Are You #Warm And #Welcoming To Your LinkedIn Connections?

Are YouWarmAndWelcoming To Your LinkedIn Connections?
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Although this article refers to LinkedIn, it also applies to any other professional network. That said, I am not aware of any Ghanaian or African network - at least not one of the size and popularity of LinkedIn. In some countries, there are alternatives - eg Xing in Germany, etc...


LinkedIn is more than an online CV: it is an #interactive social platform


So, how should you #interact with others?


1. Do you 'spread the love' #endorsing your connections' skills?

Start with a gesture of kindness and endorse someone's skills. Even endorsing someone for let's say 'Nuclear Physics', will not get him/her a job just because s/he has 1000 recommendations for that, but LinkedIn's algorithm will make his/her profile appear possibly on the top of all search results for 'Nuclear Physics' in that country... Ok, it's a silly example, but I trust that you got the point. No one takes these recommendations seriously - we all know that you can get several of your colleagues to endorse you.

And these endorsements are free - it costs nothing to show some kindness!


2. #Thanking everyone #congratulating you on your birthday/promotion?

If people took the time to wish you Happy Birthday or Congratulations for a promotion or graduation, how difficult is it for you to thank them?


2a. #Wish others Happy Birthday or Congratulation for a promotion or graduation.

Your LinkedIn feed contains all that info and gets constantly updated, please.

Also, people like to be wished well or congratulated in public - for sure, I do please.


3. Do you #write #honest and #meaningful #recommendations?

Sorry but we recruiters, we can instantly spot #fake recommendations.

And a fake or irrelevant recommendation destroys instantly your image and hurts your credibility in general.


4. Are you adding #comments / your #opinions on your connections' posts?

Ideally, comments that #promote #conversations?

It is a pleasant surprise for the author - everyone wants their posts to be successful.

Also, it feels caring to see someone commenting constructively on your posts and slowly it does create a natural connection and sense of comradery!


5. Do you write #LinkedIn #Articles and use them to start conversations?

Besides creating a positive image and slowly the perception of credibility, it makes you appear more approachable and open to conversation.


6. Do you #share #relevant #content and #how_often?

Again, it's about creating credibility and a notion of you been approachable.


7. Are you using normal or textbook #English'?

Sometimes I read sentences like: 'I like to work for a reputable company' and I am wondering is there someone who wants otherwise?

Use simple daily English and try not to impress others- communication is about been understood, please!!

Also just typing a 'Hi' and nothing else at all, especially to someone that you don't even know, it is not normal communication- it can be seen as borderline weird!


8. Do you use that #3rd-person form in your summary and other sentences?

I am very aware that a lot of books and websites and outdated experts suggest it, but please do not do it- it's creepy!!


9. Are you an #advocate of your employers?

How frequently do you connect or hire people endlessly complaining about their employer?

Think about it, please.


10. Are you really #warm and #welcoming to all your current + future connections?

Sometimes our tone can be very polite and friendly but not welcoming. Make it a habit to always reread any text before sending it out and think whether it can be misperceived and how?



In Conclusion

Try working through these suggestions -one at a time

You only need a few minutes over a coffee or lunch break or in the evenings


You might be amazed the difference it can make to both you and your business.


#Good Luck


About the Author: Irene Gloria Addison is the owner of HIREghana [Human Intelligence Recruitment], a niche HRM Consultancy and a Leader Ghanaian Recruitment Agency and Executive Search firm, based in Accra.

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