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Uneducated, miseducated, or re-education eras/groups were/Are

Uneducated, miseducated, or re-education erasgroups wereAre
24.09.2021 LISTEN

Think of it as a special IQ test in the world of learning, unlearning, relearning, re-unlearning cycles, happily or sadly...

Surprise awaits you if you patiently choose to answer:

  1. Coups are (a) Bad (B)good
  2. Coups are (a) largely bad (b)definitely bad (c) largely good (d)definitely good
  3. Sanctions are effective(a)yes (b)no
  4. Sanctions are effective (a)largely effective, (b)definitely effective (c) largely ineffective (d) definitely ineffective.
  5. Reinstating after coup is (a)Bad (b) good
  6. Reinstating after coup is (a)largely bad (b)definitely bad (c)largely good (d)definitely good.

Part B (who)

  1. Reinstating a negligent killer is: (a) Bad (b)good
  2. Reinstating a negligent killer is (a) largely bad (b) definitely bad (c)largely good (d)definitely good
  3. A known devil is better than an 'unknown' devil, even in politics. (A)True (b) False
  4. A Known devil is better than an 'unknown' devil , even in politics . (A) Largely true (b)definitely true (c) largely false (d)definitely false.

The general public are controlled through fear than anything. Same questions, different options, plus reasonable consistency will give you a leaning and reveal how you follow or lead/escape society. The people and politicians have things we agree upon, some we differ very much on. Society is largely right, but almost never definitely right, and that gives room to evolution (learning). Cultures thought they were definitely right, religion claimed similar, Governments are just doing the same, sometimes worse. Government sometimes go from under reacting to over reacting. Options help you see better if you think through, and that is why the questions with more options seemed harder, but better. However, too many options can also drown you, because if a newspaper or xyz gave the same questions to people verbally and no options, some will answer with one word, a statement, a sentence, a paragraph, etc it becomes harder to understand and manage.

Regarding the questions, I cheated in someway, I made the answers best from A to D; meaning choosing B in two options means minus 50%; but in four options, it means minus 25% of the worth; choosing c is minus 50%, D is minus 75% . Again that was just simplified example of how options affect thinking. No teacher will make all best answers in one side and bad in one side, or it becomes easy pattern. Depending on a limited time and choice, This is why we also have largely good or bad leanings as race, gender, country/places, etc. AFRICA has more consistent weather, but is it always great depends on options and honesty. Our people are slow in unlearning some of the things the west/religion/xyz taught us in evil or just their honest mistakes. The present is as important as the past, if not more. The lessons around the Guinea's coup is what you know most, history includes some lies and miscalculations. So learn the past, but do not let popular beliefs mislead you or deny a reality you witness or can verify. One final question.

The world should or should have legalized which one first?

  • (A) marijuana
  • (b)prostitution
  • (c)LGBTQ
  • (d) classifying information.

When they legalized LGBTQ or classifying information, how many were set free from prison or directly affected, contrast that with Marijuana or (a). Those who legalized government so called right to classified information made a grave mistake we must rectify. Anytime you fight for people to access truth, you free or save people from government, including Conde, the devil that many devils want reinstated. There is nothing like an unknown devil, especially in politics. If you do not know him or her, then how dare you claim s/he is a devil. There is only a known devil versus a suspected devil; but because of indoctrination and fear leaning, many cannot humbly learn new necessary terms like suspected devil, possible angel, probable angel, etc. Even if the suspected devil is a 'devil' who kills/arrests a smaller or bigger devil, all should agree 'one devil down, ' but some say reinstate a known devil, don't give chance to a 'tired' or repenting devil? Support Dumbouya, make him an angel or at least do not allow him to be a monster. Do not judge by what, what, what; or who, who, who; how and why are super vital, when is also vital.

By Jarga kebba Gigo


  1. What relationship you see in the name: Guinea (Conakry), Guinea (Bissau), Guinea (equatorial)?
  2. How are their present and recent past leaders, or what they have in common and where they differ much?
  3. How long do their presidents last on average?
  4. Which two Guineas seem closer in leaders, languages, and what you deem essential?

By the way, The people of Bissau seem to hate keeping 'useless' presidents and that contribute to how the president of Bissau called third term 'a coup', which was historic; then One of the other Guineas have an historic coup against third term; then God inspires me how the third Guinea should surrender or get coup against too many terms, hosting a brutal brother of too many terms, whose party (APRC) partnered with a rising lover (Barrow NPP) of too many terms. The Gambia invested for a new constitution and primarily turn the investment to a waste through wanting too many terms...

Just think around constitutions, terms, coups, names, personalities, partnership, etc. Barrow I love you too much, don't let the devil raise your love or tolerance for too many terms or over staying. Beside corruption, It cause the Gambia's 1981 deadly coup (Jawara and cohorts will partly pay mizghalazaratin or xyz); it significantly contributed to 1994 Gambia's coup (jawara n who pay); it cause the coup in Guinea and how many ills? Repent where you can, and beyond Barrow. The end of long stay is here, we are actually heading to one term Era, but even the u.s is blind to the importance of one term, but not their people. The u.s people gave Trump one term and Biden must resign or be defeated... similarly, many ordinary Americans support the coup in Guinea or coup against third term, and that precisely means u.s politicians will eventually accept coups if presidents over stayed. Social media can influence the truthful in mainstream media and some will formally endorse coup against third terms... Truth will defeat power, don't blame the president of Bissau, but credit him cautiously and repent where you should. Backing Conde is a dangerous position and you have to be extra blind to claim diplomacy or any excuse. Save your soul. We will call for coup anywhere they try third term. It is not just a possible good, but a probable good. Call Doumbuya and support him, call other friends and let's defeat the devils of Ecowas and beyond. Some will learn and teach, some will then learn and others wait till the u.s buy my/our ideas on Marijuana legalization, accepting limited coups on explicit terms, one term limit, etc. Some people are ahead of the politicians, leading your leaders, changing the world for good as Marijuana suggest changes to us.