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18.01.2021 Opinion

A clarion call to young comrades in the struggle

By Clarence S. Duo
A clarion call to young comrades in the struggle
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The world is a pathetic stage that's occupied with tragic scenes and tragic occurrences. From the political, social, and economic status of the world, to the struggles involved with, the masses are the ones who are left with pains, sorrow, and wretch. In this era of the world's history, specifically, the history of the motherland, the young comrades who are in the struggle are the ones that can change the narrative from tragic to comic, for this current group of Liberian and the next group of Liberian to come.

As it stands, the young comrades in the struggle need the helping and able hands of every revolutionary in and out of the homeland. They need social and economic hands so as to not be carried away by the rhetorics of the reactionaries.

The reactionaries have been successful in winning the minds of the young comrades because revolutionaries and ideological gladiators that suppose to help the young comrades in the struggle have abandoned their responsibilities, duties, and tasks. We can't keep praying for a group of generational change-makers when we are not ready to assist them. We can't keep encouraging the young comrades to lead the masses' agenda whereas we are not able to make them independent socially, economically, and politically.

I believe in a Liberia that will give birth to more revolutionaries than reactionaries. I believe in a Liberia that will bring forth more young ideologues than more young political tools. I believe in a Liberia that will be seen as the birth place of revolutionaries and pan Africanists. As much as am wishing, this can't be done when the young comrades are forgotten and be left to struggle on their own. This can't be done when the young comrades are sightlessly in the struggle without understanding the merits and demerits of the struggle. This can't be done when the young comrades don't know how to decipher between the exploited and the exploitor, the oppressed and the oppressor, the peasant and the bourgeois, revolutionary and reactionary, left wing and right wing, capitalism, socialism, and communism - these are the indoctrination young comrades need in other to lead the masses agenda effectively and efficiently void of intimidation and distraction from the right wing elements, the oppressors, the exploitors, the bourgeoisie, and the reactionaries whom are claiming to be revolutionaries.

To the young comrades, although those essential things aren't been given to you by revolutionaries of the homeland, I want to admonish you to do selves research as to help you prepare for the struggle and the tasks ahead. You are the emerging revolutionaries that will transform this land. You are the revolutionaries that will emancipate Africa. You are the revolutionaries that will produce the next generations of selfless, patriotic, and nationalistic leaders. The two political actors in the homeland are not the way forward for Liberia and her denizens. The CDC and CPP are comprised of crooks, looters, squanderers, and thieves. You should not go near them or seen to be near them. These people are pushing their own agenda not the agenda of the Liberian people. They want their own interest to be met at the expense of the struggling masses. Don't be fooled by the lies and fallacies of the CDC and the CPP, they're enemies of the homeland. The former is the present enemy that's leeching on the country's resources while the latter is the enemy that's waiting to leech on the country's resources.

To the young comrades, as it stands, the critical atmosphere of the homeland has enthralled the masses. I want you to know the struggle is not about you; it's about the masses who you're leading. I want you to know that the masses are the first and the masses are the last. If you haven't been leading the masses agenda with integrity, this is time you start to lead with integrity. If you haven't been leading the masses agenda with passion, this time you start to lead with passion. If you haven't been leading the masses agenda with discipline, this is time you start to lead with discipline. You're in a struggle that's beneficiary to humanity - and this service is also beneficiary to the Almighty Deity, because service to humanity is service to the Almighty Deity. The seat that will be kept for you in paradise will depend on how well you will lead the masses agenda. If you can't continue the struggle, I want to admonish you to forget about the struggle and find different thing to do.

I want you to read the written works of some of the best revolutionaries and pan Africanists that Africa have ever seen, so as to widen your appetite and your thirst for the struggle.

1. Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr.


1. Voices of Protest: Liberia on the Edge, 1984-1980

2. Behind God's Back

3. Across the Landscape: Selected Political Writings and Speeches on Liberia - 1978 - 2001

4. The rotten Carcass, not the Maggots

2. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah


1. Africa must unite

2. Class Struggle in Africa

3. Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare: A Guide to the Armed phase of the African Revolution

3. Thomas Sankara


1. Thomas Sankara Speaks

2. Women's Liberation and the African freedom struggle

3. We are Heirs of the World's Revolution: speeches from the Burkina Faso Revolution, 1983-1987

4. Samora Machel


1. Samora Machel, an African Revolutionary

2. Mozambique, sowing the seeds of revolution

3. Mozambique: Revolution or Reaction?: Two speeches

5. Julius Mwalimu Nyerere


1. Freedom and Socialism

2. Man and development

3. Crusade for Liberation

Aluta continua!

The struggle continues!

Struggle or perish, there's no third way!

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