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10.02.2021 Press Statement

Allow Counsel To Defend His Application Of No Case Since Your Interference Amount To Breach Of Justice And Fare Trail

By Backbone of Good Governance
Allow Counsel To Defend His Application Of No Case Since Your Interference Amount To Breach Of Justice And Fare Trail
LISTEN FEB 10, 2021

The supreme court of Ghana has been battling with the petition of 2020 general election.

The petitioner has alluded to several facts relating to electoral anomalies and vote paddling, witnesses of the petitioners have established with fact and figures supporting their claim of paddling and breaches of constitutional provision in the part of the electoral commission chair who is also the first respondent of the case.

Allegation of bad fate on the part of the electoral commission has been established by the two witnesses of the petitioner and the whole nation and the world is watching through live broadcasting and that demands answers from the commissioner.

About (6) six of the NDC application requires to assist to establish the evidence has been struck out. Example includes application to inspect the summary sheet of the result declaration, application for form 13 and application for interrogation notwithstanding defending the application for cross-examination has totally taken over by the bench per-my observation and opinion.

It is important for the Bench to note that this case goes beyond the borders of Ghana and in extension, the world at large due to live telecast that put the opinions of the Supreme Court judges to greater scrutiny since much of the legal brains are accessing the proceedings and the conduct of the court, Which will go a long way to affect the culture and fabric of the national security and the social-economic development. It further either strengthens or weakens the future of our judicial system in the eyes and the perception of the environ it find itself as the third arm of government

The last setting saw the bench almost doing the bidding of counsel instead of the counsel defending its own application requiting their witness from testifying.

As much as the commissioner is required by law, rules and practices of court to mount the witness box. It incumbent on her to defend the allegation level against her person and the office she holds in trust of the people of Ghana such as paddle of vote and deceit. It is also her legitimate duty to explain to the people Ghana and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as a key stakeholder in Ghanaian political environment who’s tax she draws his income why the changes in the declared result without due process and breaches the electoral provisions.

Backbone of Good Governance call on the bench to allow the counsel of the defendant to defend itself and perform its assign duty of given ruling since their actions amount to interference and against fair tries and demonstration of biases in the adjudication of justices which can affect the final determination of the cases and compel party to reject their ruling and bring greater consequence to destabilize the nation, affect the reputation of Ghana’s Judicial system in home and abroad thereby disrupt investment inflow

We further call on the bench to allow Jean Mensah to mount the witness box, defends her witness statement and clear the hard-won reputation of the Ghanaian electoral college from further sinking low to the drain as establish through sacrifice and handwork by Dr. Afari Djan and Cos.

We demand that justice is served.

Evans Amoo.

Executive Secretary