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Let Your Strength Beat Out Your Stress

Let Your Strength Beat Out Your Stress
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Mentally strong people are effective and productive in life because they devote their resources to the things they can control. They engage in active problem-solving as they don't dwell on the problem, instead, they create a solution

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. A person who is indifferent to all the upheavals of life and witnesses each and every change with no grieving allowance upon himself is the one with true strength.

Worrying is a waste of time, good and bad things happen in life, you need to keep living and not stress over what you can’t control. Never assume, as assumption leads to expectation and expectation to letdowns.

Pretending to be happy or smile when you are in pain may just be an example of how strong you are as a person. For if you are in pain and pretend to be happy to please others, you will die for nothing.

To smile not for self-pity but to tell your problems to back off, is positive. This is the primitive way to make one understand what worry and depression will cause in the stead of smiles. As the effect of worry and depression affects your total wellbeing; smiles do not.

What’s crazy is that just the physical act of smiling can make a difference in building your immunity. When you smile, the brain sees the muscle activity and assumes that humor is happening.

In a sense, the brain is a sucker for a grin. It doesn’t bother to sort out whether you’re smiling because you’re genuinely joyous, or because you’re just pretending.

Even forcing a fake smile can legitimately reduce stress and lower your heart rate. A study performed by a group at the University of Cardiff in Wales found that people who could not frown due to Botox injections were happier on average than those who could frown.

In other words, smiling can trick your brain into believing you’re happy which can then spur actual feelings of happiness. But it doesn’t end there. It has been ascertained over and over again that depression weakens your immune system, while happiness on the other hand has been shown to boost our body’s resistance.

It is therefore imperative as humans, to always have a smile no matter how overwhelming a situation is. There are plenty more studies out there to make you smile or at least, serve as a reference for why you should smile.

Many published findings have said that smiling helps reduce the body’s response to stress and lower heart rate in tense situations; another study linked smiling to lower blood pressure, while yet another suggests that smiling leads to longevity.

The most feared thing in life I think is change. Be it psychological, physical, or social; changes are ought to come in every field. But to get influenced by its torrent is what sways us away off the shores of stable happiness.

We often get exasperated by the rubbing of fate and recurring failures of life, failing to understand as to why they come with such vigor in succession. Well, that's how life is.

The Transient Nature of Human Life is deeply rooted in instability and perpetual changes one after another. To choose to be a victim or a test subject of it is what determines your own mental status.

If you can maintain the mental poise in the midst of all tribulations, the inner poise would definitely allow him to see the life through the deluding mist of confronting circumstances.

There is much more than what we suffer in this life, but you arrive at such an understanding when you practice your will power to remain mentally above all the crucifixion of earthly experiences.

Be thankful for what you have; you may not know how many people would love to have what you have. Nothing goes to waste on a journey of life. Both good and bad experiences shape your mind and heart for what is coming.

It’s unbelievable how fast people can change, one day you mean everything, the next day, you don’t exist anymore. Accept the situation for exactly what it is instead of trying to manipulate it into what you think it needs to be.

Don’t waste your time with explanations, people only hear what they want to hear. The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation itself, but your thoughts about it.

A strong person is the one who has the power to accept and adapt to the changes that life unexpectedly throws with their head held high but equally has the guts to make his or her desired changes.

Into each life some rain must fall. And while we can’t control just how much it rains, we can make a decision; let ourselves get wet, or break out the umbrella. The rain, of course, is the challenging times that we all face.

We were never promised of an easy journey thus the tougher the time, the stronger we become. The medical diagnosis, divorce, job loss, even just navigating the teen years as a parent, etc. all come across as tough.

We have a choice in how to respond to these difficult times, we can shut down emotionally and let ourselves become hardened by it, or we can grow from the experience.

But learning and growing from experience doesn’t mean denying the feelings that come with the process. But some people try to avoid negative emotions, and that can be a problem.

When we try to bury our feelings, it can actually cause them to become even stronger in the future and prevent us from moving beyond the distressing emotions.

It’s recommended to set aside time to talk about the feelings either with a friend or a trained professional. Give yourself time and space to feel what you’re feeling. Cry, grieve or go to a secluded spot outdoors and let out a primal scream of anger. Allow the feelings to come, and when they do, it then becomes possible to work through them.

Feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, guilt, or sadness during tough times are very normal, and we should never try to ignore those feelings. But, problems arise when we become stuck in those emotions.

Staying strong in the midst of hardship requires you to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Paying attention to all three areas will help you emerge from your struggles even stronger than before.

Thinking about how things will never work, not good enough, or being unable to stand one minute of the situation, will derail your goals. It’s important to recognize when your inner monologue becomes overly pessimistic.

Remember that just because you think something, doesn't make it true. Some people have the tendency of insulting others at the least provocation but can’t bring their disturbing thoughts to a halt by controlling how upsetting they are.

Talk to yourself like you would to a trusted friend when your thoughts become catastrophic or unhelpful. You need to respond to a more realistic statement that confirms your ability to handle your struggles.

One thing we should keep in mind and reflect upon is the fact that the same as we were able to come through the last problem, so shall the current one pass. Therefore, we need to behave positively than complaining and throwing a pity party.

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