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02.07.2020 Feature Article

The Reason Why This Mural Was Offensive, And It’s Not The Black People

The Reason Why This Mural Was Offensive, And It’s Not The Black People
LISTEN JUL 2, 2020

Back in 2012, this large mural painted in London by Grafitti artist Mear One titled Freedom For Humanity caused public outrage and had to be removed/ painted over.

Dear black people what do you think the outrage over this mural was? The craziest thing is, the outrage wasn’t the black people portrayed as slaves.

Last year I watched a BBC Anti-Semitism documentary, and I remember literally opening my mouth wide as I heard why this mural had caused outrage and was offensive. In the BBC documentary about white Jews, the black people clearly depicted in the mural were not even mentioned by race or nation, they simply called them “The Workers”. In the articles in the media, they simply called the black people depicted in the art, “the poor”.

The painter clearly painted black people bending over, being used as a table to play monopoly by rich old white people, never mind what nationality they were, but the depiction of black people as slaves in this mural did not offend anyone. The black people in the mural were completely ignored and just referred to in passing as “the workers’ and “the poor”.

However offence was taken, and the public was called to examine what was actually wrong with the mural. People were told, “If you do not see anything wrong with the mural, then you have a problem?”

What was wrong with the mural and what caused outrage was apparently the “wrong” portrayal of white Jewish men sitting at the table. Apparently, it made them “look evil”, which was unfair. In other words, the black people were portrayed correctly, hence no one raised an eyebrow about them, but it was rather the white Jews who were “unfairly” portrayed even though the richest people in this world are actually white Jews.

So that was the outrage, and for that the mural was painted over because it was “anti-semitic.” The degradation of black people in it was never an issue, they, after all, are the “poor” and the “workers” of this world, the media implied.

Back in 2018, an article published in The Times said…

Jeremy Corbyn has been forced to apologise after initially defending his apparent support for a mural depicting Jewish bankers playing Monopoly on the backs of the poor.

Today, I can confidently say as a black woman, I was offended by the outrage of the mural. I was offended by the reason it was painted over. I was offended that the protesters against the mural could not even bring themselves to notice the black people in it or call them by their nation or race as they called the white “Jews”. I was offended that black people were called the “poor” by the mainstream media. One paper even called them people of “various colours” even though they are all one colour and one race.

Surely common sense should dictate that the ones being oppressed in the painting should cause more outrage than the ones oppressing.

If I was to launch my own protest against the “protest of the mural”, which I think there should be, I would say, its not just the White Jews who matter, ” BLACK JEWS MATTER” too. If anything, the outrage of the mural was actually proof that in the eyes of the mainstream media, “Black Lives Have Never Mattered” at all.

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