to the poor of the world “re-learn to survive” and to the rich “re-learning to create common good”. Is pandemic recovery germinating entrepreneurial intellectualism? Is this the kind of transformation humankind has been waiting for over a century? What is stopping and what is the next move? Make it fast.

The rest is easy