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Let's Tackle Social Issues In Our Music-KGee

By Nicholas Arthur
Let's Tackle Social Issues In Our Music-KGee

Love is a beautiful thing but Micheal Kofi Agyare popularly known as KGee said it seems like the most common theme found in music these days is Love, so many songs are about having a crush on someone, being in love or breaking up. It's good to sing about love but we should also use our music to deliver powerful social messages, sing about the increasingly blurred lines between truth and lies, right and wrong in today's society.

The Street Africa Entertainment signee who is about to release his new single titled "Welcome To Ghana" a controversial and sensitive masterpiece added that there are a lot of social issues he think need to be tackled in our music such as Unemployment, Corruption, Disposal of Refuse, Defilement, the bad state of our roads. Recently we lost our dear sister Ebony in a road accident due to the bad state of our road. I don't think we should wait for a tragedy to occur and do songs to console the affected victims, it's not right. The best we can do for our fans and society is to address their needs and problem in our songs and push it until those in authority fix the problem, music is a powerful tool and we should use it to change our society positively.

Music has always been his passion, he finds himself lucky that he get to follow his dream unlike most people who are pressured to do something else. However the music industry is complicated even for well-established musicians and for newcomers it is like trying to swim in a lotus pond, but he insist that there are a lot of opportunities for music in Ghana and anyone passionate about it should follow his dreams, no matter what.

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