Is Ghana Police Service Doing Its Job: Part - 2

Feature Article Is Ghana Police Service Doing Its Job: Part - 2

Suffering from the ashes of wicked family debris, the deck stacked against me. Ultimately, I find my way to Europe. Here in Europe, as you expect, I started raising the stake on property acquisition

My woes are far from over. I had to endure another rounds of betrayals from childhood friends and associates due to my kind-hearted and trusting nature. Monies sent to do property for me were thoroughly used for personal gains and practices of witchcraft and wizardry beckons from beneath to prevent me from coming back to claim my portion

Late in September 2015, while in France, the same Torgbui Agobodzo led a delegation of family members, from Akame and Aflao to my mother, also at Aflao. He explained surreptitiously to my mother that certain strange fellow is claiming the ownership of my property at Hillview Estate at Emef, Afienya Mataheko, Tema Accra and that my mother should come so that they can verify who the person was:

It was with the help of my mother's cousin, Emmanuel Kornyoh Dogbey Ansah Hegan, the property in question came into being. I only took a breeder land permit with me. It is one of the building plans with site plan drawn on it boldly in my name. Needless to say, that, usually, it is out of site plan that the indenture and building are generated. Hence if you have the site plan then you all the documents

Other documents concerning the land were all with Emmanuel Kornyoh Ansah Dogbey Hegan who is currently late. Emmanuel Kornyoh holds masters degree from university of Ghana, Legon

Emmanuel Kornyoh, stole a lot of my money to enrich himself, instead of 4 plots, at this the same location, he bought two and two for himself and the subsequent transfers I made were only mearnt to advance his building structures. He was forced to sell his uncompleted structure to build another at Aflao at cheaper cost

As tired as he was for lack of funds, so was l, giving to much and 'receiving' nothing in exchange. He died six months before those claiming my property also came in the spotlight. Once family members

My property is 80X200ft worth of land. As a Mason, I personally made two single bedrooms at one corner on one of plots. On the other eight bedroom self-contained foundation to the filling level. It was filled. More than 10.000 pieces of blocks were on the plots too. I spent more than 10.000 Euros on the foundation alone

By then, when my mother and a delegation led by Torgbui Agobodzo finally arrived at Afariwa, Accra, close to my property, Wonder Agobodzo already was. There, my mother discovered the alleged claimant is the husband of Sordzine

Sordzine, a wealthy daughter of Koshi, the late wife of Small Agobodzo also late. Small was protagonist in my father's property saga. Also, Small was the elder brother of Torgbui Agobodzo

I tried to report the case to the police at that time but police resisted the report baying the caretaker should, if those claimants encroached the property. But the caretaker never did when those so-called claimants encroached

Instead, he became very good pal of the police. The damages caused to the property runs into millions. It was Justice Moses Aheto, Ph.D, a Bio-statistian at University of Ghana who raised the alarm. I came down and reported the case to the police in March 7th 2018

Six months later, I went to Ghana again. This time, I was requested by the police to hire a lawyer. Ebenezer Ahiator was the lawyer I settled on. I made 700 Euros (Ghcs 3000 then, now 4500) money transfer him to start with.

Note: the case of this nature, is no case. At first, Kotoka alleged Emmanuel Kornyoh sold it to him. This time with sakaw kingpin, Reverend Daniel - a petty thief- they now say it was IC internationals. They later brought a document with the vendor Nii Tetteh. But Nii Tetteh is not the owner of my property when viewed from land commission. That would have ended the case.

The good news, is that the original owner registered the land property before he sold it to me. So his name still remains at land commission when l conducted search there

Officials at lands advised me to hire one of their surveyors which l did. His name ranges from - at least by James Korwu, the man who holds my power of attorney, an uncle - Gyan, Emily. Gyan or Emily is an alias. I believe his real name is Daniel O. Brown because that is what appeared on the fraudulent site plan and indenture he made for me. I just wanted him to finish the documents for Odonkor Awuley family (original owners) to sign which they promised they would

As for the documents, it took him seven months to finish. He started the documents since September last year to February this year but finished counterfeit. Mr. Daniel O. Brown now admitted to my new lawyer that the coordinates of the land is Weija Gbawe instead of Hillview Estate Tema Accra and that he will correct them

Till now, Mr. Daniel has not corrected the documents. Financial ramification incurred: tips to the boys who guided him to the place, his fee T&T, is Ghcs2000.00

Nevertheless, Suprt Agyei, repeatedly brought it to bear, that those making the claim do not have any document to sustain it. Now, without a valid documents nor court order they are back currently destroying my property with impunity while police service, albeit deliberately are helpless. CID Yeboah is unwilling to stop them

Incessantly spewed to bamboozle, rather gas-lighting: we only have to brace ourselves and up whisper, if you like, soliloquize "l haven't gone any where, I am still in Ghana". The preceeding, in its entirety gets me confused every minute that passes by. "Ghana is not Europe or America" ranted the police officials. Had this happened in Europe or America, it would a matter of getting another document from the surveyor department or property registry

In other words, a simple case in Europe or America is complicated in Ghana driven by greed. The ethos of "Ghana is not Europe or America" is criminal undertone meant to instill fear and promote hidden agenda

If not, destroying somebody's property without court order and tendering counterfeit documents to the police are criminal acts. But the police hasn't brought them to book. They are at large destroying more and more property

It was American writer, O. Henry (aka William Sidney, 1862 - 1910) who coined the phrase "Banana Republic" in 1901, to discribe a country without rule of law. Now, what makes the difference between America or Europe is the will to do things right

Those people tried to kill me on several occasions not only spiritually but physically too. You see, when people get away with crimes like this, they become emboldened

Samuel Mensah, my step brother, was mysteriously drowned in a river at Akame, so was Philip Mensah. All coming in contact with Torgbui Agobodzo and his accessories, all over property. And now, Emmanuel Kornyoh Ansah Dogbey Hegan. Later it might be myself

Needless to say, there is high-level of greed-related violence, one of such is Professor George Beneh recently. Per my opinion, police has not clamped down on them

It does not matter who is right or wrong. Those marauding criminals, the property is not theirs but they want it at all cost. They are ready to buy their way through and Ghana police officials simply love the money

Of course, my second lawyer is scrambling to file writ against them in three weeks. As he told me that he or the court is on holidays. Until then, these fiends might have destroyed everything that proves my ownership of the property

I don't understand why the police hasn't taken steps to demand court order before further destruction. Is a shame anyway

As Nigerian politician explains: police has the koboko but the rule of the term is the same for everybody, constitutionally speaking. Is theirs and of course is mine

Note: I don't endorse superstitious beliefs of witchcraft and wizardry but, of course, when you have your own people saying evil things against you, it might affect you

This is petition to IGP James Oppong-Boanuh

CID Boss Ken Yeboah

BNI Director: Mr. Dumfeh

Richard Agobodzo

You can contact: [email protected] Agobodzo