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Medikal donate tables, chairs, other items to Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School

Medikal donate tables, chairs, other items to Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School

Celebrated Ghanaian rapper Medikal has donated tables, chairs, and various essential items to the Oduman Asuaba M/A Basic School in the GA South District, where students had been forced to sit on stones during lessons.

This generous gesture was sparked by a series of poignant images shared by blogger Kobby Kyei, which highlighted the dire conditions of the school.

The photos quickly gained attention online, leading to an outpouring of commendation from the public.

Medikal, fresh off his sold-out concert at the London Indigo O2 on May 3, 2024, took immediate action upon his return to Ghana. Alongside his manager, Kofi Jam, the rapper not only provided much-needed furniture but also took a hands-on approach by sweeping and painting the classroom walls.

This personal involvement added a touching dimension to his contribution, showcasing his dedication to improving educational facilities for young students.

"I believe in giving back to my community and supporting the younger generation," Medikal stated. "Education is crucial, and these children deserve a conducive learning environment. This is just the beginning; I am committed to doing more."

The donation and Medikal's personal efforts were met with widespread acclaim. Community members and fans alike praised both Medikal and Kobby Kyei for their roles in addressing the school's needs. The rapper's actions have not only improved the physical state of the classrooms but have also inspired hope and gratitude within the community.

This initiative marks the start of a broader commitment from Medikal, who has pledged to continue supporting local schools and other community projects. His return to Ghana has been characterized by a renewed focus on philanthropy, promising more such heartfelt contributions in the future.

Medikal's impactful gesture serves as a powerful reminder of the significant difference individuals can make, and his example is sure to inspire others to contribute to their communities in meaningful

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