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All New And Unique Long Hairstyles For Men In 2018

25.04.2018 LISTEN
By John Smith

When someone talks about hairstyles, I’m like, “Now we’re talking”! Well, men with long hair look charming and attractive, no doubt. But there’s a myth exists between almost all of us that long hairs are only meant for a top knot or a ponytail. NO! That’s not how it is! There’re tons of alternatives for keeping your hairs in shape and style. Comb over, quiff, and slick back are some examples. Today, we’re here to introduce some of the great and charming long hairstyles for men that you can use in 2018..

1. Man Bun
It’s been a lot of time since you’re seeing Man Bun trend and you might be thinking that it’s now becoming fade. It’s not! Man Bun is still one of the most commonly adopted hairstyles and it looks awesome even today!

There has been a misconception spread over the young generation that long hairs are difficult to take care of. Once you grow them up to a reasonable length, it will be easy for you to keep them up. However, long hairs are more flexible in terms of hairstyles and are easy to take care of. All you need is to, somehow, grow them to a right length and with little effort, you can make yourself look attractive.

Man Bun can be pulled off by anyone with 6 inches long hairs. Just grab and twist your hair at the back of your head and tie them with a hair tie, that’s it! Man Bun gives you a trendy look and also, it’s a handy style for keeping your hairs away from your face. In most environments, hairs irritate when they’re on your face, so Man Bun is a good way to keep them away.

2. Ponytail Hairstyle
For ponytail, you have to keep your hair below your shoulders otherwise the ponytail will not look attractive. If you’re planning to grow hairs for ponytail hairstyle, you must be aware of what type of hairs you have. You must have straight hair, not curly because it will end up in a mess.

The ponytail is suitable for casual dressing. Ponytail requires a little bit of care as the hairs are long and it’s difficult to keep them in shape. But with proper styling, one can easily fit into it.

3. Shoulder length
Shoulder length is also one of the most common hairstyle that looks incredible. You just grow your hair up to your shoulders and let them free. There’s very little effort to keep this hairstyle in contact. You can also go with it if you’re not easy with ponytail which requires long hairs.

4. Top Knot
The top knot is most common hairstyle that most men have adopted. The top knot is also considered to be the all-season-hairstyle. Whether the sun is glowing, or the snow is falling, the top knot is there to keep your hair in shape. There’re different ways to wear top knot. It depends on where the knot is and how it’s styled with rest of the hair. Mostly, the top knot is styled with faded and undercut sides but it’s also suitable for shaved sides.

All you have to do is to keep your side hair short so that the long hair on the top can be made prominent. As compared to Man Bun, the top knot is slightly different in shape. The knot is tied on the top of the head instead of at the back.

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