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Accra: Ga East Municipal Undertakes Massive Rehabilitation Of Roads

Agbogba-Akatsi Abor Roads Getting Fixed; Happy Home Culvert And Storm Drain To Start Soon - Municipal Urban Roads Engineer Speaks To Gemanews, Gives Update On Abokobi Area Roads And Others
By Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman || PRO GEMA
Photo Credit, Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman
LISTEN AUG 9, 2020
Photo Credit, Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman

The Ga East Municipal Assembly (GEMA), Abokobi, has begun graveling the main roads leading in out of Akatsi Abor (Norwood Residential Area), near Agbogba, ahead of the expected sealing (tarring) of the roads, while the contract has been awarded for the construction of a culvert and storm drain at Happy Home, a suburb of Agbogba.

This was disclosed by the Municipal Urban Roads Engineer (MURE), Aboagye Foster when GEMANEWS followed him on an inspection of the ongoing graveling of the Akatsi Abor roads.

Norwood Residential Area, famously known as Akatsi Abor, considered as one of the rich communities in the Agbogba Electoral Area of the Ga East Municipality, owing to the nature of properties and layout, is yet to see tar on any of its roads.


This situation, however, will soon change as the Assembly has commenced graveling the main roads leading in and out of the area which are critical access routes to and from Agbogba to Adentan, Madina, and vicinity.

The stretch from School Junction connects to the Sakora road which provides an alternative route to Adentan aiding commuters to avoid the usually traffic-jammed Agbogba-Ritz Junction road.

The side leading to the Akatsi Abor Taxi Rank, part of the project, also serves as a bypass through Akatsi Abor to Agbogba when one wants to avoid the traffic situation at the Cossway Junction.

Speaking to GEMANEWS, the Municipal Urban Roads Engineer (MURE), Ing. Aboagye Foster explained that the project is being undertaken in two phases with phase one being graveling and phase two, sealing (tarring).

He stated that sections of the roads without drains have been captured and packaged for contract and would be fixed before the sealing.

"This is a road so dear to the residents of Akatsi Abor. I'm aware of the numerous requests by the Residents' Association here demanding this particular road to be constructed for them. We have written proposals to the Ministry of Roads and Highways but while we await approval, the Assembly has also considered it as priority road and decided to construct and tar it", the MURE said.

Ing. Aboagye noted that the phase one may occasion dusty conditions in the early stages as a result of over speeding but

appealed to the residents to bear with the Assembly as it finds lasting solution to the poor state of roads in the area.

"This is a gravel work we're doing and when it gets to the dry season, there will be some dust. So, if they (residents) want to do that (mount improvised speed humps) on the road to reduce the incidence of dust, they should approach us to advise them on the proper material to use", he said.

The Municipal Urban Roads Engineer, also disclosed that contract has been awarded for the construction of a culvert and storm drain at Agbogba-Happy Home to address the perennial flooding in the area and serve as link road off the Agbogba main (town) road at Fitting Shop across the Cossway road to Haatso.

"Is a contract that has been awarded and the contractor is supposed to do four (4) drainage works which involve three (3) culverts and one (1) storm drain. As I speak to you now, he has finished one culvert and he is moving to the next. They (residents of Happy Home) should exercise patience. As soon as he finishes the second culvert, he's coming directly to their place", he assured.

"The first one he (the contractor) was confronted with some challenges with the rains and that delayed the project but we're hopeful things will move faster with the second one and right after that he's coming there so they (residents of Happy Home) should

exercise patience, their culvert will be fixed for them soon", he continued.

He further provided an update the ongoing construction of the Old Ashongman-Abokobi and Teiman-Abokobi roads.

"You know that one has already been awarded to Arimpa. It's just about some financial challenges that they're encountering but still he's looking for funds to come and do the first phase of the project, that's the sealing. In the interim, the Assembly is mobilizing to come and reshape it but the contractor is also coming", he said.

He continued, "the Abokobi-Teiman road, the contractor is coming back to start the graveling works since he's done with the drains".

Ing. Aboagye Foster again assured residents of Pure Water and all road users who ply the Agbogba-Pure Water-Ashongman Estate road that they will soon see action on that stretch.

"That project has already been awarded, it's part of the Sinohydro projects, and the contractor is currently working on one of the three projects awarded him, including the Pure Water road, at Taifa Kristo Asafo. I've spoken with him and he's going to divide his workforce so that one group will move to Kwabenya and another to the Pure Water road", the MURE indicated.

Touching on the Abokobi-Pantang and Abokobi-Boi-Comets roads, the MURE stated that both roads had funding issues resulting in the long delay in completing them.

"The Abokobi-Boi-Comets road is where we have a challenge. The contractor, sometimes you see him piling gravels other times you see a grader working without even informing anybody. He also, I think, is encountering some financial challenges but I'll go there and discuss holistically to know what he's doing on that road."

"Abokobi-Pantang road is where we have the challenge but I've discussed with the Regional Office and they're also discussing at the national level so I'm sure they'll get a contractor to come and work on it soon. ".

Ing. Aboagye Foster also spoke about the ongoing Dome Pillar 2 roads saying, "the contractor is back on-site and is really forcing to complete the work. He has targeted 7.5 kilometres which stretch from Atomic to Auntie Mary area and he'll continue with the rest from there".

He concluded by appealing to the residents of the municipality to support and cooperate with the Assembly and the Member of Parliament (MP), Hon Sarah Adwoa Safo, as they make strenuous efforts to ensure improvements of the conditions of roads in the municipality, adding that a lot was being done already in this regard.

"We're doing our best but the bottom line is the funds to do the projects but we're hopeful of improving the conditions of our roads", he stated.

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