Ovarian Cancer: What To Avoid During Menstruation..

By Dr Oyebade Obalola Jerry.
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MAR 28, 2018 LISTEN
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1. Avoid cold foods and drinks. The cold temperatures will cause your stomach muscles to cramp, resulting in additional pain during your menstrual cycle. Although cold treats - such as ice cream, frozen slushies, and ice water - may seem to be good remedies for alleviating discomfort during your period, they only worsen it. Instead, use heat to relax your stomach muscles. Hot water will allow your body to make instant use of it. You could also add herbs and tea to reduce the pain. Additionally, heat up your food before eating it.

2. Avoid dairy. Milk, cheese, cream and other dairy products can increase prostaglandins—the hormones that make your uterus contract during your period—and can makecramping worse. Try reducing these foods in your diet, or avoid them altogether when you're on your period.

3. Avoid bathing in cold water
I think as a whole, anything cold is not good for women when they are menstruating. So besides avoiding cold food and drinks, one should also avoid bathing in cold water. I can’t say if this is true since I’ve always been bathing in warm water anyway.

4. Avoid alcohol and Caffeinated drinks.
While alcohol may reduce cramps temporarily, in can increases oestrogen levels, thus worsening period symptoms.

Instead, choose virgin mojitos, watered down lassi, coconut water, all of which will keep you hydrated and are recommended period foods.

Turn down the volume of coffee—one of the main drinks you need to avoid during your period. It increases blood pressure and heart rate leading to tension and anxiety attacks and in turn, worsening the PMS symptoms.

Instead, have green tea, tomato and carrot juice or any type of soup.

5. Don't be on heavy washing while menstruating .

This is because the pores are open during this period.. and this causes headache.. This effects can be felt whether you are young or old.

6. Don't eat cucumber while having menstruation because the sap in the cucumber can cause the blood flow to be left in the uterus wall. The is the origin of ovarian cancer.

What are the early symptoms of ovarian cancer?
It’s easy to overlook the early symptoms of ovarian cancer because they’re similar to other common illnesses or they tend to come and go. The early symptoms include:

*abdominal bloating, pressure, and pain
*abnormal fullness after eating
*difficulty eating
*an increase in urination
*an increased urge to urinate.