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The Plague

The Plague
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I am inspired by the movie 'the strain' to write this piece. In this movie, the corrupt activities of a high ranking police officer led to the death of many.

He was to stop a van carrying a coffin with a plague. Instead, he collected money and flagged the van on . This of course later caused him his own life after many others were doomed.

The individual, personal and family interest of many public servants usually put the nation at risk. The monies that could have been used to construct good hospitals, give good drinking water, educate and eradicate diseases are misused by people we give political power. It's quite ironical that people who had passed through abject poverty and despicable conditions will subject others to same. Perhaps I need the help of the psychologists to understand this phenomenon.

Many of us pretend to be good men and women. Good citizens who obey the Constitution. We see no evil and talk no evil. How else are we expected to survive in a world and countries where those who have ideas have no power and those who have power have no ideas? How else could we survive in a country where those who have brains observe from far and those who are noted public criminals lead?

But being good is just not enough, we need to do what needs to be done. Many fear death and succumb to tyranny, corruption and incompetence. But what is death? Are we all not going to die one day anyway? Why not do that which is good and right? Is the fear of death not like thinking you know something which in actual fact you do not know?

Loyalty is very important in life. But one's loyalty in my opinion must not be to a person, a group or a party. It must be to one's mind and mind alone. Righteousness cannot be found with people, groups or Individuals. Rather the mind provides a constant reliable avenue for directing behaviour.

If we can use our minds, why do we have to put faith in a group of people to govern our country or world? Do we not realise there is no righteousness to be found in them?

The plague of bad roads, poor health facilities, dirty and unclean water can be cured once we exorcise our minds. How do we do this? By being loyal to our minds.This does not mean we should be static but dynamic. If an action is wrong today because of the prevailing issues, it might be right under different circumstances. There is no justification for taking a life but who blames a soldier who goes to battle and kill others?

The truth can only be provided by our minds. Loyalty to family, ethnic group, parents, love ones and political parties are the chains that obviously lock our minds. Remember that when your ideological position is too fixed, you have problems seeing the obvious.

We must destroy the plagues, we must be loyal to only our minds.

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