Last Trumpet to save the Gambia and Africa from the 'Ousainou Darboes' and Cohorts

Feature Article Ousainou Darboe is a Gambian politician and lawyer who served as Vice-President of the Gambia and Minister of Women's Affairs from June 2018 to March 2019, under President Adama Barrow. Darboe formerly served as Barrow's Minister of Foreign Affairs from February 2017 to June 2018.
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Ousainou Darboe is a Gambian politician and lawyer who served as Vice-President of the Gambia and Minister of Women's Affairs from June 2018 to March 2019, under President Adama Barrow. Darboe formerly served as Barrow's Minister of Foreign Affairs from February 2017 to June 2018.

The Gambia is a unique place in the world, not just Africa. Unique in the sense that it is the only country known to be created to end slavery, not all evil. Unique in the sense that it seems like the central battle ground of good and evil from the pre-colonial days, the colonial days, immediate post colonial era, and this coming era of the most freedom known to humankind, and largely through marijuana and hemp. Unique in having an Island called Ginack, where marijuana was/is always legal or grown without police intervention, but the very islanders know very little about marijuana, at least compare to the newly re-legalized cannabis places. Unique in the sense it gave birth to Jarga kebba Gigo, the African worldwide cannabis Activist who declared the u.s marijuana laws were/are racist long before the current vice president of the u.s and others finally admit it; Mr. GIGO has finally moved to the Ginack Island and has declared marijuana will be legalised through out the Gambia and most of Africa within two to five years, if free and thriving. The Gambia is also Unique in having a long history of cruel leaders and very docile and questionable people. How will our questionable people elect will be dealt with, little later.

Pre-colonial era: It had Kings who allegedly buried alive young women as pillars of building in rituals and its questionable people praised their devilish leaders until God allowed lesser white devils to colonise and end such. Hard rescue I call it. Then the colonial masters Rob or under Rob the limited resources, but at least established good standards, especially on education. Then it had a mild d[oer of]evil called sir Dawda Jawara, who was equally over praised by locals and adored by the questionable colonial masters as ideal puppet, who crowned him 'sir', loved how he opposed African unity and laughed at the 'Kwame Krumahs' in a verifiable article. He was not total evil, but his love for power was proportionately unparalleled as evident in his over stay, how he negligently allowed the deathly 1981 coup and recklessly dealt with top N.C.P folks based on mere suspicion. He found Gambians docile, did not over disturb them, but was over praised enough for God to allow a more brutal leader called Yahya Jammeh as another hard rescue upon Gambians. Like Jawara in over 30 years, Jammeh was over praised and under confronted by the questionable docile Gambians for 22 years or still . However, the biggest crime of Gambians during these 22 years is likely refusing to admit to the wrongs of Jawara, especially on negligence, lowering standards, and culture of mass corruption. Another big crime was banking on Ousainou Darboe, who posses the worse or bad of jawara and jammmeh combined...So the just God gave the devil Jammeh a respite, until I openly imprecated against Jammeh in a verifiable video and more Gambians were desperately calling on God for help... God seems to enjoy hard rescue or people and Gambians do not understand the importance of truth; some think the world revolves around human intelligence, while others think kindness without truth can survive.

Jawara wanted to stay as leader of party and country for over 30 years; Jammeh as leader of country for 22 years, but leader of party for more; Ousainou Darboe wants to be leader of party for over 22 years and country for how long? If there is anything Africans can learn from the Gambia should include personalisation of party is the seed of the devil, so the semi blind fight against only personalisation of country, as 'late Africans"... So the worldwide marijuana Activist demands the constitution of political parties to include term limit as flag bearer/leader and no more than two general elections as failure. Shame and curse be upon any journalist who failed to scrutinise parties to have such important new demands to end party personalisation. How many African countries will send journalists to monitor our 2021 elections, monitor from a distance, and more importantly learn from me to teach and apply in their respective countries? Contact all the political parties in your country and demand the term limit at party level in a very clear language. Constantly remind voters the parties without term limits are dangerous to join or vote for, and the marijuana guy will be imprecating against even the voters of extremely guilty parties. God saved us from Darboe and Jammeh, so Shame and proportionate curse be upon any Gambian who votes Darboe or Kandeh/Jammeh.

There is a big difference between should and want, and an intolerable number of Gambians, Africans, and humans think voting is about want and will not be judged by God? Those who repeatedly voted for Jammeh after knowing he kills must be co-charged or where is God's justness and reason of stating paying even atom's weight (mizghalazaratin) In chapter 99? You need lot of intelligence to guess Jammeh was a potential killer like cheating ms. Clinton of u.s; you just need reasonable intelligence and being truthful to admit Jammeh is a probable killer and Donald Trump is a racist and behind the insurrection. God hard rescued the Americans and the world from Ms. Clinton through Trump, so if questionable Biden tries to contest the next election, he is making it a lot harder test for Americans and raising the probabilities of Trump retrying. Similarly, Barrow made it a hard test for Gambians by removing age clauses for the Darboes and refusing to endorse Halifa Sallah of PDOIS, but Gambians will be much worse of if we vote Darboe. It will send a very negative signal beyond the Gambia.

There is no question that God did not hate the Gambia as evident in our repeated miraculous rescues, but I cannot claim He loves us much either and I can claim average Gambians do not love themselves or God (truth). Our guilty allegiance to Jawara during and after Jawara's reign is strong enough for the banned P.P.P and N.C.P to choose dangerous Ousainou Darboe instead of the courts, and an intolerable number of their supporters continue to support him, even as repeated failure? Darboe failed as party leader and repeatedly as coalition leader. God put him in prison through Jammeh and he was certainly guilty of dangerous lies like Trump. Then the guilty party used questionable arguments to impose Adama Barrow on desperate parties and ordinary Gambians. The marriage of convenience was understandable, but they made historical errors we must learn to never repeat in other African countries. The three years agreement instead of the five years constitutional term is a cowardly clause that shows distrust among leaders while asking trust from citizens; it's a gamble on a vice president who may be terrible as Darboe and to scrap the rest of the agreement; it is a gamble and potential unrest for a country... The only good in the three years clause is it helps further expose Darboe's arrogance, but also some other Gambians...

After winning the elections, president Barrow prematurely said we are returning to the I.C.C and the coalition leaders let him repeat that dangerous phrase. Who will we take there and spare Jammeh? We underestimated Jammeh thinking capabilities and will buy the lies Adama and others assured him? Explicit and implicit messages exist. Jammeh is the prime culprit of Gambia's 2016 impasse, but Barrow and others were secondary culprits. Hard rescue allowed the killing of Barrow's son through a dog , while the father ran away, after Gambling Gambian lives to impress westerners? Hard rescue had thousands of Gambians running into and beyond Senegal, while guilty Darboe was out on questionable negotiations... Hard rescue is how Barrow and Darboe separated and now competing with and without Jammeh and his cohorts.

Party versus person and persons: Through personalisation of party, questionable Ousainou Darboe led Barrow to Dawda Jawara within weeks of re-entering Gambia and where Barrow clearly showed interest of re-election by lying that 'there was democracy in the Gambia during Jawara's era'. Democracy is far beyond freedom of speech and Barrow was trying to get PPP supporters, again implicitly admitting there are lot of guilty Gambians to worth lying for? Jawara never significantly fought against Jammeh's brutality against Darboe or other Gambians, he enjoyed from the loots or tax payers he neglected? Why didn't he get/do like the Krumah he opposed or why many Gambians lie about Jawara to date? Darboe ungratefully helped kick out how many people and demanded vice presidency? NO, he did not demand the vice presidency, 'he only wants the presidency', Says his supporters? So Darboe chose persons of APRC, Barrow chose coalition with APRC party , and Kandeh re-chose the most guilty Jammeh and guilty ones in APRC ? All because Gambians or xyz are so questionable to over praise devils and think loyalty is to persons and parties, rather than principles?

Brief history of Darboe: A lawyer who focuses on making personal wealth while a negligent leader destroys a country deserves praises or questions? What did Darboe said or do before and after the 1981 coup is a sign to those who claim he loves the Gambia. How about the first few weeks after 1994 coup, silence was our shared 'crime' and age was my excuse, plus my stand on jawara, but how about Darboe? Make money until the guilty approach you and then think about the opportunities, then bear and pursue the presidency with greed and arrogance? At that time, Jammeh was not very brutal, especially to new political opponents. After how many weeks, months, or years before Jammeh arrested Darboe is claimed as 22 years? There is both extra protection than danger once you declare yourself as political opponent or journalist. Sometimes, some abuse their professional privileges to suffer or they become a victim of rare exceptions. Jammeh understood jailing or killing Darboe is hardly to his advantages, that is why he killed many and spared Darboe. .. He just jailed him after Darboe made reckless claims that could have destabilised the Gambia and after Darboe showed him cowardice by hiding at the American embassy. Contrast the number of arrest before and after that incident, if you are a serious student of history.

Whereas Jammeh may had unnecessarily stolen votes, the honest reality is also he had more supporters than Darboe and Darboe was crying false foul at times. The evidence includes the 2016 election, where Jammeh's dwindling support still captured a big chunk of the votes. Without PDOIS and others support, Jammeh still had more supporters than Darboe in 2016, but the lying folks in UDP insist Darboe failed due to cheating and Barrow or Halifa cannot win Darboe without cheating? It is the party of big mouths with fractional brains, and UDP can also mean Ungrateful Disruptive Party . Ungrateful in returning support, Ungrateful to coalition partners, and Disruptive even as opposition under a brutal dictator... The fact that both Barrow and Kandeh are struggling for APRC votes means it was not all about stealing. The Gambia had many problems, but our voting was always relatively fair, even during Jawara's time. Both Jawara and Jammeh were seeing dwindling numbers due to different factors, but many Gambians wrongly liked both and were slowly awakening against both. Voters from cassamance are exaggerated reality. Jammeh was beating Darboe and others , not just in the fonis...

Many Senegalese were getting Gambian Papers since Jawara's time, and that include voters card. Even Ghanaians and Nigerians were getting Gambian papers since Jawara's time and that was precisely why countries like Canada started to impose visa on Gambians. So only dishonest Gambians will reduce this problem to Jammeh. There may have been a surge of such through Jammeh, but the voters result in foni and xyz in 2016 versus prior can shed light on if it amounts to the over hundred thousand or three hundred thousand some are claiming . Beside coalition reality, if Darboe was free in 2016, can Darboe handle the cheaters in the best way or would have leaked the plan to Jammeh or disagree on how to handle it?

Immediate cohorts: Ms. Marie sock, Mr. Bakary Darboe, and others who are endorsing Darboe must be dealt with in the history of the Gambia. God warned those who follow satan, so we must expose those who follow Darboe. There is no question that Bakary Darboe is a dangerous opportunist who milked and co-destroyed with Jawara, then among the first P.P.P top folks to join APRC, then ran away from the Gambia when it was tough for Gambians. Like Jawara, how many articles or efforts Darboe made while Jammeh did worse than Barrow and now he is using reckless language like Ousainou Darboe. Welcoming his support is very close to welcoming Jammeh's support. Two dangerous Darboes who mistaken arrogance and recklessness as bravery? Ms. Sock is another coward during the 22 years and now choosing greed through greedy Darboe? She knew Darboe is no good or why didn't she join him all these years? Ms. Sock is among the guilty gender propaganda politicians, joining a probable tribalist, and ran from racist politics in the u.s, who are wrongly vying to gender propaganda politics? Is it to get possible ministerial post or launch a base for next election? Regardless of intentions, certain associations must come with a price. A blind politician to join Darboe is a crime even Barrow regrets. Darboe must also be careful of people like Ms. Sock, B.B. Darboe, and other resort supporters.

Ordinary cohorts: Those who vote or support Ousainou Darboe want us to return to the first three years of Barrow or worse? It is the same system and policies, or tell us which ministry will operate differently? Many of you are naive and dishonest. You refuse to admit Darboe is a coward and you are blind to his greed, because you refuse to 'use your eyes, ears, and faculties', as per ch.67. You claim Darboe wanted to rescue us from Jammeh, but Jammeh is gone, but few years as minister and vice president is not enough for the old failure? If the voters of Jammeh or trump are to be charged, then you should be charged even if Darboe finishes third or fourth position. YOU should be charged with attempted xyz or no one should be charged with attempted murder or xyz? Hope our forces will strongly deal with Darboe and cohorts if he loses and cry false foul.

Inconsistent activists for Darboe: It is vital to be consistent and be tough on opposition leaders, where need be. The language scrutiny we demand from Barrow, we must demand from Darboe and others. Darboe uses very bitter language, even while he was with Barrow. He literally encouraged avenge on APRC supporters in the name of revenge. Even on qualification, he literally bullied his way for approval, threatening to destabilise the nation and such were why Jammeh rightly and sometimes wrongly jailed him. We must demand peace.

Essa Faal and many others are the super cowards who may adore cowards like Darboe and ungrateful to the Halifa Sallahs who helped them brave up? Essa Faal chose money and silence when Gambians were suffering most , and not ready to collaborate for better than Barrow? He is re-choosing money or only his stupid fans think a probable job at ICC is more than presidency? If he fails on presidency, he wants to be a minister and do like Ba Tambedou. I.C.C is not fun or ideal, and Essa knows that.

On my last article, I claimed I do not know Mr. Abdoulie Jammeh, because I was not expecting the one I knew to be in explicit politics. After seeing his picture, I was shocked that the same Abdoulie Jammeh at civil aviation was the candidate. I Self rectify, I personally knew him and Barrow before they got into politics. I still recommend Jammeh to drop and endorse Sallah, or at least Barrow. Abdoulie Jammeh and many others were accused by yahya Jammeh and wrongly cleared by Barrow, reinstated without necessary transparent investigations. I am pointing this out not to cast doubt on a Jammeh I wish well, but for Barrow and Africa to learn the importance of systematic reinstatement. Just because someone claims political witch hunt by the types of yahya Jammeh does not mean automatic reinstatement, without proper investigation. To the fans of Abdoulie Jammeh , I do not think one who refused to fight for self will fight for you. If he was a victim of yahya Jammeh and chose silence even while Barrow was campaigning in 2016, then he is likely to cower to international bullying like or worse than Barrow.

Many candidates will get less than five percent if they proceed. They will cry foul like Darboe and many others in and beyond Africa, , as Trump for world evidence. It is important for journalists to demand evidence. Essa Faal's campaign were reportedly claiming Barrow kept them in terrible traffic . I was moving that day, and both campaigns contributed to my delay, financial lost, and enormous fatigue. What happened is important, but why and how it happened are vital. We demand all campaigns to have enough body cameras or journalists to avoid echoing questionable claims... May God bless the journalists who translate this to local languages beyond the Gambia. May God bless Showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By jarga kebba Gigo

Activist and transformer.

OASN:The article is not about me, but it will likely disturb the feelings of some people to the level of questioning my choices or person, even though I am not an official politician. So those without space restrictions should seriously consider publishing this extra note to reduce attack on my person and their media; or as part 2 or 3. I have not being quiet in Gambian politics since the April 10 and 11 that killed some Gambian students and journalist/Red Cross helper. It was this event that transformed me from an aspiring edutaining musician to a fairly regular writer, beyond the Gambia's social and political issues. I fought against the brutality of Jammeh while in the Gambia and in Canada. Some of my verifiable articles are tougher than everything Ousainou Darboe ever said to Jammeh. Although many Gambian media houses self censored and were afraid to publish some of my writings, over half of them were actually published in mainstream media, including when Deyda Hydara was murdered. The ones they were afraid to publish were still published online and often posted on Jammeh's Facebook with my name. I am indeed one of the miracles of God in how I was never arrested by Jammeh and I was largely in the Gambia, the greater part of it. Yahya Jammeh's ministry of agriculture even responded to one of my tough hemp letters, which was addressed and copied to Yahya Jammeh. They called me to pick up the respond and I physically went there without issues. This is a great favor of the Lord and there is a verse that says, 'and proclaim the blessings of your Lord..' , not because God needs it, but for people to possibly learn. I am not alone in this group, so it is not true when people claim everyone feared Jammeh or anyone who spoke was brutalised. It does not mean Jammeh did not harm innocent people, but we are part of reality that Gambians must study and thereby understand it is important to brave up, but even more to be truthful. I avoided lying against Jammeh, Barrow, and xyz, then and now, because I knew God is my protector than any law, and God hates lying. I understand freedom of speech is partly a bait and those who abuse it will pay in one form or another.

Miraculous coincidence: Exactly around this time in 2016, I wrote a very strong writing against Jammeh and others, and it scared the hell out of my immediate family and caused some irreparable damage in our relationship. They were afraid that Jammeh will not just come after me, but anyone related to me. I decided that rather than going back to Canada, I was going to move to the Ginack Island to launch a big fight against Jammeh, but somehow God didn't realise it and Barrow won. The then Ginack village head were also part of the problem. So I cancelled my Ginack plans in 2016, but God rekindle the desire on a different mission and I just moved to Ginack recently, five years after the second big attempt. I love the nature of Ginack and will write about it in due time. It is my favourite place in the Gambia, at the moment and gradually settling here. Regardless of who Gambia chooses as next president, they must submit to marijuana legalization or prepare a big fight with me and may I be a Victor more than I was/am in Canada and u.s. To the ordinary hypocritical citizens who oppose legalization, but pray for their children to go to Canada or xyz and send them money, please educate them or they may be charged with cowardice, greed, hypocrisy, and arrogance by the Lord of the universe.

Although thankful for the semi blessings, I did not fight for the Gambia, Ghana, and countless African countries to be stocking u.s hemp products as consumers, but never as producers? I did not fight for the Canadian or californian to have wide range of choices on strains, while myself and other Africans gamble strains from the streets. Thankful that I will be growing my cannabis and hemp, at least for personal use, but will continue to fight for others and my right to travel with my marijuana without fear of being arrested by drunkards, idol worshipping folks, bleachers, etc. Even after SeneGambia legalise cannabis, I will fight for the Congolese sick patients to have the right to seek cannabis over legal voodoo; for the Saudi Arabian to access cannabis and not be arrested by cigarette smoking police and judges. I will say God curse be upon anyone who think they have the right to arrest me over medical marijuana or even harmless recreational usage in my home or hotel room.

God made me a miracle, I stood up to big devils and often winning. I stood up to prime minister Steven Harper who arguably hates Muslims more than Donald Trump and if you check my YouTube video titled 'why terrorism may hit Canada ' you will have a hint. Two days before he was voted out, God showed it to me in a dream. My fight with the u.s government is historic and classified information will reveal how they over fought me and still lose is another miracle. If Africans under rescue black Americans during slavery, I am the born African who verifiably fought for Black Americans more than top u.s black leaders. We stopped or stopping the billions black America paid in Cannabis fines, stopping countless arrest and

criminal records against mainly blacks,

unnecessary work denials through marijuana tests, etc. From your parliament (congress), through your judiciary, to your executive, not a single one of you is better than me in character, or who pushed with me in this historic fight and by when? The u.s intelligence was monitoring me in fear and arrogance. They denied me financial opportunities in very vivid ways and even sexual or relationship opportunities with lies and cowardly interventions, but I survived. I talked about u.s marijuana laws as being racist and as crime against humanity long before, and hearing similar from questionable VP Kamala Harris is like some under admitting of the d[oer of]evils. In such spirit, I strongly warn any Gambian, African, or human being who try to stand on my way for marijuana legalization. My fight will include imprecations and every decent spiritual fight. I stood up for marijuana legalization before any country legalised it, so do not think I will bow if the whole of Gambia or Africa try to stand on my way. I am the minority who does not fear majority. I pray for speedy clean victory for marijuana and against the Darboes, beyond the Gambia. May God bless the journalists who will help us realise two term limit at party level, one term limit at country level, and no to third term, even if it means coup or assassination. We want to build a new Africa and new world, and marijuana legalization will speed it up. Unfortunately, some Africans will also suffer after marijuana legalization, but it will be due to other evils they refuse to leave and their stubborn fight against legalization. Every fairly smart devil in present governments know marijuana legalization is inevitable. They just want to delay it as long as possible, so let the good ones try to speed it up to the earliest possible time. Educate your mistaken parents and families, and to avoid standing on our way to change.

Journalists must start asking historical questions like: Which political party first had term limits at party level in Africa or xyz country? How many party initiators ever allowed others to lead in Africa or xyz country? After how many weeks or months did how many parties include term limits to encourage best minds to join and compete in party, fairly? Etc. It starts with suggestion, one party and reasonable coverage for others to consider it. The election bodies like I.E.C can also make rules to help reduce parties and personalisation of parties, but journalists must push for good and call out parties who refuse such measures.