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Dealing with Grief It is so hard to be there for a sad loved one

By Tioluwalase Fagbongbe || The Writing Tribe
Dealing with Grief It is so hard to be there for a sad loved one

These past few weeks has been the worst moments of my life. Having to stay strong for my friend who lost her dad.

I am not sure anyone taught us how staying strong for a loved one who is Grieving is such a super hardcore.

You have to listen to the pain in their hearts and that alone hurts you. You have to remind them to stay strong while staying strong for them too.

You consistently have to show up for them and just Praying for them. You have to be a source of strength. Your emotional intelligence cap has to always be on.

Don't trigger them with your words. It is a delicate stage of their life.

We are in a fallen world and good things happen to bad people and the other hand, bad things happen to good people, we have God and we have ourselves.

Let us learn to be there for our loved ones, let us learn to show love to people regardless. Life is not showing its best faces to people.

I hope days the ugly side of life shows up to you or your loved one, I pray for the strength to be reminded of better days ahead.

Perhaps you lost someone close to you, please stay strong 💪🏾 better days are ahead.

Or are you like me who has a friend who lost someone very special to them, please stay strong for them while looking out for yourself too.

Life is in phases and seasons, whilst still having questions that we might never have answers to, let us brace up and still show up for ourselves, loved ones whilst spreading the love around.

It will make sense one day.
With all the love in my heart 💓