Let’s Be On High Alert

Feature Article Let’s Be On High Alert

Have you heard of 666? You believe it’s a numerical inscription on the forehead? Do you have an ID card or a social security number? What happens when you are being registered for those IDs?

Did you know your ID is meaningless without your fingerprints? And the facial scan or picture you take for the ID, is not really for your beautiful face? When you get to the airport as they scan your passport, what else do they ask for? Do you have a master or visa card for the ATM or buying and selling? Okay…

Most African prophets have been able to notice that the world is on a gradual closure and over here in the US, the prophecies keep coming.

Yes, it has become normal for all fingerprints and iris to be taken for identification. It has become a globally accepted means of registration for its citizens and the masses have no problem with it.

But haven’t we noticed it’s a gradual means of getting all the information of the general masses onto one digital platform that will control the whole world when it is ready?

What is stopping them anyway? they already have the information and all that is needed is for it to be gathered on a simple device that everybody can have access to.

Have you noticed some institutions have gone paperless and some countries have begun going cashless? What does it mean? We are going digital Pl which means if you aren’t part, you are being left behind.

Your master or visa card helps you go cashless and it’s even seen as a class when you jump the long queues to have your items bought. You just slot in your card and the amount needed is taken and in seconds, you find your way out of the business centers.

There are so many things that have been revealed to us by the book of revelations that is happening now. People say that we’ve been saying that the end times are coming but it not so they are living their lives anyhow especially as Christians.

They hate the warnings that has been given to them by their pastors and most importantly by the word of God. Nobody knows when God is coming but that doesn’t mean we should live our lives anyhow we want it.

This global pandemic seems like the perfect moment for the action of all accumulated data to become one for the purpose of the mark of the beast. With our faces covered except for the eyes and hands left to bear, all that is need is your iris and fingerprints being yours.

In no time, there will be no need for passports, ID cards or license as all the personal data including that of your master or visa card will be included on the mark that will be given to all for transaction purposes. Read the book of revelation thoroughly.

How can this be, for the mark of the beast is a chip that will be inserted into the body for this to happen? Here is the deal. The mark, in the good book, translated from the Greek is a stamp. It is not a chip, but a stamp, like a little tattoo, not seen or felt.

A stamp? Yes, a stamp. That’s a fallacy, how can a stamp replace a mark? Okay, so go do your research on Trust Stamp Company, a technology company that develops biometric identities for companies.

Add up, Gavi Medical Research Center, and master card which has its motto as a world beyond cash. Well, the man behind this research center is closely linked to this stamp company as well as the master card.

He is one of the world’s billionaires and the only person to have given out $1.6 million to this center to bring out a vaccine for COVID 19. Not only that, he has come out boldly to say that everybody must take the vaccine when it's ready.

He claims the world cannot go back to normal after the pandemic passes and as a result, we have to start a new altered life. You’ve heard of the new world order, right? Yes, this is it.

No president or world leader has come against his words, neither has any Christian entity combated the claims but rather a religious giant has equally come out backing up the claims.

That makes me wonder as to why Christians are too quiet about this new development. Missionaries in the past including Martin Luther King Jnr, never separated God from the gospel and they fought till constitutions were fit to align with the word of God.

But what do we see, it looks as if Christians have lost their first love, we have allowed ourselves to be possessed by the things of the world so much that, the enemy has found his way through and sadly using men of God as his yardstick

Let’s wake up every morning and check on our faith in God, for it will get to a time grace wouldn’t work out for us anymore. Let’s have a soul and self-search as to where we stand as people in Christ.

We have now moved from black lives matter to all lives matter, where is your stake or stand on Christ? It looks as if we have been paralyzed. this is the time to wake up and pray. It’s time to arise as Christians for soul-winning crusades and pray for one another, and living our lives as it’s the last.

The mark of the beast is numerically 666 but if you read carefully from Rev 13:18, it says that it’s a number of a man. What is the number of men? On which day was man created? on the sixth right?

The first 6 is behind three companies, (Gavi, trust stamp, and master card), the second 6, is the religious giant, now the final 6 is another billionaire who has invested $83.6 billion into the research of artificial intelligence.

If the stamp should work properly, then, it should have a super speed internet for quick access for everyone. Therefore, this other billionaire plans to establish a superfast internet service called Star link to send thirty thousand satellites that will cover the whole earth.

To achieve that, the satellite shouldn’t be so high, so he is lowering it in an orbit lower around the earth. Thus, three organizations of men (666) coming together to implement a device that will eliminate all paper and manual labor.

All work will hence, become paperless, cashless and all business communication will be wireless just with the wave of the hand or iris. The vaccine is not an ordinary one but very dangerous.

The good book warns us to flee from it for anyone who goes in for it will not enter the kingdom of God. But what can we do then? With consolation from the book of Daniel chapters 3 and 6, we are comforted by the fact that even till death He will be our refuge and strong tower to hide and protect us.

A time of great testing is coming, is the Christian ready? In 2021, holds more of the evil coming, church leaders, what are you doing to your congregants? It is the time to arise and show the people the way by strengthening the church’s foundation which is Christ. Please let’s stay on high alert as a unit and stand strong in one accord. Don’t just classify this as one of those conspiracies, stay blessed, and may his peace be upon you.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024