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Mother, the only word in the dictionary without a synonym

By Mukta Das
Mother, the only word in the dictionary without a synonym

A woman often remains a woman for society. We may have reached over the moon but when it comes to women's involvement in anything, they are always under the microscopic lens. In India, we are still at a phase where the motive of land registry in the name of woman accounts to lesser charges for the same and not because she is an indispensable member. This is the hard and most bitter truth of our community. With this bitter truth round the corner, we have more dilemmas as the addons. In recent years we have sub categorized our nomenclature for the feminine community and the most paparazzi one is the discussion for working mothers.

The Working mother is one class in the Indian society which is most discussed among every senior person’s group. The irony is the group discussing the same is a cluster of women only. A working woman aka “A Woman” first is often a villain in the story of most senior citizen’s gossip. No one looks from the perspective that she is doing her job imperfectly perfect.

What if she misses one dose of medicine for her toddler, what if she wakes up late and so the breakfast of her little one is delayed by an hour, what if she prioritizes herself over her baby for sone salon work. She would still be a loving and caring mother to her toddler no matter how careless she is in his/ her upbringing. She may leave her little one for a week with her family for some business-related work, she may leave her child to her husband to go to some kitty party, she may have slept before her kid does, but all this does not give anyone a right to assassinate the character as a mother.

The topic of my post was for Working mothers, but when I sat down to pen down the plight, I realized first that society needs to be cognizant towards mothers. The next (Working mother) is another story. We talk too much about woman empowerment but we fail to miss the essence in our daily attitude. We must understand the fact that a mother is a mother, working, non-working, full time, part time etc. are just acronyms. In the world, even if we discover some other planet supporting life the stature of mother would remain the same. She would still be the only and foremost requirement for her baby and irreplaceable entity for him/her.

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