Post pandemic economies & African entrepreneurial revolutions

Feature Article Post pandemic economies  African entrepreneurial revolutions

Observe how our entire world suddenly surrendered to one grand calamity; global populace left in prolonged agony, economies stranded and big searchlights out now searching new solutions. Something like this never ever before occurred in the history of humankind and the side effects of such complexity juxtaposed with technological access can bring sweeping changes to our assumed complacency.

Henceforth, traditional problem solving and thinking processes now considered dangerous to our economic growth and social balances. Major changes of economic reforms are eminent and African economic shifts towards entrepreneurialism are new big game changers. The Midsize Economies of Africa are plunging into new innovative entrepreneurial centric models via national mobilization of entrepreneurialism embedded with technologies to acquire upskilling and exportability expertise for regional/global expansion.

Currently, some 200 nations are trying to face post pandemic recovery, some 10,000 cites trying to re-open. There are some 100 national elections already scheduled across the world within the next 500 days. Globally, needed urgently are authoritative narratives already missing from media, academia and local political leadership? African youth eager to advance, national resources ready for uplifts and small midsize businesses ready for upskilling creates great combinations seeking mobilization and deployment programs. The national trade groups like Chambers, Associations and government departments with stake in local economic development must rise all together with digital platform mobilization.

African Challenges on Entrepreneurial Revolutions: Provided in various nations and regions across Africa there are vertical trade clusters where there are from 1000 or 2000 small medium enterprises each currently doing USD$2 million to USD$20 million in annual turnover. Such founders and owners ready to quadruple their performance, productivity and profitability, display their goods and services on the global stage than there are solid deployment ready solutions. When in each such region, there are also local trade groups, chambers and associations in agreement to upskill and reskill for exportability, now such challenges are not funding dependent, rather execution and mobilization starved.

Quadruple innovative excellence and exportability over 1-2 years. Each sector has unlimited untapped potential while technology now allows faster pace options. The great opportunities hidden on two-front, upskill and reskill on global-age quality production and exportability and equally enlarge the mental horizons and clarity of vision to become larger and organized businesses for a digitized future.

Cold Facts & Warm Realities: Most nations are already flooded with massive innovations, but lacking massive commercialization. There are over certifications and degrees but seriously lacking business directions. There are empty incubators and exhausted accelerators like real estate projects. There are economical development programs but without mega punch. The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets. The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes. The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks. The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the only missing links.

Study, National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism on Digital Platforms of Upskilling for Exportability and what role it can play in selected regions of Africa. National and regional leadership ready to showcase entrepreneurialism, business women and dynamism of enterprise and production can also add major trade groups and associations to join the umbrella programs and attract continent wide and global media attention and global collaborations on MFG+SME fronts, as such programs make the regions shine and uplift local talents. Also, study how pandemic recovery is affecting the population-rich vs. knowledge-rich nations and how all this applies to continental Africa and AfCFTA? Explore also how Expothon Africa is taking a lead role, engaging selected nations, and offering powerful blueprints and check out on Google.

Rule by acquiring mastery: when digital access provides national mobilization under expert umbrellas, acquiring mastery to advance appears like a logical opportunity. Only nations cognizant to upskilling and reskill citizenry will thrive, only trade groups and economic development with depth and understanding entrepreneurialism will grow economies. Lifelong learning is necessary. Study “Brain-Economy over Digital-Economy” how to acquire mastery and transform from hard assets to soft power assets and how to create limitless enterprise thinking.

The African Advantage: Various leaderships on continent wide free trade and upskilling on entrepreneurial platforms have amazing new opportunities creating regional alliances to create grassroots prosperity. How Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Expothon Africa leading charge

The omnipresence of the pandemic; brought us new awareness and enlightenment to improve economic surroundings. The omnipotence of the fear; created concerns brought trade groups together and accumulated new ideas and commerce a better tomorrow. The omnicompetent entrepreneurialism; brought the force of power to innovate excellence face global competitiveness via upskilling exporters and reskilling manufacturers and uplifting untapped talents of national citizenry and women entrepreneurs. The omnidirectional thinking on digitization; creating paths to thousands of platforms with goods and services create a far more fluid business culture of trade and commerce.

Understanding collaborative synthesizing: When building wider ranges of opportunities and high quality production of goods and services creating regional, national global alliances of sorts. When deployments of commercialization and exportability as an art and science. Such ideas differentiated from the lingering fragmented export attempts as this new thinking is about acquiring global-age-skills on global reach in collaborations with advancing digital platforms of entrepreneurialism with upskilling for exportability.

Understanding real “value creation” over “value manipulations”: When small and medium businesses are required to measure real value creation and focus on real productivity; performance and profitability to drive value and quality exportability at premium to boost grassroots prosperity. Abstract value-manipulation and cyber-crypto economics are crippling western economies without real hard-core production.

Understanding “soft-power-asset-management”: our prime occupation with “hard-asset-mentality” primarily focused on what is front of us on factory floors and ignoring imagination, innovation and creating alternate options. Any limited surrounding or hard structural resource must now blend with imagination, creativity as ‘soft-power-asset-management’ as unlimited entrepreneurial mental power to multiply growth and global-age speed of operations.

The Four Enlightenments of Entrepreneurialism

Close your eyes: for personal self-discovery; close your eyes and discover your hidden talents, create supreme performance and become a global age thinker. This will open entrepreneurial thinking. This will sharpen your hobbies and highlight your hidden talents to create occupational opportunities.

Open your eyes: for the enterprising journeys; open your eyes and study the global age and indulge at the enterprise level, build ideas and create growth. Do something phenomenal. This will open new business ideas. This will create new roles in your surroundings.

Open your mind: for communal prosperity; open your mind and lead by example, deploy and create grassroots prosperity, improve surroundings, help teams, share knowledge and create extreme value. This will open collaborative thinking and leadership roles. You will feel the value of additional responsibilities and enjoy the outcomes.

Open your heart: for national mobilization; open your heart and share your authoritative command and knowledge, mobilize and help your own nation and make sure it is moving in the right direction, assist in boosting your surroundings, communities and help national economy This is how grassroots prosperity expands.Excerpted from the book Alpha Dreamers, by Naseem Javed, published by Metrostate Syndicate 2018”

Entrepreneurialism based economies are driven by entrepreneurial minds.

The rest is easy

Author: Naseem Javed

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