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05.05.2021 Letter

A letter to John D. Mahama; from the Sankarayili Mountains

By Fuseini Inusah Akonsi
A letter to John D. Mahama; from the Sankarayili Mountains
LISTEN MAY 5, 2021

Dear John Dramani Mahama,

At your last SONA as first gentleman, you were unequivocal & quite blunt that, posterity would be your best judge. You said so on account of the leadership ethics you employed in service to your dear nation with passion spirited on patriotism.

Despite the unfortunate incident that birthed your presidency & how unprepared you came to the seat of government, you did tremendous & those with fair minds would testify to this. Those morphemes of yours in line with posterity seem tobe manifesting today.

Your works even in your absence weigh heavy than that of those who hurled insults, chastised & vilified you with thoughts of being competent than you're. Posterity has indeed lumped them in a bowl they find difficult to open its lid. They seem tobe battling with numerous quagmires on all sectors of our economy- from Finance, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Energy among others.

In a deliberate attempt to move away from how woefully they've failed & further get the public suspend the anger on them, they try all possible means to get you into the picture. They come up with needless comparisons even when looked at, makes no sense. After 5years of being the landlords of the Flagstaff House, they still have the shameful effrontery to apportion you the blame of their inability to get things done right. Yes - they are able to position the minds of footsoldiers to believe you created a mess that would take time to fix; how laughable this is!

But JM, do you know what gets me shockprized & even leaves me a state of melancholy? Certainly, is the sudden silence of some CSOs, Trade Unions, Worker Organizations & the Clergy. The stark reality remains that, Nana Addo is destroying this country but the culture of silence has enveloped the aforementioned national stakeholders for most of them are accomplices. Hope you do remember the loud voices they had under your regime? How they joined ordinary party footsoldiers embark on demonstrations just because Ndewura Jakpa's grandson is the president of the Republic. You did tolerate all those demonstrations & even gave the security agencies green light to offer protection to them for you were/are an ardent Democrat. Today, can the same story be told? Absolutely NO - for the intolerant is at the helm of affairs. Nana Addo has succeeded in the forlorn polarization of all state security agencies.

But JM, be assured the youth of Nkrumah's Ghana aren't cowards. We shall go all out to get our plights registered. We promise not to coil back in the shell of timidity but fight for the right thing to be done. The hashtag of the moment remains #FixTheCountry cautioning the Nana Addo-led government to sit up & get national quandaries solved.

To witness Dumsor, High cost of living, Sky-rocketing prices Oil & Goods, Poor Roads & Killings under a group of deceitful beings who in opposition touted themselves as competent to change the fortunes of Ghana within an 18month period is completely irksome!

To conclude, until 2024 beckons to have an overhaul of the government as we would get the elephant ousted, all possible take-offs to get things fixed shall be duly employed!

God bless you enormously for being a true statesman & may He keep you safe as you await to be president of the Republic once again in 2025!!! Shalom!!

Fuseini Inusah Akonsi

Youth Activist- NDC

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