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I'm not dating, my career is of important to me now — Sharon Ifedi

Sharon Ifedi, Nollywood actressSharon Ifedi, Nollywood actress
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Fastest-rising Nollywood actress, Sharon Ifedi says she is focused on achieving her goals with no room for a relationship.

She has intimated that she is not ready to mingle with any man at the moment as she aspires for greatness.

Speaking in an interview, the 13-year-old superstar indicated that just as she is focused, no man has also approached her with marriage intentions.

“No, I have not. And no one has approached me for marriage.

“As for the qualities that I would like in a man, that would come when I come of age because I don’t know anything about men right now. I am just focusing on my career. I am not in any relationship. I am not dating anybody. But of course, men would always say they like me,” she said.

Miss Ifedi, speaking further about some challenges she faces as a public figure, said she was at first worried about leaving home to spend almost a whole day on set, but now she is used to it.

She also lamented how some of her fans approach her publicly. To her, some of the encounters, especially those with her male fans, are really embarrassing.

“I used to hate the fact that I had to wake up early, leave my siblings at home, go for work and come back late at night.

"So, it was really stressful. Now, that’s not really a big challenge anymore because I’m used to it; and I like the person that I’ve become and would still be. However, my challenge now is the roles that I’ve not played, because as an actress you need to be versatile.

“I have had several embarrassing moments with fans. I could remember one time that I was on the red carpet taking pictures at an award ceremony and a male fan jumped out of nowhere to hug me. I did not expect it. I was shocked because the person didn’t want to let go, and the people around had to come help to take him away.”

She sends some advice to aspiring filmmakers, saying, “I would tell them to first look at themselves in a mirror, practice and see if they can fit in. And if you get the confidence, determination etc., then you can start going for auditions. And if you are really good, a producer can like you and feature you in one of his movies, and from there you can pick up.”

She continued, “Definitely, it won’t be easy, but if it is what you really want, then you can make it. Never give up. If you know what you want to do, just do it. And my mother really helped me get to where I am today in my career. My sisters and aunties, too.”

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