08.08.2021 Feature Article

The Development Of Ghana Is What Every Ghanaian Dreams About

The Development Of Ghana Is What Every Ghanaian Dreams About
LISTEN AUG 8, 2021

Joel Savage
Many times, I read comments by readers who often say that why is he in a foreign country, if he loves Ghana? Such questions often expose how ignorant people can be. They live in Ghana, yet they don’t know what is taking place around them.

As a matter of fact, Ghana wouldn’t have survived as a country on its exports alone, if not the financial remittances of Ghanaians in the Diaspora, actively engaged in sending home billions in foreign exchange to sustain the economy each year.

In fact, Ghana would have even been far better under the government of Nana Akufo Addo, if the president seriously addresses the problems Ghanaians in the Diaspora and investors are facing at the ports.

Apart from the impact of the coronavirus that has affected remittance to Ghana, the unsolved corruption issues and high taxation the government has introduced, discourage many investors.

When people are complaining about the hardships the common people are facing in the country, this should be taken as a challenge for the right thing to be done because the development of Ghana, benefits everyone.

In Ghana, I worked very hard. I was even a taxi driver when still at secondary school to assist my mother, whose husband died very young.

I was once driving both taxi and tro-tro at Cape Coast. If you go to Cape Coast Kotokoraba Station and ask of Ato Savage, they will tell you much about this humble man.

If Ghana is a good country that has a good judiciary system, I wouldn’t have lost 10,000 Euros investment in a plot I bought from a chief who depends on the weak judiciary system in Ghana and deliberately sells the same plot to multiple buyers.

I don’t need anyone’s sympathy but sometimes, it’s good to write on these issues for others to know about some of the reasons many Ghanaians in the Diaspora aren’t interested in investments in Ghana.

Next year, I am sixty-five, my time to go on pension. Do I have to invest in Ghana or just stay in Belgium with my family? These are some of the questions that have been circulating in my mind every day.

I understand, as a writer, you will have both enemies and friends over what one writes, however, what everyone must understand is that the development of Ghana is neither for the NPP nor for the NDC but for everyone.

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