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Restructure That Church Now! An Open Letter To Mrs Evelyn Joshua

By Patrick Iwelunmor
Restructure That Church Now! An Open Letter To Mrs Evelyn Joshua
LISTEN JUL 26, 2021

Dear Mrs. Evelyn Joshua,

I am optimistic that God is with you at these trying times. While I continue to wish you and your daughters the best life can offer through Christ, I also wish to use this medium to call your attention to certain issues that have almost cast a very dark shadow on the image of your ministry, The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

Within those four years and some months that I worked in the media department of The SCOAN, I observed a couple of anomalies which I want you to bring to an immediate end as you take charge of the administrative aspect of the ministry. Everyone must accept the fact that the death of your husband is the end of an era and standards cannot remain the same forever. Change, even among the body of Christ, is as constant as the morning sun.

I therefore urge you, in the spirit of love and justice, to look into the following areas and ensure that the principle of universal best practice is applied:

Encourage media-friendliness

In spite of the late Prophet’s respect for the media, the ministry’s attitude to enquiries from journalists is not the best. There is this secrecy toga that is usually associated with the response of disciples to queries. They always give the impression that they are hiding something. This bad toga is responsible for the many negative stories some journalists carry about the church. You must ensure that the media is carried along in whatsoever the church is doing because The SCOAN, by its nature, is a news-worthy entity. Unfortunately, it has suffered from the toxicity of silence caused by the indiscretions of some disciples. Set up a Communication department to be headed by a seasoned media person like Mr. Ezekiel Fajenyo or Mr. Dare Adejumo who are ardent members of the ministry. All those expatriate disciples who don’t even know the location of Guardian Newspapers in Lagos should work as their assistants. This is because they cannot understand Nigerian media politics better than Nigerians.

Set Up a Department of Pastoral Affairs

This department should be saddled with all spiritual and evangelical matters. The healing and sundry miracles associated with the late Prophet and some of his disciples should be under the purview of this department. This is not to undermine the ability of God’s power to flow through any other person. This suggestion is purely based on the dire need to instill order into the affairs of the ministry. Wiseman Racine Bousso should head this department. He has the blessing of the late Prophet and has demonstrated his healing gift overtime. He is humble, mature and very easy-going. Let him be assisted by Prophet Chris Tonge and others whom you shall get to know “by their fruits”.

Foster Unity among the Disciples

Propagate a culture of Christlikeness among the disciples. Many of them only bear the name on paper. Their characters and attitudes are unbecoming of true soldiers of Christ. Some of them connive with contractors to dupe the church while claiming to love Jesus. They should also stop antagonizing one another and learn to let love lead as they always preach. They were always forming cliques to gang up against themselves when the Prophet was alive. I witnessed this on many occasions. Recall Sister Bose (1), no matter the gravity of the mistakes she had made. She has a good heart and I know you to be a good mother. Most of the allegations against her may have been orchestrated by some disciples who don’t like her. May God grant you the wisdom to handle this very matter. Sister Shade is a natural leader with a heart full of wisdom. Utilize her gifts to bring stability among the disciples.

Stop the Monetisation of Gossip

Empty people always look for ways to do away with people of substance and the only way they do this is by gossiping and spreading very malicious lies about their colleagues. I saw much of this in The SCOAN. Many innocent people were framed for crimes they never committed because the Prophet always rewarded gossips with money. It became a thriving business. That must stop immediately for the church to attract well-meaning people into its fold and not pretenders. Can you imagine that someone once saw kola nut with me and took it to show to the Prophet?

Assert your Administrative Authority

You must take charge of church administration with immediate effect. All those talking about the standard operated by the late Prophet are those who have ulterior motives. Tide and market come and go and so shall those standards. You can delegate tasks, overhaul departments, assign new roles to prevent conspiracy and fraud. Remember that not everyone smiling with you there means well. Some are smiling to the bank. If you are not decisive and firm, some persons are ready to collapse that ministry.

Reach Out to the Larger Body of Christ

You must align with the larger body of Christ in Nigeria, irrespective of the misgivings they had about the late Prophet. You must let mischief makers know that The SCOAN is for Christ and not a shrine as some people have painted it. Attend conferences organized by CAN and embrace the PFN. The Prophet has played his part and is gone. It is now your turn to carry on from where he stopped and you must do it with a difference, with the Holy Spirit guiding you.

Pray for Divine Direction

Continue to seek the face of God and commit all your plans into His Hands. I know you will succeed. Remember Psalm 125 verse 1: Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people both now and forevermore.

I come in peace.

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