Giberky Directs Her ‘Fashion Gratitude’ Towards Kumasi Technical University

By Wilfred Clarke
News & Events Giberky Directs Her ‘Fashion Gratitude’ Towards Kumasi Technical University

The UK based Ghanaian fashion designer paid homage to one of her alma maters when she touched down in Kumasi upon a short trip to Ghana.

Meeting some of the officials from the fashion department and a cross section of the fashion studies’ students, Giberky who is formerly known as Gifty Berko took it upon herself to do her best, by promising to support with some of the needs of the fashion department.

Rev. Dr Timothy Crentsil, the head of fashion department added in his introduction, that: “Giberky studied here in the 1990s, and the good news is that we are pleased to see her re-visiting where she started her fashion design journey. This goes to show that those of you studying here, are in a good place, if you take your studies seriously.”

By striking a clear balance on a scale of preference, quipped as to how she intends to do her best for her former school, she said:" I will start with what I think they need instead of what they want, given the state of affairs within the fashion industry."

In response to Giberky’s statement the Dean, Dr Thomas Obeng Asare of Creative Arts and Technology at the Polytechnic University said: “These things are to motivate you, to let you know that when one talks about fashion, it’s not just about ordinary sewing, dressmaking or being a seamstress. But think of it, as a big industry with so many facets.”

Although she started independently and alone up until this while, in a related conversation about investment and investors within the Business of Fashion and its financial challenges, Giberky opined, saying: “I wouldn’t mind if an investor comes in to invest in what I do, it is something I have thought of.”

Branching into ‘Ready to Wear’ Collection while still maintaining her Bespoke Styles will see some of her fans up and running again this summer given her fashion forecast for 2023.

For someone who also counts Saint Monica's Secondary School as Alma Mater, one would not be arguably wrong in saying the fashion students at Kumasi Technical University are very lucky in the direction of her benevolence.