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The Fight Against Galamsey

The Fight Against Galamsey
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Most citizens in Ghana believe that there is a fight against 'galamsey' in the country. Indeed, there appears to be a charade of a fight where government in the full glare of the media deploys the millitary and other security services to show the citizens how serious they are about the fight against 'galamsey'. After the public show, this is what really happens:

From the the presidency to the ministries, there are groups and individuals involved seriously in the 'galamsey' business. Infact, the very people who publicly denounce the 'galamsey' business are the ones who own the excavators that are destroying our land. By the way, do you know how much an excavator costs? The people who operate these machines are just pawns in the game. They have neither the power, resources nor strategy to go against the laws of the country to engage in galamsey. They are however protected by members of the government under whose authority they operate with wanton disregard for the laws. The galamsey menace is actually led by the very government who ironically says it is fighting the menace.

Come to think of it, how do the excavators enter the country? It is not as if an excavator can be put into a jeans pocket and hidden from the authorities. The reality is , our leaders are the real culprits of the galamsey menace. They do not really care if the environment is destroyed or if we have no water to drink. Their interest is in how to secure their future and those of their families after their tenure. They are the real nation wreckers. I do not trust them and neither should you.

They dress in three pieces of suit and speak grammar at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian who is in search of clean water. The galamsey fight can only be won if it goes with the death penalty for example as a punishment. As for these deceptive and hypocritical folks who tell you they are fighting against galamsey, pay no attention to them.

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