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20.09.2020 Feature Article

Kofi Dubai: Leading From Behind

Kofi Dubai: Leading From Behind
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Dear Reader,

It is less than 80 days to the Presidential elections. Do you get the sense that I, His Excellency Kofi Dubai, am in a comfortable lead? Well, I hope you do because I am in a comfortable lead. I have hit on a winning formula which I shall let you in on towards the end of this open letter.

The campaign started as a “mission impossible”. Truth be told, the administration of Nana Opana and Dr, Prophet has indeed shown that the phrase “We have the men” was not a mere boastful phrase. Some of their achievements used to give me sleepless nights:

  1. Keeping the lights on
  2. Digitization of government services
  3. No Child Left Behind
  4. Planting for Food and Jobs
  5. National Builders Corps
  6. Arrears of NHIS reduced from 12 months to 3 months
  7. One District, One Factory (As we say in Ghana, “like joke, like joke, they are doing the impossible”)
  8. Covid 19 subsidies ( Water, Electricity, expanded School Feeding Program)
  9. Banking sector clean-up (all those who fell victim to “sakawa” banking practices during the time of my administration are getting their deposits back in full. Can you believe that, Dear Reader?)
  10. National ID Project
  11. Medical Drone Services

So, Dear Reader, you can appreciate why my come-back mission seemed like a kamikaze mission.

Until a few weeks ago, it all seemed like a contest of records in office: 4 years of Kofi Dubai and 3 ½ years of Nana Opana. Dear Reader, that seemed like a “father and son affair”, apologies to Professor Azumah Nelson. Even my much-touted “unprecedented infrastructure development”, ably supported by that colourful Book, had become no match for the Tracker of the government of Nana Opana.

Dear Reader, I am happy to inform you that the tide has now turned. Now it has become a contest of Manifesto promises (not records in office). That was the opening I was waiting for. Now, I am on Home longer on Away ground.

My favourite proverb now is an Akan proverb that says “Sɛ wo de wa no dɔ nwerɛ aa, e bi nwɔ wo”. That translates into English as: “one who daydreams about weeding a thorny field has no fear of being pricked by thorns”. Some have asked if it is ethical to promise one’s way into office. To that, I say, “All Lie be Lie”.

Your Next President,

Kofi Dubai

G. Adu Gyimah

Alberta, Canada

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