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Opinion | Jun 4, 2018

Review: Nanayaa’s Latest Single ‘Woman Power’ Asking Women To Find Their Selling Point

By Nana Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh

I have listened to NanaYaa on so many interviews explaining her latest single – Woman Power. She tries to point us to the direction of women empowerment but actually the song is a very sexual song.

Yes I know that empowering women to go all out to win their men is also empowerment but to be frank it is sexually driven.

The popular saying that sex sells is something many women use to defend their sexual life but does it really sell in real life?

This is one question that popped up in my head the very moment I listened to NanaYaa’s new single Woman Power’.

The song talks about how women can use their abilities AKA body Power as referred to in the song by NanaYaa to win men.

In the opening verse of the new single, NanaYaa explains that ‘she is not dull, she is faster and she has a guy who acts like a gangster but in the room he is cool as a pastor’.

This opening verse of the song, paints women, as the only remote control for men who act tough outside but cool on the inside. As to the use of a pastor in there, I think represents how calm men can be when they want to get some of the woman’s apple.

I actually like the first verse, so lets take a look at the second verse.

“I dey come show you what to do to win your lover; you for know your selling point to make him go gaga’.

As a writer too I understand the idea of playing with music lovers’ mind. I think many listeners have to pay key attention to the lyrics of the second verse. To actually push women to use their bodies as a tool to get what they want sounds a bit extreme.

Well, a school of thought will say NanaYaa pointed out the obvious in life; so I am sure Moesha did it but Ghanaians crucified her for her truth.

Aside every thing, womanpower by NanaYaa is one of the best songs I have heard from her yet.

The rhythm is danceable; it is a jam and a banger as tagged by many on social media.

Ladies, you should jump onto this jam and identify your selling points.

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