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3 Tips for Achieve Success during the COVID-19 Pandemic

American entrepreneur Rashad McCrorey shares keys to achieving success during the COVID-19 pandemic.
3 Tips for Achieve Success during the COVID-19 Pandemic
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As the financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic continue to devastate businesses and cripple economies around the world, I personally have continued to thrive and grow in public notoriety. My name is Rashad McCrorey, I am the owner of Rashad McCrorey Entertainment LLC and Africa Cross-Culture my back to Africa tourism company for members of the African diaspora. In the last 3 months, I have continued to make sales for the 2021 and 2022 fiscal year, gain authority as a key person of influence in my business industry, and continue to achieve both personal and business milestones at an increased rate. In addition to making sales, I have received high profile press features in multiple American media outlets including Forbes Magazine, New York Daily News, and TheGrio. I have contributed written works to respected media outlets in various countries around the world wherein Ghana you can find my writings in My Joy online, GhanaWeb, Modern Ghana, and Adom Online just to name a few. Some say my biggest accomplishment has been the addition of thousands of social media followers (potential customers) across various social networks including achieving the much-coveted Instagram verification.

In this article, I will share three mental tips for success during the coronavirus pandemic. I firmly believe success starts in the mind. A saying I learned many years ago is “Success (or luck) occurs when preparation meets opportunity”. In this article, I will share how I prepare for success and opportunity. I believe many of the success stories to come out of the coronavirus era have yet to develop. To make things clear, you still have more than enough time to come out of the coronavirus pandemic with your own success story. If you are asking yourself “Why me”? I’m asking you “why not you”?

Fear is Opportunity
Fear to me means opportunity. Whenever I feel fear, I know there is an opportunity presenting itself. If addressed properly, fear is an opportunity to build strength, courage, and experience. Whenever you feel fear, be mindful to know fear is an opportunity to build strength. Strength could mean moving forward or walking away, learn to identify which opportunity is this episode of fear presenting itself to you. Once you learn to identify fear as a positive and not a negative, you can leverage fear to move you closer to greatness.

Mental Health
As a leader, I pray, meditate, and strategize daily. I have been an advocate for self-care for a very long time. I make sure I get adequate sun, create quiet time for reflection, and improve my eating habits for energy and focus. In Ghana, the items I listed may come in abundance, but please understand I am an American from New York City. Sun, quit time, and healthy food is something you must consciously seek out. During these strange times, it is more important now more than ever to have a clear mind and seek out healthy habits. If possible, move away from excessive drinking of alcohol as alcohol clouds judgment. Be mindful of what you are listening to on the radio, watching on television, and the company you keep. Be sure to surround yourself with positive reinforcement, read books, watch programs, and listen to materials that will encourage your survival not worry you to death. People around me know I am quick to end a conversation about non-important information. If someone or something is distracting me from my goals or greatness I cut it off quickly, even if it means stepping on toes.

Expand Don’t Contract
Try to expand your influence and business. Try not to contract during this difficult time. It is easy to listen to the news and people who talk about stocks dropping, politics in a negative fashion, bankruptcies, and job losses. Not only as entrepreneurs but also as individuals we should be strategic and strive to come out of this pandemic stronger than when we entered. As your rivals, or even friends, save, maybe you should spend (on business) when many are selling, you should be buying. Find a way to expand your influence or authority in your field, do not wait for the coronavirus to end, take control, improve, and be stronger now. This is by no means an advocate for not practicing social distancing; everything I have been accomplishing has been online and I rarely leave my location for non-essential purposes.

In all, there is much more I can share but I believe these three tips are a good start to begin your path of achieving success during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am not sure how much longer the world will be in this predicament, but I pray that we build the stamina to not only thrive while we are still in the dark but also surge once we move onto to life post coronavirus. For many of the readers of this article, this may be the article to spark your own success story. Please feel free to find me on any one of my social media platforms and share your success story or ask me for advice as you write your own story of success. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter. If you find me on twitter, make sure you interact and help me build up my twitter engagement, especially if you feel this article has helped or inspired you.

Rashad McCrorey is an American Entrepreneur and Writer. McCrorey Specializes in Human Rights, Travel, and Self Care.



Rashad McCrorey at Elmina CastleRashad McCrorey at Elmina Castle



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