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The wine that is worth more than thousands of dollars

The wine that is worth more than thousands of dollars
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There are moments that wine on an auction delivers an immense amount of money. Last September there was auctioned a bottle of wine at Sotheby's. This is the story.

Most people don't know what they buy when the grab a bottle of wine in a supermarket. A virologist will probably buy a bottle at a wine store and know much more about it. He will keep his wine storage maybe in a wine fridge (Translated to Dutch: wijnklimaatkast). He or she will be more critical about the wine en pay some more money.

$60.000 dollars for a bottle of wine

Sometimes there is news about a bottle of wine that will cost much more than 'some more money'. For example, a bottle of wine that cost $5800 dollars. It is the Romanée-Conti DRC, a French Bourgogne from 1990. Auctioned in New York.

A lot of money, but this is not all. Someone paid $60.000 dollars (in 1986) for a bottle Château Eyquem 1784. It is not a bottle you carry around in your Cowboysbag or Burkely. That's for sure.

Rothschild was the most expensive

Now about the Château Mouton Rothschild 1945. It was auctioned at the end of the nineties at Christie's in Londen. Paid for? $114.614 dollar. What do you say? It is true. Someone paid this huge amount for just a bottle, one bottle (!).

The most expensive wine in the world was until shortly the Château Lafite Rothschild 1787. In 1985 auction at Christie's for 160.000 dollars. It now belongs to the Forbes collection. It is a wine from the French Bordeaux in de city of Pauillac. For the wine connoisseur: a Premier Grand Cru Classé according to the classification system for Bordeaux wine from 1855.

$558 thousand dazzling dollars

You can invest in wine, that is clear. And a lot of people do. But is also will be clear that you got to have an enormous amount of money to buy an old bottle of wine from a famous wine House.

The most expensive wine is a 0,75 liters bottle: Château Lafite Rothschild, from 1869. In 2010 it was sold in Hongkong. Cost: 233 thousand dollars.

And then the Romanee Conti from 1945 comes in, that was sold this year. It yielded $558 thousand dollars. The bottle of wine was auctioned by Sotheby's.

This bottle came from the collection of Robert Drouhin. Maybe you have never heard of him, but he was head of the Maison Joseph Drouhin. He told that this bottle has a historic story. During World War II it was stored in a secret place. So the nazi's would not get their hands on it. It succeeded and now the bottle is discovered again, it could be auctioned. For an astronomical amount of money.

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