Rasta's emancipating us from mental slavery

Social & Status Rasta's emancipating us from mental slavery

If only Papano's listened to Aboa kontitiba

In honour of the Ghanaian rastafarians getting into Achimota School. I pay tribute to the legacy of great Rastafarians before them who taught us sexual immorality was a sin. That it wasn't wise for rich prominent older men (Papano) to go after young women because they will later want dollars not cedis and become frogs. The ones who told Papano to allow young men to marry, and that women should be prepared Papano is lurking everywhere looking for girls to sleep with, and the ones who taught us to not let love take us into heartbreak because our hearts are small and can't take it.

Rata's have taught us love is not about money or anything but love, and if it's not we should ran away. That we shouldn't also let love make us a fool. That in Ghana a boyfriend who can't buy you food when your hungry is not a boyfriend, so many young women have a sponsor and a side young man with energy.

As we are living in a decent Christian country, we keep being told God is going to strike us down all the time by the gatekeepers of short hair and purity. Then let us all keep ourselves pure in the eyes of Jesus and stop adultery. If we look at it in Ghana now most of our big men and women always preaching God, decency, class and morality as well as culture are cheating on their wives or husbands with young women and men, or stealing Ghana's money to provide for slay queen's and side chicks, or toy boys. Our young lady's who have also been taught decency and love God are opening their legs and letting their living waters flow where the egg of human life lives, for daily bread. Then there are the Mamano's with toy boys and the toy boys with many women. Most of them have no dreadlocks on their heads. Things have fallen apart the centres don't hold.

Let's give it up for Obour and Samini's Aboa Kokontiba, Kofi Antwi's Nfa me nko ho and Amirika, Otolegee by Ofori Amponsah, Papano by Barima Sidney, Sponsor by Ebony Reigns, True believer by Shatta Wale, Obia wo ne master by Yaa Pono and rasta Stonebwoy. For talking about the biggest problem facing Ghana today, Sakora Peter Pan's and Lost boys Papano's and young men, Papano's decent looking wives Wendy's, of which some are Mamano's, and nice clean hairstyles, and Big fashionista slay queen's, some of them are called 'high class lady's' and they are real lady's of the night and anytime living waters need to flow for cash.

Most of them are pillars and role models of our communities. Like they always tell us to be hardworking, pure and noble. They should also flee from sexual immorality and be disciplined, decent, pure and STI free. I mean this is a country where the gospel, godliness, discipline and decency must be upheld, or it cannot be done apparently, according to the powers that be. God has spoken in his word let the church say amen. You can't change it or rearrange it, Onyame paa na y3 sum nu, let's love our neighbour as ourselves, flee from sexual immorality too. Cremu so four gye wa hum, cheating and adultery is being done by some Muslims in that group too. The ashawo awosha like Nigerian Rasta singer Flavour sang must stop.

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Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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