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07.07.2020 Feature Article

Coronavirus Pandemic: Arrest and Jail Carlos to Demonstrate Decisiveness, Youth Activist Tells Government!

Tahiru Lukman Youth Activist (Left) and Hon. Carlos Kingsly Ahenkorah 
Tema West MP (Right)
LISTEN JUL 7, 2020
Tahiru Lukman Youth Activist (Left) and Hon. Carlos Kingsly Ahenkorah Tema West MP (Right)

The coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage nations’ economies and lives. Ghana’s case count has been on the rise. From official records- Ghana Health Service as at 6th July, 2020, Ghana recorded 695 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total tally to 20,085, with 14,870 recoveries/ discharge. There are 5,093 active case and 122 deaths. These death tolls included a seasoned Lawyer and a politician Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie (Sir John), the CEO of Ghana Forestry Commission.

The signs are clear, Ghana case count could even escalate considering the yearning desire for many to acquiring the Ghana’s card and all eligible voter to get the new voter’s ID card. The failure to adhere to COVID- 19 protocol is no more a secret; officials and security personnel’s look on helpless as they have little to do; with all this act of disobediences Ghana has to embrace itself for any eventualities.

It is disgusting in the way citizens are subjected to a needless exercise of voter registration and acquisition of Ghana card. More annoying is for a lawmaker cum senior Government official – Hon. Carlos to put the general public in great danger by vising public gatherings- voter registration centre. His result has been disclosed to him haven taken the MPs mandatory screening. Why then should he have exposed the life of the masses in such a manner? His conduct is not deserving a leader and a patriot and for that matter, the government must deal with him to serve as a deterrent to others.

President Akufo- Addo admonished all his appointees to provide leadership, at all times, for adherence to the protocols that have been established to help the nation defeat COVID-19. Although the President's acceptance of the resignation of Hon. Carlos Kingsly Ahenkorah is bold and timely, Hon. Carlos action is gross indiscipline, irresponsible and a self-seeking politician and therefore must be severely punished.

Deservedly, the government cannot enact a law and that is appearing as a mirage on paper. With a lot of Ghanaian engaging in acts of impunity and lawlessness in the awake of COVID- 19. It is a clear opportunity for the government to demonstrate to the clergy, business community, ordinary citizens that, the principle of rule of law exist and for that matter equality before the law is a fundamental precondition for democratic dispensation.

I have always been taken aback whenever a statesman misconduct him or herself, the practice has always been to either asked to resigned or reassignment. The legitimate question is whether resignation is enough punishment for government appointees who misconduct themselves?

We must not treat issues of high significance with political lens. Government must rise above political spectrum and called for the arrest of Hon Carlos and let the law takes it course. If someone can be arrested for not wearing a nose mask and jailed for a minimum of 4 years or a minimum fend of GH¢12,000.00, how more a Covid-19 positive patient who deliberately endangers the life of Ghanaians? We have to begin to let our systems operate without fear or favours and sentiments in order to stop greedy, selfish, wicked and ‘empty’ politicians to feels superiority over ordinary Ghanaians.

Let me cautioned the government that, the Imposition Restriction Act, 2020 is already subjected to mockery taken into consideration sanctions regimes and hasty nature it was drafted to tighten the fight against COVID- 19, and so government poor handling of Hon. Carlos irresponsible conducts will further weaken enforcement of the law.

Let my also advice that, the following measures must be initiated quickly;

  1. All the registration officers in the polling stations visited by hon Carlos must taken to isolation/quarantine, with full payment due them.
  2. All those who registered on that day and the following two days should be go on self-isolation.
  3. All party polling agents must also be taken into quarantine.
  4. Hon. Carlo’s campaign team members should be taken into isolation
  5. The constituency executive members should also be screen?
  6. The need to re- test all members of parliament and officials he comes into contact with.
  7. Screen the purported video of his jubilation his protected endorsement and identify supporters he was embracing
  8. Open a toll free for anybody he comes into contact with him in the week of his carelessness
  9. His driver and close associates must also be screen.
  10. His family should be screen.

It is sad to not that, the tragedy of our times is indeed ‘Politics over People’. Why do we occupy our sense of reasoning with this imagination? Let us remind ourselves that, power comes from the people and so if life does not matter, the beneficiary of political leadership will be the first to suffer any form of consequence. In the wake of losing a high profile lawyer and three family members with some senior government officials hospitalized from COVID- 19, it is time for us to as a matter of necessity reflect and brace ourselves for eventualities and to call off the voter registration exercise.

If we preach that, virus don’t move it is people who move with the virus, then why are we sanctioning the continuous registration of the Ghana’s Card? The registration of the Voters ID card? It is a shame at this critical time to be a Ghanaian!

The lessons are there for us to draw reference from; the likes of Burundi never believe in the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and this have caused a tragic death of their president and some family members including the president mother and sister. Do we want as a country to reach this point?

With the increasing politicisation of COVID- 19 in Ghana, it is time we look up to ourselves. We must at all times adhere strictly to the safety and hygiene protocols such as washing of hands with soap under running water, staying at home if one has nothing to do outside, wearing of face or nose masks, use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and observing the social/physical distancing in public.

Globally, there are more than 10 million reported positive cases of COVID-19, with over 500,000 deaths. So let nobody throw dust in our eyes that, we are fighting COVID-19 satisfactorily as a country. Remember the words of our president, that they can create economies but they cannot bring back life. Even what our government can do are they able? Be your own keeper!

Stay Safe for Country and Allah!

Author: Tahiru Lukman

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +233(0) 209154057 / +233 (0) 551018778

Position: Youth Activist, Development Consultant & Pan- African Author

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